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Fun Golden-crowned Warbler Facts For Kids

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The golden-crowned warbler is a type of warbler, identifiable by the rufous-brown stripe running across its crown. They are mainly found on the continents of both North and South America, ranging from Texas to Argentina through Mexico. Hence, their habitat range runs in a straight line down Central America. While mainly found in forests, these birds can also inhabit plantations and other artificial forests and orchards. When young, these birds have a much duller plumage. As adults, these birds have a bright yellow underbelly and a rounded body shape.

Golden-crowned warbler birds lay eggs that are rufous-brown in color. While attracting adult female birds, adult male birds show their plumage, fluff their feathers, and use different calls and songs. This species of bird is broadly categorized into three different categories of birds, which are sometimes considered to be different species of birds altogether. So, read on learn more about this gray and yellow plumage bird.

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Fun Golden-crowned Warbler Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?


What do they eat?


Average litter size?

3-11 eggs

How much do they weigh?

0.35 oz (10 g)

How long are they?

5 in (12.7 cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Gray, yellow and white

Skin Type


What were their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Least Concern

Where you'll find them?



Central America, North America, Mexico, Argentina, Texas, Uruguay, Trinidad









Golden-Crowned Warbler Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a golden-crowned warbler?

The golden-crowned warbler (Basileuterus culicivorus) is a type of warbler, which is a type of bird.

What class of animal does a golden-crowned warbler belong to?

The golden-crowned warbler belongs to the Aves class.

How many golden-crowned warblers are there in the world?

There are 13-14 different species of the crowned warbler, but an exact estimate of their population is not known.

Where does a golden-crowned warbler live?

The golden-crowned warbler is a New World bird which means it is mainly found in the Western Hemisphere. This includes countries of North and South America, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, and Trinidad. The majority of their population range is found in western and southern Mexico in the North American continent.

What is a golden-crowned warbler's habitat?

A typical golden-crowned warbler habitat consists of forests.

Who do golden-crowned warblers live with?

Generally, the golden-crowned warbler (Basileuterus culicivorus) is territorial. Pairs live within their own territories. Thus they do not form packs or a family. The breeding season causes further aggression and territoriality.

How long does a golden-crowned warbler live?

The average lifespan of a golden-crowned warbler (Basileuterus culicivorus) is between three and four years.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season for the golden-crowned warbler lasts from March to July. They are generally monogamous and reuse the same nesting site multiple times. Adult males will first arrive at the breeding ground, followed by adult female warblers, who will join them around a week later. Warblers build their nests on the ground. The nests are dome-shaped and placed on a bank or under leaves in a forest. The adult female constructs the nest. After breeding, they lay a clutch of three to 11 eggs which require incubation for around 12 days. The brooding period lasts for four to seven weeks. Generally, adult warblers breed only once a year.

What is their conservation status?

The golden-crowned warbler has been assigned a conservation status of Least Concern. They are found in plenty across the globe, and their populations are within an acceptable range. However, the general trend is thought to be towards a decline. The golden-crowned warbler range covers many lowland forests so forest fires and deforestation can cause a loss of habitat for them. As of now, there are no specific conservation efforts ongoing to save their population in America or elsewhere.

Golden-Crowned Warbler Fun Facts

What do golden-crowned warblers look like?

The golden-crowned warbler is olive-green and gray in color, with its underbelly being bright yellow, similar to the blue-and-yellow macaw. The yellow pattern continues onto their head, crossing over their eyes. The top of its head has a running brown stripe. The pattern on its head is distinctive and helps in separating golden-crowned warblers from other warbler species like the palm warbler and the black-and-white warbler. Their beak is black in color, and their legs are fleshy pink. Both adult males and females look similar. Their body has a rounded shape.

Golden-crowned warblers have a brightly-colored yellow underbelly.

How cute are they?

Golden-crowned warblers are extremely cute with their round-ish shape and short beak. Their bright and colorful yellow underparts, along with the stripes crowned on their heads, make them look quite beautiful. They also have gray or black borders around their eyes which gives them a cute look.

How do they communicate?

Golden-crowned warblers communicate vocally. They can produce a series of high-pitch calls in multiple pitches.

How big is a golden-crowned warbler?

The golden-crowned warbler bird is only 5 in (12.7 cm) long from beak to tail. Hence, it is half the size of a yellow-billed cuckoo. Despite being small, its bright yellow color makes it immediately identifiable. These birds are slightly bigger than the smallest warbler bird called Lucy's warbler.

How fast can a golden-crowned warbler fly?

The speed of this bird is not known. The golden-crowned warbler is also not migratory. However, some warbler species are migratory and cover large distances at competent speeds.

How much does a golden-crowned warbler weigh?

A golden-crowned warbler bird weighs 0.35oz (10g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Both male and female golden-crowned warblers are called warblers.

What would you call a baby golden-crowned warbler?

A baby golden-crowned warbler is called a nestling.

What do they eat?

The bird mainly feasts on insects while also consuming fruits and seeds. It is known as an agile hunter that can catch insects flying in the air. They often forage for food on the forest ground.

Are they dangerous?

The golden-crowned warbler bird species does not pose any threat to humans. Even when predators attack their nests, the parents tend to fake injuries to lure the predator away rather than aggressively attacking them. However, these warblers can get territorial during their mating season.

Would they make a good pet?

Generally, all warblers species are quite friendly and daring birds. They are known to easily accept food from humans and approach them at close proximities. As long as the practice of keeping a wild animal or bird captive is not illegal in the country you live in, you can keep a golden-crowned warbler bird as a pet.

Did you know...

While birds in the wild are often seen foraging together, the golden-crowned warbler is rarely seen joining other bird species while foraging! They are quite territorial, and pairs often remain within the boundaries of their territory all year-round.

What is the golden-crowned warbler's call?

A common sound produced is a screech that sounds like 'bzweeech'. Their calls tend to have a higher pitch towards the end and males are known to sing songs to communicate with females. A female bird might reply to their song with a high-pitched note, but they do not sing. The song has a ringing sound that goes 'pit-seet-seet-seet-seet'. Singular calls sound like 'tsip'.

Do golden-crowned warblers migrate?

The habitat and distribution range of the golden-crowned warbler are widespread. In America, it's range extends from Texas all the way to Mexico and Argentina in the south. The range of environments covered is also huge, ranging from damp and humid to cold and dry. While some warblers species of the order Passeriformes, family Parulidae do migrate, golden-crowned warblers are not migratory and tend to remain in their native location.

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