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Fun Ornate Horned Frog Facts For Kids

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They do not call it the ornate horned frog for nothing! These frogs are known for their elaborate markings, with a green, yellow, and brown shade on their bodies. Found in North America, these frogs can be found living near humidity, high temperature, water bodies and swamps, and other damp and humid forests, usually with high temperatures. They are found with other reptiles and have been known to group together occasionally. Males, females get together to usually for mating season, where they have their own family by breeding. Their diet consists of insects for the most part, and along with insects, they will occasionally include other animals in their diet, like worms and other prey. Their skin and mouth are usually slimy and moist, which protects them from predator animals and the hot sun in humid regions.

If you want to learn more about the savage ornate horned frog attacking, the ornate horned frog feet, as well as the ornate horned frog for sale, then you should definitely read on! You can also know more about other frogs and amphibians like the leopard frog and poison frog.

Fun Ornate Horned Frog Facts For Kids

What do they prey on?

Crickets and worms

What do they eat?


Average litter size?


How much do they weigh?

11.2-17 oz (317.5-481.9 g)

How long are they?

3-6 in (7.6-15.2 cm)

How tall are they?


What do they look like?

Brown and yellow

Skin Type

Soft and moist skin

What were their main threats?

Habitat Loss

What is their conservation status?

Near Threatened

Where you'll find them?

Rainforest And Tropical Swamplands


North America









Ornate Horned Frog Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an ornate horned frog?

Pacman frogs (scientific name: Ceratophrys ornata) are a type of frog.

What class of animal does an ornate horned frog belong to?

The ornate horned Pacman frog belongs to the class of amphibians.

How many ornate horned frogs are there in the world?

Argentina had as many as 175 amphibian taxa animals, according to the study. The two most common species of this amphibian are the huge mouthed Argentine horned frog and the Cranwell's horned frog, both found in the forest.

Where does an ornate horned frog live?

The ornate frog (scientific name: Ceratophrys ornata) lives in the rainforest, tropical swampland, and other forest types with water in and close to it. The Pacman frog ornate is endemic to South America, and the ornate horned frog range in Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay.

What is an ornate horned frog's habitat?

These frogs can be habitat in grasslands near bodies of water, as well as ditches and irrigated fields in the wild. As long as there is water and marshland around, there is a very good chance you can spot one of these big frogs hanging around there!

Who do ornate horned frogs live with?

These aggressive ornate horned frogs, Ceratophrys or Pacman, are solitary frogs that live on land.

How long does an ornate horned frog live?

The average ornate horned frog lifespan is about six to seven years natural environment. However, the ornate horned frog life spans up to 10 years or longer captivity. A pool frog's lifespan is between one to six years. The lifespan is determined by the location in which they live.

How do they reproduce?

After a pair of frogs have mated, the females will look for a water source to lay their eggs in. She'll lay roughly 2,000 eggs after she's found an acceptable one. Horned frog species eggs take roughly two weeks to hatch. Youngsters are tadpoles while they first hatch. The amphibians are entirely carnivorous during the tadpole stage and will consume each other if the chance arises. Tadpoles grow extremely quickly, becoming small frogs in about one month.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of ornate horned frog, Ceratophrys, or Pacman frog (ornate) is Near Threatened according to the IUCN Red List. At the same time, the marsh frogs (family: Ranidae) are listed as Least Concern.

Ornate Horned Frog Fun Facts

What do ornate horned frogs look like?

Amphibians with round, stubby bodies and jaws as broad as their heads are known as horned frogs. Because the animal possesses short legs compared to other frogs, it isn't very good at jumping. Male horned frogs could reach a length of 4.5 in (11.4 cm), whereas females can reach a length of 6.5 in (16.5 cm). The amphibians' underbellies are usually yellow or white, while their limbs and backs come in various colors, including greens, browns, yellows, and reds. Their skin is usually moist and slimy. However, moist skin means that it is healthy.

People may mistake living horned frogs for dead ones based on their behavior. If a frog's surroundings become arid or the amphibian lacks its food source, the amphibian will defend itself by enclosing itself in a tough outer layer of skin. The frog will stay completely motionless, giving the impression that it is dead to those who come into contact with it. The frog will lose the tough outer skin layer and eat it once it has been rehydrated.

The horned frog (Ceratophrys ornata), commonly known as the ornate Pacman frog or the Argentine wide-mouthed frog, belongs to the Ceratophryidae family of frogs.

How cute are they?

This species isn't known for its cuteness, but its broad jaws and the manner its eyes are protruding make it an attention seeker. As a result, these frogs are commonly kept as exotic pets.

How do they communicate?

The male horned ornate frog noise is high-pitched and booming. When eating and bathing, screams are used as a kind of defense. Screams, grunts, and chirps are heard from female Pacman frogs.

How big is an ornate horned frog?

The ornate horned frog size is around 3-6 in (7.6-15.2 cm). The pickerel frog length measures 2-4 in (5-10.1 cm). Therefore, horned frogs are bigger than pickerel frogs.

How fast can an ornate horned frog move?

A South American ornate horned frog species can move at velocities of up to 5 mph (8 kph).

How much does an ornate horned frog weigh?

The average body weight of ornate horned frog Ceratophrys (Pacman frog) is between 11.2-17 oz (317.5-481.9 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male and female species of Argentine horned frog or Pacman frog don't have any special entitles.

What would you call a baby ornate horned frog?

No specific name for the baby horned frog Ceratophrys ornata (pacman) species exists.

What do they eat?

All species of horned frogs prey by keeping motionless while waiting for prey. Their diet consists of anything that fits in their mouths, as well as some prey that doesn't. Rodents like mice, tiny reptiles like snakes, huge spiders, and insects like locusts make up the ornate horned frog diet in the wild. In captivity, horned frogs are frequently fed huge adult locusts, mice, and crickets, as well as live fish, depending on size.

An ornate horned frog eating is ravenous. Ornate horned frog-mouth is overly large, and it will try to consume anything that comes close to it.

Are they poisonous?

Coyotes, wolves, and dogs are poisoned by a toxin found in savage ornate horned frogs.

Would they make a good pet?

Pacman frogs are a widely available animal in the pet trade. The amphibians are simple to care for and make unusual and entertaining pets. Ornate horned frog care and maintenance are easy. People who belong to the pet trade also get ornate horned frogs for sale.

A huge tank is not required for this frog species. A 10 gal (45.4 l) tank, in fact, will suffice. However, because Pacman frogs are cannibals, you should only get one. Get a tank with a lid to maintain the humidity and temperature conditions in the vessel appropriate for the exotic pet. At each side of the cage, offer hiding areas (artificial or live plants).

Did you know...

Frogs have a well-deserved reputation for being courageous. They will seek to consume animals of all sizes, including their own. These frogs have multiple odontoid projections (not teeth) across their top and bottom jaws, which can administer a nasty bite if challenged by a larger animal, including a human. Ornate horned frogs attacking towards their assailant, regardless of their size or strength.

Check out these ornate horned frog adaptations. To preserve water, horned frogs hibernate for up to six months during the dry season.

Lung flukes, nematodes, and leeches use Columbia spotted frogs (family: Ranidae) as carriers for various parasites.

How to tell if an ornate horned frog is a male or a female

Size differences and males with dark-colored necks and nuptial patches on the forelimbs are dimorphism features between the sexes of horned frog Ceratophrys ornata (Pacman frog).

Why is the ornate horned frog also called the Pacman frog?

Ornate horned frog facts for kids include that this frogs' disguised coloration enables it to hide as it remains partially buried in the leaf litter upon forest ground. The horned frog snatches and eats its prey entirely in one or two gulps as fast as it passes. That's why the Pacman frog is another name for this species.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable ornate frog coloring pages.

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