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Canada Autumn: Learn All About The Famous Fall Season In Canada

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There is beauty, and then there is Canada autumn.

Autumn in Canada is called fall or the leaf-peeping season. During the autumn season, Canada is one of the best places in the world to visit, and watch the leaves turn into fall colors, fiery reds, oranges, and yellows.

Warm vibes and a date with a pumpkin spice latte sums up the feel of fall in Canada. Outdoor adventures are a walk in the heaven in Canada during the fall. As summer withers to fall, it opens up the right time to travel to places in Canada, which is between mid-September and late November. Canada is at its element in the fall. The temperatures begin to dip and the country erupts into the fall colors.

Even though Canada is the second biggest country in the world by area and predicting fall foliage timing is tricky, it still has some of the best places to visit. In the geographical area, the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta are home to forests while the magnitude of strong autumn colors tends to be most satisfying in the eastern parts of Canada. Along with taking a walk along the Beaver Pond, there are many activities that people enjoy during Canada's autumn.

Read on for some interesting facts about Canada's autumn colours and afterward also check out facts about James Bay Canada and Lake Erie Canada on Kidadl.

Things To Do In Canadian Autumn

New England admittedly has some of the world’s best fall foliage, but with British Columbia’s radiant west coast to the mountains and fjords of Newfoundland, Canada takes the lead.

In Canada, the fall season occurs from September to November with the early fall colors starting in Edmonton Alberta. Visiting the national park during Canada's autumn is a must. From late October to November, the weather is to be expected snowy for the arrival of winter.

Fall foliage is a sight for sore eyes; it is something that we should never miss. So, at the first sign of fall, get ready to watch the fall foliage at some of the hot spots in Canada. Hit the road or the trails in search of the best fall foliage. Where do you find that? While the whole country is blazing with a lot of colors, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces near the larches valley in Alberta or the Canadian Rockies are something else.

The hot spots include Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, Algonquin Provincial Park, the Georgian bay in Laurentia, Awenda Provincial Park, Eastern Townships and Gatineau Hills of Quebec, Mississagi Provincial Parks in Ontario, Banff National Park, Moraine lake, the Fundy Trail, Kouchibouguac National Park, Prince Edward Island, The Niagra river and some other larch valleys like the St. John River and Miramichi River Route in New Brunswick.

The Rocky Mountains in Alberta: spots near the Banff National Park have mountains everywhere. Beautiful scenery at every side with the Tunnel Mountain offering a lovely view of Bow River. Hiking trails from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes takes the cake when visiting the rocky mountain.

Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario: it is the oldest provincial park covered in dense forests with about thousands of lakes and rivers. In Algonquin Park, during the end of September or early October, the maple trees area is a sight to behold but, in mid-October, tamaracks, aspens, and red oaks take precedence.

Prince Edward Island forests colorful scenery in autumn with its moderate climate with its longest fall foliage periods in northeastern North America. The Prince Edward Island is free of bears executing it as a hunter-free environment. From New Brunswick, we can access the island via Confederation Bridge, the world's longest bridge that crosses ice-covered water.

Cabot trail in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia: One of the world's most impressive drives, the Cabot Trail blows around the northern shore of ​Cape Breton Island. They look the best during the early October weeks. Their route passes through the landscapes of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, another famous site-seeing area, especially impressive at fall.

Fundy coastal drive in New Brunswick: The Fundy bay spans from Maine's northern coastal area into Canada and is in between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. In Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains, from the end of September through mid-October, The rolling hills and mountains with their golden birds and maple trees, make it a popular destination in Autumn.

Grasslands National Park, a dark sky preserve can show the darkest skies in Canada, night sky viewing is a worthy experience during fall. Bird watching is another important facet of Autumn that is common, Point Pelee National Park and on the west coast, the Reifel Bird Sanctuary near Vancouver island are the most visited. The Northern Lights display gives an experience all on its own that belongs solely to Canada. People head to northern latitudes in search of the northern lights.

First Day Of Fall

Fall is surely the best time of year in Canada with colors painting every place, with pumpkin-spiced-everything, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

In Canada, the first day of the autumn season is marked when the Sun crosses the celestial equator and moves southward. The day is remembered as the Autumnal Equinox. When the Earth is closest to the sun, it is winter, which happens to be in December in the Northern hemisphere.

The first dusting of snow is called the termination dust, yes, there is the first snow of autumn, when the peaks of mountains and hills become dusted with powder. In the coming weeks, the snowline works its way downs till it is white and covered in snow everywhere.

The best birding time of the year is the fall or autumn. The sound of different species of birds is a constant during fall. In late August and September, the area looks as if it is on fire, the tundra turns that red! The quirk of fall in Canada is there are no bugs, none!

Animals That Come Out In Autumn

In Canada's Northwest territories, winter is wintry while spring is springy but summer is wild with fall as its best aspect. During fall, in Northwest territories, there is the return of darkness after endless daylights. Along with the return of the darkness, the auroras come back.

It is also the season when Caribou in great herds move south from the Arctic ocean. Caribou is called ubiquitous ungulates, no, not a tongue twister, sorry. Common deciduous species in Canada include maple and oak. Maple trees are the most iconic deciduous trees in Canada. While typical coniferous trees include fir, cedar, and pine trees.

As bears are trying to bulk up for hibernation, fall is the time when we need to be the most cautious as they can pop up anywhere. Also, Canada is the home of many polar bears, so it is pretty common to watch bears catching fish or just roaming around and searching for food during fall. As autumn follows summer, leaves change and fall, which is a signal for bears to become more active. They hunt for food, during fall, eating and drinking nonstop to put on weight in preparation for winter, this is called hyperphagia.

Beaver ponds are dams built by beavers to protect themselves from predators like coyotes and bears. It also provides easy access to food during winter, the largest beaver dam is in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta in Canada which measures up to 2,790 ft (850.3 m) in length.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is a historic town that is a must-visit during autumn in Canada.

Weather Change In Autumn

There is a nationwide temperature and precipitation forecast for September, October, and November, the fall season of Canada.

In British Columbia and Alberta, Canada is determined to a warmer but a little wetter weather. The warm water on the Pacific coast will make the temperatures warmer. The summer’s deficit of precipitation led to a busy forest fire season and droughts, so the wetter weather is a good change for British Columbia. Contrastingly, the Prairies will experience a warmer-than-normal fall. What is warm for the Prairies in the fall is chilly for other Canadians, but that is subjective.

The fall will be wetter than normal compared to last year. The great lakes, rivers, and other lakes in Ontario, and Quebec are warmer than before. This region is also treated with splendid fall colors. The trees’ green leaves turn to reds and yellows and there will be good tree-peeping weather. Here there are chances of storms from the remnants of hurricanes from the Atlantic.

According to Environment Canada’s modeling, Atlantic Canada will be warmer as well as wetter this fall. The reason for it is the hurricanes in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico along with the tropical storms that make their way north to the Atlantic coast of Canada. The questionable element of the hurricanes coming up to Atlantic Canada is the strong, harsh winds accompanying the rains, which can create and wreak havoc on many infrastructures.

In the far North, while the summer wasn’t as warm, the ice disappeared which will soon reform again. This might make the entry of winter a little advanced. But as soon as the winter is over and the pleasant spring season sets in, you can witness some beautiful sights all along Canada. The fall colors in Canada are extremely bright and attractive and make for an interesting experience for all travelers as well as locals.

Peak Autumn In Canada

The fall foliage reports indicate the leaf color changes marked by areas to calculate the peak autumn time in Canada. This also helps to optimize our viewing time in different places.

The reports give a percentage of color change, with 0 representing no color change and 100% designating the foliage at its peak. At 25 %, the scenery is moving and the more northern the place, the quicker the leaves peak. The weather network gives beneficial fall color progress which doesn't start until the end of September. The reports are weekly. The Ontario Parks Fall color report provides a map and many visual aids to demonstrate the leaf peepers' fall foliage conditions at Ontario Provincial Parks and its encompassing areas.

In Algonquin Park, maple trees are in peak color change from mid to late September. Quebec Fall Foliage report is provided by Bonjour Québec. Some places that beautifully show fall foliage are the Laurentian Mountains and the ​Eastern Townships. The apt places for visitors to catch the peak change include the botanical gardens, Parc Jean-Drapeau, and the Old Port neighborhood. Even though the Nova Scotia tourism website doesn't provide fall color reports they update the same with photos and locations of the places that have peak fall colors.

Climate Change In Canada

A scientific report says the drastic climate change of Canada is warming the country at a fast rate that is twice that of the rest of the world. Even the federal government climate report warns that its effects have already begun in many parts of the country with a promising look to increase.

Canada's arctic has faced the most profound impact and will proceed to warm double the global rate. It also seems the effects are irreversible. Now, the largest temperature increase is noticed to be in North, the Prairies, and northern British Columbia. Let us hope that Canada, one of the most amazing countries, does not lose its vitality and continues to offer some of the greatest pleasures of nature and amazing sights for many years to come.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Canada autumn then why not take a look at Canada provinces, or facts about Canada that kids will surely love.

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