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29 Facts About Dr. Chris Brown You Probably Didn't Know About

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Dr. Chris Brown is a renowned veterinarian of Australia.

Chris became a veterinarian after graduating, but soon he began his second career in television. At present he continues his work as a veterinarian and, alongside, pursues his career in television or visual media.

He is best known for the television series Bondi Vet. After spending three years of being an ordinary veterinarian, he was spotted by a person from the world of television production in a pub, telling and cherishing the stories of the animals he has treated. This was the beginning of his life as a celebrity.

A sudden screen-test with Seven Network resulted in shooting as a part of a new cast for a show, Harry's Practice, a week later. He is 43 years old at present and has remained single after parting ways with Kendall Bora. He is not a vegan and was himself embroiled in a controversy after buying a pet monkey for himself.

The Early Life Of Dr. Chris Brown

Dr. Chris Brown started his early career as a veterinarian but at present, he is a television presenter and an author apart from being a successful vet. From being a local humble vet of the suburbs to being renowned as one of the most popular faces in the world, the journey of Chris Brown was incredible.

Dr. Chris Brown belongs to a family of veterinarians. His father was a local veterinarian of New South Wales. Chris was born and brought up in the suburban area of Merewether Heights, New South Wales. He was a bright student of the Merewether Heights Public School and went to the same High School.

After graduating from the famous University of Sydney with a first-class honors degree in Veterinary Science, he took up the offer to work in a clinic on the North Shore of Sydney. Chris was always fond of animals, his first pet animal was a cow named Bridget.

While working in North Shore, he would still find time to visit the aboriginal communities of the islands and deserts in the Northern Territory and Queensland to treat the sick and often ignored animals.

What school did Dr. Chris Brown go to?

Chris Brown is a popular vet who was born and brought up in New South Wales, Australia. He was born in the house of a local vet and went to the school in his locality.

Chris was from the suburb Merewether Heights of Newcastle. He went to the Merewether Heights Public School as a kid and later went to Merewether High School. He moved to Sydney to pursue his bachelor's degree and graduated with first-class honors in Veterinary Science from Sydney University.

Chris Brown stayed single after splitting with long-term girlfriend, Kendall Bora.

What happened to Dr. Chris Brown from Bondi Vet?

The television show Bondi Vet gave Dr. Chris Brown worldwide fame. He, along with his show, the Bondi Vet became famous in many nations including, the UK, USA, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Chris Brown made his appearance on television back in 2003 in the role of a vet in Harry's Practice. In 2005, Chris released his first book, the Family Guide to Pets which sold over 25,000 copies. In 2009, the show Bondi Vet launched on Channel Ten in Australia with Chris as the host. He was also the star of this factual television program.

This show described and chronicled the life of the veterinarian who lived and worked in a suburb near Bondi Junction. The show was so famous that it is shown in the United States since 2013 by CBS Network with the name Dr. Chris: Pet Vet. His second book also came out in 2009. Since then Chris has had many projects with Channel Ten.

In 2012, Channel Ten allowed Chris out of the sets of the Bondi Vet and he co-hosted the edgy lifestyle show 'The Living Room' with Miguel Maestre, Barry Du Bois, and  Amanda Keller. In 2015, Brown also co-hosted the Australian version of the show 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!' with Julia Morris. Dr. Chris Brown decided to step down from his show, the Bondi Vet in 2017.

Dr. Chris Brown's Veterinarian Practice

Even though Dr. Chris Brown received so much respect as a TV star, he went back to his profession as a veterinarian after ending the show, Bondi Vet.

Brown started his career as a vet after graduating. He was then spotted by a media manager who brought him to the limelight. He decided to go back to his roots as a vet and ended the series. In 2018, a show on Animal Planet called Vet Gone Wild featured Chris. In this show, he reached out to animals who needed help. When the pandemic struck, Chris realized that he needed to devote his full time to being a vet. He took a break from television finally in 2020. At present, he is still practicing as a veterinarian near the suburb of Bondi.

Awards And Honors Of Dr. Chris Brown

The Bondi Vet, Dr. Chris Brown was a man of many talents. Apart from being a vet, he was also an author and a TV host. He had an interest in photography too. Chris has been honored for what he has given to the industry.

Chris Brown was highly interested in Photography as a child. He is now honored as the brand ambassador of Canon Australia and Optimum Pet Foods.

He earned the respect of fellow Australians and recently has been placed in a higher position on Reader's Digest's Top 100 'Australia's Most Trusted List'.

His show The Living Room happens to be one of Australia's most famous TV shows. It won the prestigious Logie Award for the category Most Popular Lifestyle Program.

In 2004, after his first screen appearance, Chris Brown got nominated in the Logie Awards in the segment of Most Popular New Talent.

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