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61 Andhra Pradesh Facts That You Definitely Should Know!

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Amaravati is the present capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

Due to the Telangana movement, the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014 (also known as the Telangana movement) came into existence. As a result of the Telangana movement, Telangana got bifurcated from Andhra Pradesh state by the Indian Parliament.

As per this Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, Hyderabad remained the capital city of both states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for ten years. Later in 2017, Amaravati, located in Guntur district, became the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, and Hyderabad remained as the capital city for Telangana.

The below facts will let you know more about incredible Andhra Pradesh. To uncover more interesting facts check out our articles on Famous rivers in India and the Bay of Bengal. 

Fun Facts About Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is also known as a riverine state with its main rivers being the Godavari, Krishna, Penna, and Tungabadra. There are almost 40 major and minor rivers all over the Andhra region. Andhra Pradesh is the first and only state partitioned from Tamil Nadu and formed as Andhra (old name of Andhra Pradesh) based on linguistic demands. Telugu-speaking people formed a unique state like Andhra Pradesh in 1956. Telugu, the official language of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the oldest and third most spoken Indian languages and has a unique identity all over the world that even Britishers used to refer it as 'Italian of the East'.

Though the temperature is humid and hot, there is a place named Lammasingi in Andhra Pradesh that receives snowfall during winters. It is the only South Indian state that receives snowfall and is considered Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh, where the temperature falls to zero degrees in the December and January months.

Andhra Pradesh is significant in many ways, such as the temples in Andhra Pradesh depict fine architectural skills and wonders. The hanging pillar that hangs without any support at the Lepakshi temple of the Anantapur district is one of the miracles in the world. It is also home to the second richest temple in the country; the Shri Tirupati Balaji temple. The laddu or sweet that temple authorities offer has a unique taste that you will never get elsewhere in the world. The tasty laddu got a patent right in 2009.

The Kanakadurga temple at Vijayawada is the mighty place for the goddess Durga. The Telugu film industry holds a special place in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Cinema is a powerful entertainment medium that still holds the people of both states together. The South India Telugu film industry has even gained Guinness World Records for holding the most extensive film productions.

Andhra Pradesh is the sweeping producer of eggs and rice. That is why it is called India's rice bowl and egg bowl. Andhra Pradesh is known for the most extensive rice and tobacco production. It is home to the famous rocket launching station, Sriharikota.

Facts About Andhra Pradesh's History

Amaravati has a prominent place in the history of Andhra Pradesh. As per historical evidence, the Andhra region was once part of the Mauryan Empire. Amaravati is assumed to be the central and regional center, and later, several small kingdoms came into existence in the Andhra region.

Satavahanas ruled the Deccan region between the first century BCE and the third century CE. Later, Andhra Ikshvakus came in to rule. After this, Vishnukundinas held their power between the fifth and sixth centuries and took control over the entire Andhra region and some parts of Telangana. They were considered the most prominent rulers in Deccan history.

Geographical Facts About Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is a delightful place with the second-longest coastline next to Gujarat and has lush greeneries, famous beaches, and numerous pilgrimage places. Andhra Pradesh resides in the south-eastern coastal part of India and has the longest coastline in South India.

Area-wise, Andhra Pradesh is the seventh-largest state with Telangana in the northwest and Odisha in the northeast. The Bay of Bengal is on the eastern part, Karnataka on the west, Tamil Nadu on the southern part, and Chhattisgarh on the northern side. The significant regions in Andhra are Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra. Coastal Andhra has nine districts, and Rayalaseema compromises four districts.

Andhra Pradesh's main three geographical regions are the Coastal plain, which lies in the east, the eastern ghats, and the southwestern portion plateau region. The coastal plain is covered with rivers and water resources extending from west to east. It is home to the Krishna and Godavari delta, a fertile alluvial soil. Eastern ghats occupy the more extensive mountain ranges from Central India to the south. The plateau region, also named Rayalaseema, consists of graded valleys, and isolated hills formed because of erosion.

Andhra Pradesh has numerous beaches and many pilgrimage places.

Facts About Andhra Pradesh's Culture

Amaravati residing in the Guntur district holds a unique place in Indian history. It is also referred to as the people's capital. Amaravati, the house of the famous Budhha statue, depicts its roots of Buddhism in the past. It is also named Amararamam as it is home to numerous temples of Hindu's mighty god Lord Shiva.

Andhra Pradesh is home to famous kalamkari art, folk dances, and classical dances like Kuchipudi. It is home to famous singers such as Thyagaraja and Annamacharya. Rice is a staple food of Andhra people and is a favorite cuisine for food-lovers worldwide who like to have Andhra bhojanam or food. People relish the spicy pickles. Ragi sankati of the Rayalaseema region is a must-try. Mango, the king of fruits, is a famous fruit harvested in Andhra Pradesh. Sankranthi is the harvesting festival where people decorate the household with colorful rangolis, and Ugadi is a traditional new year.

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