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Animals that have shades of the color orange in their bodies have been categorized as orange-colored animals.

There is plenty of animal, bird, and fish species that have orange pigment covered in most parts of their bodies. All those faunal species that have at least 60 percent of their body covered with several shades of orange in their fur, eye color, or wings are listed in this article.

The vibrant biodiversity created by Mother Nature is always astonishing to look at. If nature is the canvas then the different shades of colors have been beautifully painted on the rich biodiversity, making it immensely colorful. We find a plethora of animals with different shades of color on them. Animals spotted with bright orange colors always stand out from the rest, due to the greater attractiveness of this warm-toned color. This ultra-bright coloring also acts as a natural deterrent to ward off predators. Essentially showing predators that if they attack, the predators will have a bad time. If asked to list few orange animals, most of us stop after naming the goldfish or the orangutan. However, there are several others in the orange family that most of us are missing out on.

Intrigued to know more about the animals that are orange in color? Read on to learn enticing facts about them.

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Animals With Orange Fur

Whenever we think of furry animals, furs with colors like brown or yellow come to our mind at first. However, did you know that there are several animals that have orange-colored fur on their bodies?

Starting with a domestic animal, which most of you have surely seen, the ginger cat. Although not bright orange in color, the fur of these cats has a warm muted-orange shade with a beige undertone. These cats are one of the most loved cat species and are kept as pets for homes. Another cute and small orange fur-coated animal is the orange squirrel, found roaming around on the trees, grasses, shrublands, and in parks. Their entire body starting from head to tail head to tail is coated in orange color.

The next animal is the national animal of India, the royal Bengal tiger. These wild cats are covered in alternate orange and black stripes, running along their entire body. Now an endangered species because of earlier hunting practices, the population of India's national animal has dwindled to an overwhelming extent.

The orange orangutancomes next in the list of orange animals. One can see several orangutans swinging from tree to tree in forests and zoos. They are easily spotted because of their dark orange-brown color but are also a victim of habitat loss pushing them towards the verge of extinction.

There is also a very poisonous and scary species of tarantulas, the orange baboon tarantula, also known as the 'Orange Bitey Thing', found in the deserts of Sahara. People who find them during their safaris, immediately step back and go away from the place to save themselves from the deadly stings of the orange-coated tarantula.

The red fox, a native in the forests of North America is yet another interesting species having a bright orangish-red tinge running through its entire furry body. Most Americans will point out the name of red foxes if asked to name an orange animal. Finally, we cannot keep the Irish setter out of this list. Although they are not fully orange in color, their fur is a mix of dark brown, orange, and chestnut colors. These dogs are large in size and their extremely furry coat makes up most of their body weight.

Some Orange-Colored Fishes

The first orange fish that comes to our mind is the goldfish. It is a pet lover's go-to choice to keep in the aquarium. It is one of the best examples of the world's orange species. This little pet fish is easy to maintain and will turn your aquarium into a vibrant one.

Although not exactly a fish, but a beautiful creature that we get to see in the open seas and oceans are the corals. The corals secrete calcium carbonate pigmented with a variety of colors including red, green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, and a lot more. The colorful reefs that we see above the water surface are the creation of coral polyps. Among them, the bright orange-colored corals are the nicest creation of nature. Crustaceans such as the Japanese spider crab, which are found off the coasts of Japan are completely orange-colored, with long legs protruding from their shelly body. An amphibian that turns into a complete orangish-red color on land, is the red efts. These lizard-like amphibians are native to the eastern American forests and live a long life of up to 15 years in the wild. The orange jellyfish, found in the depths of the marine environment are another species showcasing a spectacular bright color, that runs through their entire body. Another common pet species found in American countries are the green iguanas. Although they have a green body, these herbivorous tropical lizards display a warm orange hue during mating season. Finally, the orange alligators, have their entire body covered with hues of orange, unlike the other crocodile species. They are great pet-catchers when found alone near the river bank and can be fatally dangerous for your pet if left unattended.

Orange-Colored Birds Of The Sky

There are several birds that show the orange color in their bodies. Some may be full orange while others may have a mix of other colors as well.

The Andean cock-of-the-rock is a bird species that exhibits a bright orange-colored plumage. These orange birds take pride in being the national bird of Peru, which holds a sign of strength and vitality. Other sky dwellers including America's flame-colored tanager, flame bowerbird of New Guinea, and the brown-winged kingfisher of the Southeast Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand are a few of the famous orange birds of the world. Most of these birds are not suitable to be kept as a pet at home as they best survive only in the lap of Mother Nature.

Insects That Have Orange In Them

Yes, insects can have orange in them as well.

If we consider lizards as insects, then you will be surprised to know that there actually exist spooky-looking orange dragon lizards. As their name suggests, they actually resemble the cartoon dragons we see emitting fire off their mouth, are found in the deserts and savannas of Africa and West Asia. Next comes the beautiful monarch butterfly exhibiting a mix of dark orange and black wings with spots of white on them. Although their population was reportedly dwindling rapidly in the past due to human interference, they have bounced back and have emerged in large numbers, stabilizing their population. Like other butterflies, the monarch butterflies are great facilitators of pollination of several plants from which they obtain their nectar. Another notorious orange bug is an assassin bug, namely, a wheel bug, found in grassy open spaces like gardens and around bushes. These bugs are orange in color as nymphs. The bright orange color is a sign of warding off predators. Additionally, they are great predators of all the other garden bugs including caterpillars. Hence, these can considerably reduce a load of a gardener in spraying insecticides to their plants, unless the gardener himself gets bitten by them.

Goldfish in aquarium with green plants.

Animals With Orange-Tinted Eyes

Shifting from the orange animals, let us look at a few of the animals with orange eyes.

Owls top this list as most of these bird species display bright and glowing orange-colored eyes at night. While their eyes may not be exactly orange in color as seen in some having orangish-yellow eyes, these nocturnal birds have sharp eyesight at night. Some cats, especially the orange-eyed black cat is a notable animal falling in this category. Its bright orange eyes placed atop its pitch-black body makes it a pet lover's favorite. Although in some Asian countries like India, the black cats with orange eyes are seen as a sign of omen, they are one of the most welcomed pets elsewhere in the world.

Orange And White Animals

Some animals have a characteristic orange and white appearance on their bodies.

They include the Pacman frog whose upper side of the body is orange in color but the underside is white. The Madagascar pygmy kingfisher, endemic to Madagascar, is a small riverine bird having orange feathers on the top and white color on the entire belly. The clownfish of the Pacific and Indian Oceans is one of the most attractive fishes in the world. Their beautiful appearance is contributed by the alternate orange and white stripes running from their head to tail. The white-crowned robin-chat is a bird species having a unique white-colored head, with the rest of the body displaying black plumage and orange underside and tail. These are native to the West African countries and are typically found in grasslands, woodlands, and savannas. The orange starfish is another marine species that exhibits a fully orange body covered with white polka dots. These are beautiful to look at and the warm orange color helps them to survive the cold water temperatures in the dark depths of the ocean.

Animals Having A Mix Of Orange And Black

Let us now find out some of the orange and black animals found across the world.

The national animal of India, the royal Bengal tiger, is the greatest among all the orange and black animals. Be it for their voluptuous rigour or their characteristic predatory behavior, they are a beautiful animal species having alternate stripes of black and orange covered across their entire body. The flame-colored tanager, an American bird species, also known as the stripe-backed tanager, has most of its body covered with orange except the feathers on its wings that display black color with white spots. The streak-backed orioles of Central America and Mexico can easily be spotted in wetlands, grasslands, and shrublands. These beautiful passerine birds are notable for their orange color. Males showcase a brighter color than the female orioles. The monarch butterflies also have a strong mix of black and orange colors in them. The Mandarin ducks can also be classed as an orange and black species as their body is covered with blackish-brown blended with orange feathers.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly factsfor everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for orange animals then why not take a look at oviparous animals, or animals that live in the jungle.

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