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Alfred Noyes is considered a major contributor to modern poetry and modern English literature.

His literary works have inspired many aspiring artists around the world. Alfred Noyes was a well-known writer and poet born to Alfred and Amelia Adams Noyes.

His poem collections, short stories, novels, and children's stories had marked a phase in the history of literature. He wrote many poems that derived inspiration from nature. He contributed his work to the world war as well. One of his most outstanding achievements in the world of modern poetry was his poetic trilogy saga from 1922 to 1930 named 'The Torch Bearers.' This saga deals with the historical progress of science, different discoveries, and inventions over the ages that revolutionized the way humans think. The saga included three collections, namely 'The Watchers of the Sky,' 'The Book of Earth,' and 'The Last Voyage.'

Alfred Noyes married Garnett Daniels in the year 1907. After she died, he married Mary Angela Mayne, with whom he had three kids. Read on to know more about his time at Exeter College and afterward also check Alexa Canady facts and Alfred Nobel facts.

Early Years Of Life

The Famous poet Alfred Noyes was born in England on September 16, 1880. Later he moved with his family from Wolverhampton To Aberystwyth when Alfred was four years old. He learned the two major languages when they lived in the new place. His father taught Latin and Greek.

His parents, Alfred Adams and Amelia Adams Noyes introduced the languages. He lived amidst the proximity of nature along the Welsh coast that reflected his personal life. Hence Noyes derived considerable inspiration from the Welsh coast and the beautiful mountains during his childhood. He studied at Exeter College in Oxford, but he didn't get a degree from the college.

He has a passion for writing poems and thus met the publisher to arrange his poetry during the final year of his college. His first collection of poems was named 'The Loom of Years' in 1902.

Famous Writings

The Publications for his collection of poems began after 1902. 'The Flower of Japan' was published in 1903. In 1904 Alfred Noyes received a distinctive reputation as a poet, and his poem called 'The Barrel Organ' was published in the same year, which was the prime reason for his popularity.

He also wrote other poems for magazines, and 'The Highwayman' was published in the 1906 issue of the Blackwood's Magazine, which was very famous. It was a ballad and a romantic tragedy about an innkeeper's daughter and a highwayman who fell in love. Other poems include 'Drake,' which was published in two volumes and was an epic about sea life and the last voyage of Drake. In 1908, Noyes published 'The Golden Hynde' and 'Forty Singing Seamen' 1907. Apart from this, Alfred Noyes also wrote a full-length play in 1911 named 'Sherwood.' He received appreciation from George Meredith and Michael Brough as well.

Alfred Noyes also accepted the teaching position at Princeton University. He taught English Literature for nine years, from 1914 to 1923, and later resigned from the post of visiting professor and became a short story writer. Apart from poems, Noyes also wrote many novels and short stories. Alfred published 'The return of the Scarecrow' in 1929, and in 1940 he wrote 'The Last Man.' 

His famous short stories were 'Walking Shadows' and 'Hidden Player.' Being an English poet, he studied many publications of well-known poets and criticized a few poems collections. Alfred Noyes is also referred to as a literary critic. He also published his criticisms which include 'Some aspects of modern Poetry' and the 'The Opalescent Parrot' and 'Pageant of Letter.'

His other literary contributions are 'The Forest of Wild Thyme,' published in 1905, and 'Collected Poems' in 1950. Alfred Noyes was now known as a reputed poet and writer who won the hearts of many readers. He wrote 'The Accusing Ghost' in 1957, which gained him immense popularity. In 1953 an autobiography was published on Alfred Noyes named 'Two Worlds for Memory.'

Some of his best works are 'Scare Crow,' 'Mermaid Tavern,' 'Orchard's Bay,' and 'The Barrel Organ.'

Opinion On War

Alfred Noyes is often referred to as a critique of militarism and war and thus advocated against the concept of war. But he has also interestingly contributed during both the world wars.

He was working on creating propaganda and spreading the movement of nationalism among the masses by working in The Foreign Office. During World war two he lived in The United States and Canada. Here he wrote his autobiography while spending some time on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and reflecting on his life and creative works.

He also started to lose his eyesight slowly after the first world war. and later dictated all his works. During both wars, Noyes wrote many patriotic poems and songs. He also wrote about the glory and courage of the military achievements of the England army.

Middle Years Of Life

In 1907 Alfred Noyes married Garnett Daniels, a daughter of a civil war veteran named Lord Nolan. In 1926 after his wife died, Noyes decided to marry again. He married a widow, Mary Angela Mayne, in 1927.

He had three daughters, Hugh, Veronica, and Margaret, and the youngest daughter Margaret also inspired by her Noyes work and poems. In 1924, Noyes published a famous collection called 'The Hidden Player,' which also included a novella. The novella was named 'Beyond the Desert: A Tale of Death Valley.' Alfred Noyes was greatly inspired by his own life, the surroundings, and the life of other people across the world. He spent time exploring nature, where he witnessed pure solace and understood the real meaning of life. Alfred Noyes died in 1958 at Isle Of Wight at the age of 77.

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