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19 Chongqing Facts: Learn About This City In Western China

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Chongqing city is one of the fast pacing cities of china, it is situated in western china and holds a very powerful economical presence around china.

Chongqing city has a very rich history, this city was ruled by numeral emperors, in addition to which the city has also seen multiple settlements, and this place was renamed in the timeline of 581-1102 C.E.The central Chongqing is the essential thread that holds the trade industry in China for decades now.

Chongqing municipality was established shortly after it became very important to the Chinese economy. During the Sino-Japanese war, it had to bear repeated attacks by the Japane, who saw the importance that the now established Chongqing municipality holds.

The timeline 1937-1945, was tough for Chongqing. The Japanese air force of that time was anything but merciful, they set their eyes on the booming city of Chongqing and unleashed their military power on the city. Although the city was saved from major damages, thanks to the mountains which surround Chongqing city, they protected the people and the city from any lethal war damages. Since, the city enjoys natural protection, which also continues to influence many Chinese businesses to shift their business in Chongqing. Apart from carrying out the business and being a major economic seed in China, the city is also incredibly beautiful. It is never a bad day at Chongqing when you pass through the beautiful Jialing river, which is near the Chongqing station.

Chongqing Geographic location

A day in Chongqing city is anything but dull, the city holds important railway lines such as the Chongqing railway station along with Chongqing North station and is also home to Chongqing University.

  • The Chongqing is pure bliss, nestled in the mountains and surrounded by the two beautiful river bodies, Jialing river and Yangtze river; the city center of west China is more than what you can imagine!
  • Urban areas often lack the ability to have their very own natural water sources, and the mountain city of west China, also known as Chongqing, deals with the same issue. The famous Yangtze river and the Jialing rivers don't get their water from the surrounding wu mountains, rather they get it from over 15 plus water plants.
  • The total capacity of the Yangtze River and Jialing river is one million m3/day. This water is just enough to cover the needs of downtown Chongqing and the Chongqing city center.
  • The Chongqing north railway station is a crucial connection line that has exceptionally decorated glass layers which are due to the recent renovation, which was done on this railway station.
  • The Chongqing area is famous for its natural scenery and mountainous terrain, many people visit the city every year to enjoy the old Chongqing architecture and the lovely Chongqing people who are inhabitants of the place.
  • The Chongqing city once served as a wartime capital, during that time, the city was under Sichuan province and today also it belongs to the same province.
  • Chongqing is also called the fog capital of China, as fogs and cloudy weather are very common in the Sichuan basin.
  • For tourists, Chongqing city can reveal a lot about Chinese royal history. Since Chongqing is an ancient town, the town is filled with dazu rock carvings and architecture of ancient times.
  • During the earlier times, the Chongqing city in China used to have nearly 17 city gates. These gates were constructed to protect the city in case of danger.
  • When visiting Chongqing city, it's best to stay in the Yubei district and use the local metro line.

History of Chongqing

Chongqing is an ancient town and it carries stories that are around 100 years old. Many people visit this beautiful city every year just to experience and catch the glimpse of ancient China, along with immerse themselves in the customs on which ancient China worked.

  • This ancient town of China also holds the stories from the Ming dynasty! Central Chongqing buildings show a touch of ancient architecture.
  • The Yangtze River is one of the central attractions of Chongqing, China, it is best to plan the tour of this city, including the nearby areas as well such as Tibet.
  • Chongqing is also one of the safest cities in China.
  • In the year 1950, the great hall of people was made, the great hall hosted people of power and reputation during important meetings.
  • Chongqing is a sub-provincial city in China, it gained this title in the year 1954, under the people's republic.
  • The history of Chongqing is opulent! This magnificent city is at least 3,000 years old and has seen multiple generations of Chinese royal families in these thousands of years.
  • Many people believe that the history of Chongqing dates back to the birth year of the Yu emperor. Some researchers also have confidence in the fact that Chongqing is the birthplace of the founder of the Xia dynasty. If this is to be true, that would mean Chongqing is at least 4000 years old.
  • The first city wall of the Chongqing region was built in 250 BC, evidently, the wall kept on extending in the coming years.
  • With passing time for the Chinese people, their beautiful Yangtze river became the medium of trade in the year 1890.
  • For China it became difficult to resist themselves from opening the Yangtze river for trade. They soon did that, but, owning to an assortment of steering tribulations that arrive on the scene from the Yangtze, the trade would recurrently get delayed.
  • The Chongqing municipality additionally became a recognized spot for the nationalist government in the year 1938. Chongqing was preferential by the nationalist so much, that they curved it into their capital.
  • In view of the fact that Chongqing city saw war for more than a decade, the city affairs had trembled and the city economy was paralyzed. Subsequent to the communist conquest of the regime, the cleaning of Chongqing started and it once again came out to be one of the precise pillars of Chinese society.
  • Before the year 1977, Chongqing was an independent provision, after the year 1977, it came under the rule of the Chinese central government.
The Sitwell museum that is situated in Chongqing is one of the most famous museums of the city.

What is Chongqing famous for?

Chongqing is a fast pacing urban city of China, the Chongqing university furthermore makes Chongqing even more famous among the local Chinese population.

  • The tourist population, which comes every year to the Chongqing city, are mesmerized by the ancient rock carvings, the very witness of ancient Chinese talent. Apart from that, Fengdu ghost city is also an amazing place to experience at least once in your lifetime. However, nothing else grabs attention more quickly than the three gorges museum, which is the regional museum inside Chongqing representing their culture and their history.
  • Since Chongqing is constructed on tall terrain, the city is bound to have low valleys. This is also the reason why Chongqing is called the mountain city as its surrounded by mountains and hills, and the nightscape of Chongqing is a charm on its own.
  • Chongqing is also famous for being the largest city in the entire world. Although, the ever-growing Chinese population is behind this victory. Earlier Tokyo was known as the largest city in the world, the title was then given to Chongqing.
  • Every year tourists are mesmerized by the number of bridges that Chongqing has. This city alone has over 13000 bridges alone, although this is because the earlier Chinese rulers constructed many gates and bridges in the earlier times.
  • The weather of Chongqing has won the hearts of numerous poets. There are many poems that have been written on the night rains of this city, which falls on the mesmerizingly quiet Ba mountains.
  • Overy 28 million people live in Chongqing city. China is known for its population and it is not shocking that a large group of the Chinese population wishes to live in the most economically forward and beautiful city across the country.
  • Asia is the signature spot when it comes to witnessing shrines, temples, and forts. When it comes to China, the country has its famous monasteries which are the epitome of peace and calm. The fengdu ghost city of Chongqing is home to palaces that are nearly 300 years old.

Tourism in Chongqing

The engineering and the history of Chongqing together come out to be a total fun package not just for the Chinese population but also for the tourists who visit the city every year!

  • Everyone loves museums, there is always something more to love and experience in those temples of ancient equipment. However, the underwater museum of Baiheliang is something right out of a sci-fi comic book. The engineering that went behind the making of this place is incredible as this underwater museum opens a whole new world of centuries-old carved poems on the walls. The carvings and calligraphy of this museum are among the most talked-about subjects around the world.
  • Visiting China without experiencing the local Chinese food is not counted as a complete trip! In Chongqing, the qiqi hot pot restaurant is packed with tourists from all across the world at all times of the week, to taste their delicate seafood and the juiciest of ethnic Chinese food.
  • For those who like hiking, the Wulong karst is definitely a dream come true. The three natural bridges, which are situated in the karst geological park are excellent for early morning hiking. Don't be surprised if you come across natural limestone formation during the hike. The incredible air and greenery of these bridges is also the reason why it forces so many people to come outdoor and enjoy nature at its best.
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