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41 Facts About Juneau, Alaska: Gold Mining, History And Much More

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The capital city of Alaska, Juneau has magnificent and historic rich details and landscapes in the capital.

Attracting a huge crowd of travelers and adventurers, Juneau is situated in the panhandle of Alaska right between the Gulf of Alaska and British Columbia. Joe Juneau and Richard Harris were two prospectors who found large nuggets of gold along the Silver Bow Basin in Juneau. This discovery marked the start of the gold rush in Alaska. As such this region is now known as Gold Creek.

Some interesting facts about this magical capital city of Alaska are given below for your perusal.

Fun Facts About Juneau

  • Juneau is as large as 3,255 sq mi (8,430 sq km).
  • Juneau is literally a hiker's dream place!
  • The most space of the capital city has over 250 mi (402 km) long hiking trails.
  • Juneauite is what someone from this town is called.
  • The Juneau city of Alaska has been named twice. The small town of Harrisburg was renamed Juneau in order to honor a naval lieutenant commander.
  • The extreme weather phenomenon, the Taku winds, visit the capital city three to four times a year.
  • The Mendenhall Glacier in the Mendenhall Lake is actually a 13 mi (21 km) long river of ice ends.
  • A gold discovery resulted in the formation and recognition of Juneau as the capital of Alaska.
  • Even the municipality of Juneau is larger than both Delaware and Rhode Island.
  • During the summer solstice, the capital receives 18 hours and 18 minutes of daylight. While for the winter solstice, Juneau receives just six hours and 25 minutes of sunlight, or daylight.
  • Juneau is a great place to see the night sky wonders and magics of aurora borealis (northern lights).
  • The government and tourism are the main two industries in Alaska’s capital, Juneau city.
  • A rough number of 32,000 people (as of 2020) live in Juneau.
  • The most vertical tramway in the entire world is Juneau's Mount Roberts tramway.
  • Juneau can receive more than 9,00,000 cruise ship passengers in a year as well as 1,00,000 additional independent travelers.

Geographical Facts About Juneau

  • Juneau is a big place. It is one of the largest municipalities of the United States regions and by area is the largest capital city.
  • This unique city is a combination of oceans and mountains.
  • Juneau has the sea and 3800 ft (1158 m) peaks on its sides.
  • The capital state of Alaska invests in cutting-edge tools in order to connect the main state of Alaska with its capital city, Juneau.
  • It is the best place to be during the summer solstice.
  • You can either fly or row your way into Juneau, Alaska’s inner regions.
  • This place supports over 280 species of animals.
  • Both land and sea wildlife species can be found in and around Juneau, like birds, brown, black bears, humpbacks, and orca.
  • Mendenhall Glacier is one of the famous glaciers flowing through Juneau, Alaska.
  • The capital is a metropolitan city having theaters, bars, clubs, and fine dining restaurants. Unique in nature. There is no other place like Juneau holding the fine beauties of nature in Alaska.
  • Juneau is the only state capital that borders another country. The eastern border of Juneau shared with British Columbia of the Canadian province.
The foundation of a town in Alaska began with a gold discovery in the Juneau area.

Historical Facts About Juneau

  • Before Russians and Europeans arrived in the southeast of Juneau, Alaska, the Tlingit people lived there (in the Alaskan mainland) and indulged in fishing in the Gastineau Channel in and near Juneau for a thousand years.
  • The townsite was first named Harrisburg by Richard Harris (after himself).
  • The name Juneau was finally given to the town in the year 1881.
  • The town of Juneau was incorporated on June 29, 1900.
  • The first capital of Alaska, Sitka was moved to Juneau in 1906.
  • Most of the goods are arrived and brought in through the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System and the floating roadway in southeast Alaska.
  • Juneau is great for hiking with its adventurous hiking trails.
  • The extreme Taku winds of Juneau can gust up to 100 mph (160 kph). The Mount Roberts tramway can take people up to 1,800 ft (549 m) high from the cruise dock within six minutes.
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