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Fun Leopard Catfish Facts For Kids

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There are a total of 3000 species of catfish in the world. Catfish are a popular breed of choice kept by fishkeepers around the world. The leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, is a freshwater fish and is a relatively small species of the catfish family. Other popular names are leopard cory catfish, leopard-spotted catfish, and three-stripe Corydoras.  

The golden cave catfish is the rarest species of the catfish family and channel catfish are one of the most abundant species, with most being found in parts of North America. Leopard catfish are popular breeds adopted by pet owners. This article will take a look at some fun and interesting facts about leopard catfish. If you liked this article please check out bonito fish facts and rockfish facts.

Fun Leopard Catfish Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Worms, and small crustaceans

What do they eat?


Average litter size?

100 eggs

How much do they weigh?


How long are they?

2.5inch (6.1cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

White or gray with black spots

Skin Type

Wet, Slimy Scales

What were their main threats?


What is their conservation status?

Not evaluated

Where you'll find them?

Oceans And Home Aquariums


South America









Leopard Catfish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Leopard Catfish?

A leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, is a type of fish, specifically a type of catfish that belongs to the Animalia kingdom and order Siluriformes.

What class of animal does a  Leopard Catfish belong to?

Leopard catfish is a catfish that belongs to the class Actinopterygii, the family Callichthyidae, and the genus Corydoras.

How many  Leopard Catfishes are there in the world?

The exact number of leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, in the world is not known however, there are a total of 3000 species of catfish.  

Where does a Leopard Catfish live?

The leopard catfish is a relatively small freshwater fish and is seen adopted as a pet in home aquariums as well as other pet shops.

What is a Leopard Catfish's habitat?

The leopard catfish's habitat constitutes freshwater bodies, a home aquarium, or a fish tank. These fish are native to South American regions as well as the Central Amazon river basin.  

Who do Leopard Catfish live with?

Leopard catfish are happy to be solitary beings however it's best to keep them with some company as pets, as they are capable of accommodating other peaceful and similar-sized fish.

How long does a  Leopard Catfish live?

Leopard catfish live an average lifespan of two to five years. The oldest catfish ever was a 170-year-old Mekong giant fish and broke the record for the heaviest fish.

How do they reproduce?

Males and females mate, however, fertilization takes place externally. The female holds eggs between her pelvic fins and the male fertilizes them. Females then find a suitable spot to attach the sticky eggs. The pair repeat the process until they reach a count of 100 eggs that have been fertilized and attached. Catfish are known to develop strong bonds with their partners, at least till the end of the mating season.

What is their conservation status?

Leopard catfish's, Corydoras trilineatus, conservation status is not evaluated as per the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN).

Leopard Catfish Fun Facts

What do Leopard Catfish look like?

Leopard catfish is an exotic and cute species of catfish that is an excellent addition to other tank mates its own size.

Leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, are exactly what their name suggests. A leopard and a catfish brought together. Just kidding! This is not true, however, they do have colors and patterns similar to that of a leopard and belong to the family of catfish. They are extremely attractive to look at and excellent pets, best kept with similar species in a large aquarium. Three-stripe corydoras, who are often confused with leopard catfish, are best differentiated by the stripes on the side of their body. They are a relatively small species of the catfish community. Females tend to be thicker and wider compared to males. They have a broad head and a large mouth with three sets of barrels.

How cute are they?

They are extremely cute in shape and color, and exotic addition to all home aquariums. They adapt well to other species of fish. Identification of this species is easy as long as they are the only species of their kind in their tank.  

How do they communicate?

Leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, communicate via drumming sounds as well as stridulation sounds. Certain species also possess a sound generating mechanism in their pectoral fin. They are peaceful beings.

How big is a Leopard Catfish?

Leopard catfish are 2.5in (6.1cm) in length, which is ten times bigger than the smallest fish in the world, Paedocypris, which is 0.4inch (10.3mm) in size.  

How fast can a Leopard Catfish swim?

Leopard catfish are usually pet animals though they are also seen in freshwater bodies. They travel at relatively good speeds. Sailfish are considered to be the fastest species of fish traveling at roughly 70mph.

How much does a Leopard Catfish weigh?

Leopard catfish's exact weight has not been evaluated, however, they are similar in weight to the Corydoras Julii that weigh 3lbs.  

What are their male and female names of the species?

Males and females are not addressed differently, however, they differ in reproductive functions and females tend to be thicker and wider compared to males.

What would you call a baby Leopard Catfish?

Baby leopard catfish are called fry and are extremely small in size. The adult leopard catfish lays about 100 eggs.  

What do they eat?

They are primarily omnivores and consume both plant-based and meat-based foods. They feed on plant matter in freshwater bodies, tanks, or aquariums as well as on small crustaceans and worms.

Are they dangerous?

No, they are not innately harmful unless they are harmed, in which case they are known to retaliate. They usually hide when the lights are on and such behaviors are usually a form of defense. However, once they adjust to the lighting and know they are safe they tend to come out.

Would they make a good pet?

The leopard catfish, Corydoras trilineatus, is an amazing pet. There are certain requirements that need to be met, however, for example, ensuring the water quality is good. The temperature range should be 72-79 degrees Fahrenheit. Water hardness should be two degrees to 25 degrees. Leopard catfish need a 20-gallon aquarium. Leopard catfish need to be fed once or twice a day. Their food can range from a pellet-based diet to small crustaceans and worms as well. You could place orders for pet fish online as well in certain regions, however, it's best to adopt them from a known center or pet shop. They adjust well to other species of fish like the cichlids wh are accommodative towards them. They are good for owners who have experience as well as those looking to adopt for the first time.

Did you know...

Pygmy leopard catfish or dwarf cuckoo catfish is a popular species native to Africa's Lake Tanganyika. It is also known as Synodontis Petricola. It has leopard-like spotting across its head and body as well as its back fins.

Perrunichthys perruno is the only species of the Monotypic genus under the family of catfish. This species of fish is native to Columbia and Venezuela.

How did  Leopard Catfish get their name?

Catfish derive their name primarily for their whiskers resembling that of a cat, and leopard catfish is owing to the fact that they possess a pattern and color similar to that of a real leopard. Not just leopard catfish, but most other species of animals too have some hint related to their appearance c0ntained within their name itself.

What are the differences between Leopard Catfish and Catfish?

Leopard catfish are just one variety of catfish in the catfish family. They are sociable and accommodative like most species of catfish and are smaller in size. There are various catfish species similar to leopard catfish, including leopard Achara catfish and three-stripe Corydoras. The most aggressive catfish is the crystal-eyed catfish also known as the Asian red tail catfish. Species like leopard shovelnose catfish can grow up to 65 inches, whereas leopard catfish can only grow up to two inches. Certain species of catfish are known to be venomous as well and can be deadly towards humans, however, leopard catfish are not poisonous and make good pets. Some larger species of catfish reside in larger water bodies, unlike the leopard catfish that reside solely in freshwater or home aquariums.

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