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Blond-crested woodpecker facts tell us that this is a unique bird in the Picidae family.
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The blond-crested woodpecker is a species of bird that belongs to the order Piciformes and is a member of the genus Celeus. They are named after the presence of a prominent crest on their head. Their large distribution range map covers various parts of South America including Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. Like most woodpeckers, these birds also prefer forest habitats and woodlands. The male bird has a distinct red mustache on its cheeks, while the female has a darker cheek band. Their diet includes ants, termites, lizards, and spiders. These birds are some of the most fascinating birds in the world.

During the breeding season, the courtship display of these birds often continues for a long span of time. These birds excavate their nests on tree trunks. After mating, the female birds lay around two to seven white eggs and both the parents incubate them for 15-20 days. The male bird is also involved in parental care including feeding the chicks. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, Red List has listed the blond-crested woodpecker (Celeus flavescens) as species of Least Concern. Despite their conservation status, their population is dwindling in number. Their predators include foxes and hawks. Continue reading to find out more about the fascinating blond-crested woodpecker!

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Blond-Crested Woodpecker Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a blond-crested woodpecker?

The blond-crested woodpecker is a species of bird belonging to the order Piciformes. It is a member of the genus Celeus and consists of two subspecies.

What class of animal does a blond-crested woodpecker belong to?

This bird belongs to the class Aves.

How many blond-crested woodpeckers are there in the world?

The exact number of individuals present in the world is not known. However, this species has a decreasing population trend.

Where does a blond-crested woodpecker live?

This species mostly resides in the eastern part of South America. Its distribution ranges from south-eastern Brazil in the east to Paraguay and northeastern Argentina. A part of their population inhabits the Amazon basin region, Rio Grande do Sul, and south of Marajo, a delta island located in Brazil. It is also found in the Cerrado and Caatinga, a savanna region of Brazil.

What is a blond-crested woodpecker's habitat?

The preferred habitat of this species includes rainforests. These are the areas that receive the maximum amount of rainfall along with high temperatures. The predominant vegetation includes evergreen trees that form a thick canopy. Their habitat also comprises gallery forest adjacent to rivers and wetlands. Its vegetation includes savannas, grasslands, and deserts. They are also found in shrubland comprising shrubs, herbs, and grasses. These birds inhabit woodlands, plantations, gardens, and orchards as well. They are mostly found up to an elevation of 4000 ft (1200 m) from sea level.

Who do blond-crested woodpeckers live with?

These birds are mostly found in pairs or small groups. A group of woodpeckers is commonly known as a descent.

How long does a blond-crested woodpecker live?

The exact lifespan of a blond-crested woodpecker (Celeus flavescens) is not known. Normally, woodpeckers live for 4-12 years on average in the wild.

How do they reproduce?

The exact reproductive pattern of the blond-crested woodpecker is not known. However, the other birds belonging to the same genus exhibit the following characteristics during the breeding season. They form monogamous pairs and perform courtship displays on the breeding ground. They excavate their nests on tree trunks. After mating, the female bird lays around two to seven eggs inside these cavities. The eggs are incubated for a span of 15-20 days on average. Both the male and the female bird are involved in parental care. In most cases, the chicks stay with the parents until the next breeding season and often assist in raising the new brood.

What is their conservation status?

The International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN Red List has listed the blond-crested woodpecker (Celeus flavescens) as a species of Least Concern. Despite their conservation status, the destruction of their habitat and climate change are the main threats encountered by them.

Blond-Crested Woodpecker Fun Facts

What do blond-crested woodpeckers look like?

Blond-Crested Woodpecker

The blond-crested woodpecker's appearance is characterized by the presence of a long crest on its head. Their crest is creamy-buff or yellowish-white in color. Its chin, upper neck, and rump all have similar coloration. The region between its nape and rump, known as the mantle, is either black or dark brown. It has a dark upper back with yellow or white barring. Its lower back is of a lighter shade such as pale yellow or white. It has black flight feathers with white barring that creates a striking contrast. The male bird has a bright red stripe across its cheek, while the blond-crested woodpecker female has a black or cream-colored cheek band. This helps in the identification of the male and female species of these birds. Its large pointed bill, with a curved tip, is bluish-gray or black in color. It has a distinct pair of red eyes.

How cute are they?

The cuteness of these birds usually stems from their appearance. The presence of a buff or pale yellow crest, red or black cheek band, dark flight feathers with white barring, and prominent red eyes make them cute.

How do they communicate?

Blond-crested woodpecker communicates through a wide range of vocalizations. Their calls consist of a series of 'tsew' or 'wheep' at sufficient intervals. They have a unique territorial call known as drumming. This is the sound produced by rapidly striking their beaks on a hard surface. During the breeding season, drumming plays a significant role in courtship displays and for the mutual identification of birds belonging to the same species.

How big is a blond-crested woodpecker?

A blond-crested woodpecker is around 10.6-11.8 in (27-30 cm) long. It is shorter than Ivory-billed woodpecker, a member of the same family, that is 18-20 in (48-53 cm) long. It is known to be the largest woodpecker in the world.

How fast can a blond-crested woodpecker fly?

The exact speed of a blond-crested woodpecker is not known. However, woodpeckers mostly have an undulating flight movement. Their flight pattern consists of quick wing beats followed by a glide.

How much does a blond-crested woodpecker weigh?

A blond-crested woodpecker weighs around 3.8-5.8 oz (110-165 g). It weighs lesser than a pileated woodpecker, a member of the same family, which weighs 9.6-12.8 oz (272-362.8 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Scientists do not have specific names to refer to the male and female blond-crested woodpecker.

What would you call a baby blond-crested woodpecker?

A baby blond-crested woodpecker is known as a chick.

What do they eat?

The blond-crested woodpecker diet comprises a variety of insects, including ants and termites. They also eat fruits, nuts, and berries from trees. They also prey on beetles, spiders, lizards, caterpillars, and other invertebrates. They often descend on the ground or excavate tree trunks in search of prey. They are mostly preyed upon by foxes and hawks.

Are they poisonous?

No, a blond-crested woodpecker is not poisonous.

Would they make a good pet?

No, this bird cannot be kept as a pet. It is a wild bird that cannot adjust to a life in confinement. Hence, it is illegal to keep a blond-crested woodpecker as a pet in various parts of the world.

Did you know...

The blond-crested woodpecker builds its nest in close proximity to the nests of arboreal ants. These ants provide protection to the hatchlings from predators.

Their feathers are provided with an oil gland. The oil secreted from these glands protects their feathers from mites and gives them a water-proof texture.

Do woodpeckers mate for life?

Yes, these birds are known to have a single partner throughout their lives. The female bird mostly initiates the courtship displays on the breeding ground. These courtship displays often continue for a span of two to six months on average. The male birds, along with the females, are involved in building the nest and taking care of the young.

Is the blond-crested woodpecker endangered?

Blond-crested woodpeckers are not considered to be endangered species. However, the destruction of habitat and climate change has caused a decreasing trend in their population. They are often kept inside protected natural habitats like national parks and bird sanctuaries.

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