11 Christmas In France Facts: Learn To Celebrate Christmas Like The French

Christmas in France facts are enjoyed by all during the Christmas season.

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Christmas Day is celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm.

People all over the world indulge in Christmas celebrations with great joy. Christians celebrate Christmas with great faith as they believe it to be the feast day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ with a special meal.

Christmas Day is celebrated all over the world. Do you know how Christmas Day is celebrated in France? What are the various ways in which Christmas Day is celebrated in France? Do you want to know about some Christmas in France facts?

People in France celebrate Christmas Day with great joy. The festive period in France starts on December 24. French families celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm. They enjoy French food. French houses are decorated with Christmas lights.

Christmas Eve in France is a beautiful time. French people celebrate this day as the feast day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In French families, French children usually open their gifts on Christmas Day.

Did you know that in French, Merry Christmas is pronounced as 'Joyeux Noël'? Next time you wish to say Merry Christmas to your French friend, simply say 'Joyeux Noël'.

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History Of Christmas In France

The history of Christmas varies from one place to another. Do you know how French Christmas is celebrated? What is the history behind French Christmas?

The evidence for a decorated Christmas tree was found in France in a 1605 journal from a place called Strasburg. Christmas traditions are followed by French families as well as French children. Do you know where the first French Christmas celebrations occurred? Reims was the site. French Christmas was first celebrated in 496 BC; customs were related to Roman customs.

Do you know what French people call Christmas in France? Christmas is known by the name of noel. Christmas customs were introduced to French families and French children by Romans. Have you heard about Saint Nicholas? Saint Nicholas Day is celebrated in France every December 6. This day is mainly celebrated in northeastern France.

Kids in France are extremely excited around Christmas time as they expect to receive gifts from Santa. This is why they start decorating the Christmas tree a few days before the festivities actually begin.

Drinking eggnog is also a very popular Christmas tradition. According to ancient Norse mythology, it is a tradition to leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus. But, children of French families do not leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus. In France, people mostly drink wine and milk is not popular.

On Christmas Eve in France, kids place their shoes next to the fireplace in hopes of receiving gifts from Santa Claus. When they wake up in the morning, their shoes are filled with interesting gifts. Moreover, the Christmas tree placed in the family hall is also full of nuts and fruits as well as a range of gifts.

Being excited about receiving gifts, kids sometimes open up their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve while others wait until the morning of Christmas Day to open their Christmas gifts. Others also wait until the day of Epiphany.

Christmas Traditions In France

There are many traditions that French people follow to celebrate Christmas day. Christmas is known by the name of noel. As in every other Christian country, Christmas Eve is celebrated with great joy all over the world.

In France, Christmas starts about four weeks before Christmas. People provide each other with small presents. One day before Christmas people sit together to celebrate with each other. French families usually have Christmas dinner together and celebrate Christmas according to French Christmas traditions. French children open their small presents on the day of Christmas Eve. French people open their advent calendar on December 1.

In French Christmas traditions, the advent calendar plays a great role. Christmas markets are a very important part of Christmas traditions. Just like every other tradition, French Christmas traditions also contain many customs that French people and French families follow. December 26 is known by the name of Boxing Day in England; this tradition is, however, absent in France.

Some French families burn logs at home from Christmas Day to New Year's Eve. The log is sprinkled with wine and is burnt so that a nice smell comes off of it. There is also a tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. It is a belief that Santa leaves lumps of coal for bad children. However, it doesn't happen in reality.

On January 6, the 12th day after Christmas, the Feast of Epiphany is organized in French households. On this day, a pastry which is known as the cake of kings is consumed by all those who are present. There is a charm that is hidden inside the cake. The individual who locates the charm will be crowned as a king or queen using a paper crown. The king or queen must then arrange for a cake during the next party.

La Saint Nicolas is the feast day of Saint Nicholas celebrated on December 6.

Christmas Gifts In France

What are some items given as French gifts? What things serve the purpose of gifts in the French Christmas tradition?

According to statistics, around 38% of people in France receive gifts. People basically exchange small presents and gifts with each other. Sometimes Christmas cake is also given as a small present on Christmas Eve. Other Christmas gifts include Santons, which are small, hand-painted terracotta nativity scene figurines; and animal bone wine bottle holders. Can you think of some other types of gifts? Christmas cards are even given as small presents.

People sometimes provide special meals as a gift to their near and dear ones. French homes are decorated with Christmas lights. Vintage French posters could also be a great choice for gifting on Christmas Day. Beautiful tree ornaments can also be presented as gifts. Chocolate truffles are also a very good idea for gifting to French families.

Traditional French Christmas Food

French Christmas traditions and Christmas Eve are incomplete without the Christmas dinner. So what are the traditional food items that are eaten on Christmas?

The Christmas dinner comprises food such as oysters, duck, and cheese. Have you ever heard about chocolate yule logs? Chocolate yule logs and wine also comprise the Christmas dinner. The main dish is a meat dish. Some of the most important meals of the Christmas dinner include smoked salmon and caviar as well as foie gras. Kir Royale is a French drink which is really famous at Christmas time.

French people mostly eat turkey, especially turkey stuffed with chestnuts. However, they eat chicken the most for Christmas dinner. Do you know what Le Réveillon is? Le Réveillon means feast. French families go for lobster, oyster, foie grass, and green beans. This great Christmas tradition includes many things in the Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. If we look at traditional French foods for Christmas Eve, these foods include goose, foie grass, and smoked salmon.

What are the basic desserts in the Christmas dinner? These include fruits, nuts, walnuts, dried grapes, and sometimes cakes as well. The chocolate yule log is also a popular dessert. In the case of alcohol on Christmas Eve, French people drink mulled wine. Champagne is also a very prominent drink. Do you know how table decoration is done for Christmas dinner? For the Christmas dinner, three candles are put on the table. At the end of the table cloth, French knots are made and it is a well-known tradition.

French Santa Claus

Santa Claus is a popular part of Christmas Day. Children wait for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and ask for small presents. Do you know about Father Christmas? Santa Claus is known by many other names like Father Christmas or Papa Noel.

The French Santa Claus wears a kind of red cloak. Children do not find their gifts under the tree. The concept of Father Christmas is really famous in France and is different in many ways. Santa Claus is also known as Daddy Christmas in France. Daddy Christmas delivers small presents and gifts to people. Children leave their shoes near the fireplace so that their small gifts can be left in these shoes by Santa Claus. Do you know what Papa Noel is also known as in France? Santa Claus is another way of describing Papa Noel or Daddy Christmas.

Remember to say Merry Christmas or 'Joyeux Noël' when you see Santa or meet someone at midnight mass or anyone enacting the nativity scene.

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