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70 Awe-Inspiring Ark Of The Covenant Facts For You To Know

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The Ark of the Covenant is a sacred relic of the Israelites.

Ark of the Covenant is considered very holy to the followers of Christianity and Judaism, and the Jewish virtual library states it to be the most important symbol of faith for Jewish people. This sacred relic is said to be a direct message from God.

This article will help you clear your doubts and enrich your knowledge regarding the Ark of the Covenant. Keep reading to know more.

Introduction To The Ark Of The Covenant

How well are you versed with the details of the Ark of the Covenant? Check these facts to know more.

  • In Hebrew, the Ark of the Covenant is known as Aron Ha-Berit.
  • Ark of the Covenant is a pure gold-shielded chest made of wood.
  • It also consists of an elaborate lid, which is called the Mercy seat.
  • As per the Bible, the Ark was made one year after the people of Israel were driven out of Egypt.
  • It has been mentioned highly in the Book of Exodus.
  • The Ark was created in the foot of Mount Sinai by Moses after he was directed with the making pattern by God.
  • As per the Book of Exodus, Moses built the Ark under God's instruction during his 40 days stay on Mount Sinai.
  • Ark of the Covenant is also known as the Ark of Testimony.
  • It is said that God spoke to Moses through that Ark's two cherubim present on the cover.
  • As per the Book of Exodus, the dimensions of the Ark are 131 x 79 x 79 cm (52 x 31 x 31 in).
  • The wooden chest is completely covered in gold, and a golden crown is placed on top of it.
  • Four golden rings are placed on four corners of the chest.
  • Golden shittim staves are inserted through these rings, used to carry the Ark of the Covenant.
  • The Ark of the Covenant is supposed to be a housing vessel of God.
  • It is believed that if someone accidentally touches the Ark, they die at that very moment.
  • Ark of the Covenant consists of three things representing the law, God's establishment, and the priesthood.
  • It is placed inside a Tabernacle and then a temple.
  • The Tabernacle is a temple that is used to carry the Ark for journeys.

Location Of The Ark Of The Covenant

The Ark is a mythical component. The Ark was not stationary in one place for a long time. So what is the exact location where the Ark is kept? Has it disappeared with time? Go through this section to find the answers to these questions.

  • Ark of the Covenant was known to be the symbol of God's holiness.
  • As per a legend in South Africa, their ancestors carried the Ark of the Covenant and hid it in a cave in the Dumghe mountains.
  • Another interesting theory is that the Temple Mount has a cave beneath it where the Ark is placed.
  • Based on the writings of two Maccabees, the Ark of the Covenant resides in a cave in Mount Nebo.
  • It is said that Jeremiah hid the Ark in that cave in Mount Nebo.
  • Some say that the Ark of the Covenant is placed in St. Mary of Zion Cathedral, located in Aksum, Ethiopia. The church authorities have never allowed it to be researched.
  • Other beliefs also say that the original Lost Ark self-destructed, and the Ark's core was collected and then was used to rebuild another one.
  • To prove the disappearance of the original Ark, a replica of the Ark was found in the '40s.
  • That replica dated back to 1350, which states that it is not real.
  • It is said that when the Ark was brought to Zion in Jerusalem, King David danced in front of the Ark with all his might.
  • While bringing the Ark to Jerusalem, Uzzah tried to hold the wooden chest to keep it from falling, but he died the moment he touched it.
  • This incident struck fear into the heart of David, and he left the holy chest in the house of Obed-edom, the Gittite.
  • After three months, he moved it to Jerusalem, to his capital city.
  • During the 10th century, the Temple of Jerusalem was built by King Solomon, son of David.
  • The Ark was moved into the innermost sanctum of this temple, known as the Holy of Holies.
  • This holy place was only reachable by the High Priest once a year, that is, on the Day of Atonement.
  • On this day, the High Priest enters the Holy of Holies and lights, burns incense, and sprinkles the blood of a sacrificial animal; by this act, he atoned for his own sins and the sins of priesthood.
  • Day of Atonement is also known as Yom Kippur by the Jewish people.
  • As per some historians, the Ark of the Covenant was moved to Jerusalem much later, probably during the rule of King Josiah.
  • After the Babylonians demolished the First Temple, the location of the Ark is unknown.
  • Many movies have been made based on the topic of the Lost Ark.
  • The most famous movie of them is 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ar.'.
  • In this movie, Indiana Jones finds the Ark situated in Egypt.
  • According to the third Greek book of Ezra, the Babylonians took the Vessels of the Ark of God, both great and small, along with the king's treasures.
  • In his book 'Les Mysteres de la Cathedrale de Chartres, published in 1966, Louis Charpentier, a French Author, stated that the Ark was taken by the Knights Templar and placed in the Chartres Cathedral.
  • Revelation 11:19 states that the prophet observed the Ark of the Covenant when God's temple in heaven opened.
  • Some say the Ark of the Covenant will be visible again at the end of time.

Purpose Of The Ark Of The Covenant

Get to know amazing facts about the Ark of the Covenant.

After reading all the facts about the Ark, and the mysterious and alluring history attached to it, you might be thinking about the purpose of the Ark. Why is it so highly revered? This article will help you get the reasons and reveal to you the importance of the gold engulfed wooden chest.

  • Since the Ark of the Covenant symbolized God's presence, it was very powerful and holy.
  • The Mercy seat placed above the Ark served as an actual seat on which God rested while in the Tabernacle.
  • The Tabernacle was divided into three parts as per the directions provided by the Lord himself.
  • The outer part of the Tabernacle is known as the outer court.
  • The outer court symbolizes the body of human beings.
  • The Holy place represents the soul of the human being.
  • And the Holy of Holies signifies the spirit engraved in human beings.
  • The Tabernacle became insignificant after the Ark was placed inside the First Temple.
  • It is said that the true power of God relaxed upon the Ark of the Covenant.
  • When the Israelites, led by Joshua and the Ark, had to cross the river Jordan, the power of the Ark made the river Jordan stop flowing and part itself into two halves.
  • The Ark had so much importance that the Israelites used to carry it to wars.
  • They believed it gave them the power to win the war.
  • Once when the Philistines seized the Ark from the Israelites, they dared to rejoice, but the Ark brought famine and illness to their lands.
  • Ark of the Covenant is also credited with the victory of the battle of Jericho.
  • God used the Ark to indicate his desire to travel and when to stop.
  • Christians believe that now Jesus Christ serves as the High Priest, and he also serves as the sacrifice.
  • God's presence by the mercy seat was always cloudy because, as per the bible, God speaks through clouds.

Three Things In The Ark Of The Covenant

What was inside the wooden chest that was so valuable and holy to the people? What was the Ark carrying? Let us find out.

  • The Ark of the Covenant carried artifacts that were sacred and manifested God.
  • The Ark carried stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, Aaron's Staff, and a cup of Manna.
  • Moses broke the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.
  • The second stone tablets were left in the Ark itself.
  • The stone tablets of the Ten Commandments proved as the Law for the people designed by God.
  • The staff of Aaron or Aarons' rod manifested that God chose Aaron as the High Priest.
  • Aaron's lineage is known as the tribe of Levi, and the Levites are the only ones allowed to carry the Ark of the Covenant.
  • To prove Aaron as the priest in power, God commanded the tribes of Israel to put forward 12 staff and leave them out overnight.
  • The next day the staff of Aaron sprouted buds and blossomed.
  • Aaron's rod signifies the line of the priesthood.
  • The Ark carried a cup of manna that was put forward to signify that God provided everything to his people.
  • While traveling through the desert, the cup of manna fed the Israelites.
  • Some say that the cup of manna and Aaron's staff were not inside the Ark but were beside it.
  • These three artifacts established God's presence among the people, and the Mercy seat was God's throne on earth.
  • These manifestations of the Holy Lord were provided throughout the time.
  • Some say that there is more than one Ark present throughout history. Two Arks were present, and both of them contained one set of Tablets.
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