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127 Cairo Facts To Know About The City Of A Thousand Minarets

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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt.

Cairo is an important city as it is the stronghold of the finance and economic production of Egypt. The official language in Cairo is Egyptian Arabic.

Cairo is a wonderful city that has a unique blend of old Cairo with that of the modern city. The city is quite near the Suez canal as only 75 mi (120 km) separates them. The father of all African rivers, the River Nile flows right through this city. The city of a thousand Minarets, the nickname of Cairo is absolutely befitting to its name. This city is a sublime example of architectural brilliance both of the past and of the present. Cairo is the only city that has one remaining wonder of the ancient world.

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Fun Facts About Cairo

Visiting a new place not only brings fun and excitement, but it also brings together knowledge and wisdom about that place. So if you plan on visiting Cairo be sure to make yourself acquainted with some of these mind-blowing fun facts.

The city of Cairo is world-renowned for its pyramids. Cairo is the only place in the entire world that consists of the tallest structures that have been made by mankind using human hands of the ancient age. Yes, you are guessing it right, The Great Pyramid of Giza. This great pyramid is an architectural genius and is also one of the tallest manmade structures that were constructed with human hands. Standing at an astonishing height of 481 ft (146.7 m) this pyramid is a sight to marvel at. For over 3000 years the pyramid of Giza was the tallest handmade human structure before the Eiffel tower was constructed in Paris, France.

Cairo, the largest city of Egypt has been home to some of the literary greats. Naguib Mahfouz, a contemporary writer was awarded the Nobel prize in 1988 for his exquisite works in Arabic literature.

The city of Cairo is a beautiful city and it has islands in it. Since the Nile River flows right through this city, many islands can be found in downtown Cairo or in Central Cairo. As many as 14 islands can be found in this city of North Africa.

The Egyptian museum aka the Museum of Cairo is one of the greatest and the largest museums that is found in the middle east of the planet. This museum is said to contain around 120,000 artifacts and is also the only museum on Earth to have the highest number of Egyptian, Arabic artifacts.

Another architectural element can be found in Cairo as it boasts of having one of the tallest towers found in the entire continent of Africa. The Cairo Tower found in downtown Cairo stands at a magnanimous height of 614 ft (187 m).

The Cairo International Stadium is home to two arch-rival football teams. Al Ahly SC and Zamalek SC are two of the most popular clubs in Egypt and both share the same stadium. If you are a football fanatic be sure to check out this awesome stadium when you visit Cairo.

There are only two cities, Algiers and Cairo, in the entire continent of Africa that have a metro as a means of transportation. The metro network in Cairo is extremely popular as it serves as the 15th busiest in the world. With over 65 stations and three stops for transfer, this means of communication is highly effective and is utilized by people to a great extent.

Before the dawn of the Islamic era in Egypt, reports suggest that different sites like the Saints Sergius and also the Bacchus Church are definite proofs of a stronghold of Christianity in Cairo. It is also believed that baby Jesus with his parents, Joseph and Virgin Mary, stayed at Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church. Other historical architectures like the Coptic Museum, the Greek Church of St. George provide a wide view into the architecture of 6th century B.C.

Historical Facts About Cairo

Apart from pyramids, the second most common word that can be associated with Cairo is history. This city is a unique blend of the past with that of the modern world. Since the past always intrigues and excites the mind, so let us dive down into the past and venture into the history of Cairo.

Records suggest that the foundation of the largest city in Egypt was made in 969 AD by the Fatimid Empire under the rulership of Jawhar Al Saqili. The city that was initially named al-Manṣūriyyah took almost four years to be complete and become the new capital of the caliphate.

The city witnessed the death of almost 200,000 people by the Black Death, during the reign of the Ottoman empire.

The Al- Azhar mosque was constructed in 970 AD and was also the first mosque that was built in the city of Cairo.

Cairo is listed as the only city in the world that has one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Apart from the Great Pyramid of Giza, none of the other wonders of the ancient world exist today. This pyramid is an example of architectural brilliance. This pyramid was constructed as the tomb of the Egyptian king Khufu.

Often known as the cradle of the civilization of the Middle East, Cairo played a vital role in essentially becoming the city that was responsible for the survival of an entire civilization, the Egyptian civilization. Artefacts that can be still viewed in the Egyptian Museum are definitive proof of this. Islamic Cairo boasts of having one of the most impressive citadels that have been militarily fortified. The Citadel of Cairo was believed to be the white house for the entire country of Egypt for almost 700 years.

cairo is an important city

Facts About Cairo's Culture

A place that is associated with a rich heritage is bound to be associated with a rich lineage of culture too. A city as marvelous as Cairo is no exception to the same. Here let us venture into some of the finest cultures of Egypt's capital city and its various traditions that have made their way from one generation to the next over the ages.

Though Cairo is an ancient city, it is not a relic of its past. With changing times, the city has evolved to modern Cairo, without forgetting its roots. The famous al-Azhar University is one of the oldest universities in the entire globe. Studies show that scholars in the Islamic era who wished to study in 975 AD enrolled here. In the modern world, the al-Azhar University is the second-largest institution not only in the Middle East but in the entire world for higher studies.

There is no culture or tradition without festivals and in the Middle East, the capital city of Cairo in the Arab world is a city of festivals. All around the year, the city celebrates numerous festivals like International Film festivals, Cairo jazz festival, and other important events which essentially makes Cairo a tourist hotspot in the Middle East.

A visit to a new place always brings new memories with us, and what is better than shopping to create new memories. Cairo has the Khan el-Khalili, one of the most populous bazaars in the entire world. It doesn't matter if you intend to visit greater Cairo or old Cairo, a visit to this Bazaar is necessary to buy some memorabilia. Apart from having a great cultural insight into the cultures of Egypt, you can also buy Egyptian antiquities that are reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

Known as the Hollywood of the Middle East, Cairo is a hub of music, filmmaking, and artist industry of not only northern Egypt but also of the entire Middle East. This modern city acts as a cultural hub of creativity in the form of artwork and entertainment.

Facts About Cairo's Food

If you visit a new place, the first unwritten law is to try out the local cuisine. Cairo, despite all its religious history of ancient Egypt, offers numerous tasty and sumptuous dishes that you should definitely give a try when you visit the land of the pyramids.

Of all the different places in the world, Cairo has the world's largest food court. Stretching over a total floor area of 441,318 ft² (41000 m²), the Oasis restaurants and entertainment has it all. The size of the place allows it to accommodate more than 4000 people in a single go.

A wide range of food can be found in Cairo be it sweet or savory. For lovers of food and food bloggers, this place should be in the top spot of your checklist. Here are some of the unique North African food items that you should most definitely taste while traveling in Cairo: Simit, Koshary, Hawawshi, Hamam Mahshi, and Zibib.

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