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Coral Colors: Guide To Types, Shades, And Color Combinations

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The color coral is one of the most vibrant colors you can see anywhere in the world!

The color itself is pink-orange and its name comes from marine invertebrates that can be seen all over the ocean floor. The color itself goes much further than just being seen in the sea.

It has an extensive history, if one knows what to search for. The color coral was found back in the 16th century. It gets its name from reef fish that call the bottom of the sea their home. Egyptians and the Romans popularized the use of this color, and were the first to provide jewelry featuring coral. The use of coral jewelry was believed to provide protection from evil spirits and luck.

During the Renaissance, wearing coral jewelry was extremely popular as a way to ward off evil spirits. There are some paintings of baby Jesus that show him wearing coral jewelry, and it is safe to say that coral became a holy color. One of the most interesting things to learn about the color is that it can mean and signify different things based on the shade of the color that is used. It might not surprise you to learn that the coral color generally signifies the feelings of joy and optimism.

Social media is one of the first places to recognise this and has started creating content with coral colors in its color scheme due to its ability to seem cheery. It is also due to the color symbolizing acceptance and positivity.

Another meaning of the color is some people believe it shows characteristics of being outgoing and friendly. You can wear a coral shirt to work and seem more friendly to your colleagues in the workplace. You can dress children in coral. Children tend to pick up on emotions and resonate them well with colors, so it might be an added benefit to your child.

Many believe that the color coral in is very uplifting. While others believe that coral taps into a pool of positive characteristics, as well as creating a feeling of home. It may be the only color to really resonate through the ages with its upbeat spirit, fashionable look, and a warm and nurturing feeling that we spend a whole lifetime in search of.

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Different Shades Of Coral

The color coral can be split into different shades of color. It makes for some interesting choices to play around with.

Different shades of coral vary according to how the color is going to be used. The two main colors that form the coral color can provide different arrangements and there are a range of ways to lighten or darken the pink and orange. These shades range from a red hue, a pink shade, a lighter version of orange, as well a coral blue color that you would usually see at the bottom of the sea. You can use hex codes to see these colors for yourself!

The sun is able to produce a shade of coral that has heavy influence over the color orange.

What colors go well with coral?

When you wear the color coral, you will need you to pair it with colors that bring out the different shades and tones of coral. This not only applies to clothes but with anything that is coral.

The simplest and the best combination might be with the color blue and its shades. Blue is a naturally complementary color to coral, and a lighter shade of blue gives of a gentle, tropical feel. Similarly, a darker hue of blue can be used to create a look of strength. The color red and its various shades also make for good coral color combinations. The different combinations of these mono, warm colors make for a great look.

The warm color palette is evocative of the feeling of fall, when leaves turn red and are found on the ground. It is very calming to look at. You can use this color combination to design your living room, making it seem more welcoming and friendly. Analogous colors pair very well with the coral color and its shades. These colors are the building block of the coral color itself. If chosen and paired correctly, this combination can create a very lively color scheme that pops out.

What does coral color look like?

Describing what coral looks like may be easier once you have seen see the color in reality. It will speak for itself and you will be able to describe it by talking about objects around you. For example, sunsets are usually a mixture of coral colors.

The color coral is a combination of pink tones and orange shades. It is most commonly associated with the color orange, but its uniqueness lies with the use of pink undertones. It looks like the color orange, but there are very noticeable notes of pink. This makes coral stand out from other colors. This color is a playful combination of these vivid hues coming together, creating a color that pink and orange cannot do on their own.

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