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73 Customer Service Facts That Are A Must Know For Everyone

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Customer success and loyalty are of paramount importance to all brands.

When it comes to customer success, one of the most important things for a company is making sure that it provides proper customer service. The importance of customer service is well established through the vast array of businesses that exist around the world in the present day and age!

There's more to it than just providing good customer service. Customer service is a process that should be integrated into every aspect of your business. It's important to provide good customer service, but it's even more important to make sure your entire company is customer-centric. Let's discuss the importance of customer service and some customer service facts that you may not know!

The Purpose Of Customer Service

In a world like this where businesses have been facing steep competition from all parts of the globe, it is natural that they would want to secure their place in the industry through the implementation of any methods that make their customers happy. Let's dive in and learn about the purpose of customer service.

  • Great customer service can be the difference between a successful multi-million company and one that has been sinking, through the sheer power of customer experience.
  • It has therefore become extremely important for brands all over the world to ensure excellent customer service so that customers are not lost to competitors.
  • One of the greatest ways to understand what a company's customer service cell should be prioritizing is through studying the customer service statistics.
  • Such statistical analyses also tell us of the many ways in which great customer experience should be the paramount goal.
  • Some of the merits of great customer service and positive customer experience will also convince the sales team of any brand that they need to be well educated and supplied with all the resources that they could require.
  • Customer service statistics show that poor customer experience is likely to cause people to switch between brands.
  • Some businesses are likely to achieve brand loyalty, but that becomes impossible if the customer service experience that they offer is poor.
  • Understandably, the consumer hardly ever wishes to go back to a brand or a business that does not treat them well.
  • This is also proven through the fact that in a poll, a greater group of people agreed that they would rather pay more for a product if that meant that they could get a good customer service experience.
  • It is also well understood that the customer service team becomes the channel through which the profits earned by the sales teams are ensured.
  • In such a scenario, a poor customer service experience motivates the consumer to switch to better service providers in the market.
  • Customer service statistics also show that through social media and other sites over the internet, it has become increasingly easy for people to be able to find competing businesses.
  • This essentially means that the moment a business fails to provide a good customer service experience, the consumer is encouraged to shift elsewhere.
  • Hence, as long as customer service teams are not built in such a way that they tend to all customer complaints meticulously and with speed, the chances of losing clientele increase manifold.
  • The purpose of having a customer service representative is not limited to ensuring returning customers.
  • While brand loyalty is very important to businesses, having a customer service representative or two at their firm is also their duty.
  • It becomes the responsibility of businesses to address and attempt to solve any problems that their consumer may have come across.
  • Through studies held in the last couple of years, customer support has risen to the forefront, as more and more people have spoken in favor of having prompt responses to their product-related issues.

The Importance Of Customer Service

The impact of negative customer experience is so grave that brands all over the world have been trying to ensure high-quality customer service across their products. Such service agents and their behavior heavily impact the customer retention rates of the brands, which ultimately becomes one of the factors that decides its profit margins and success.

  • Most customers report that their experience with support executives plays a huge role in making a decision as to whether or not they would return to the brand for another purchase.
  • Customer retention is an essential part of the growth of any brand.
  • It is shown through studies that retaining an existing customer costs a brand less money than it does to bring in a new customer.
  • In simpler words, the customer lifetime value is high when they stick around with the business for a longer period of time.
  • Understandably, having to replace an existing customer with a new one requires much effort from a business.
  • This would include investing in a great sales team, further market research, and running social media advertisement campaigns.
  • Such efforts are clearly way more expensive than educating a customer service team about the importance of its role and scripting a well-planned way in which all problems would be dealt with.
  • In spite of the fact that even setting up a good customer service team also requires extensive market research, it is not nearly as expensive as endorsements to bring in new customers.
  • It is the golden rule of any business that in order to remain profitable and grow, they would have to both retain their existing customers and bring in new ones at a steady pace-both which are heavily dependent on good customer service experience.
Through proper strategies, customer satisfaction is ensured, therefore making the brand profitable.

Customer Service Strategy

Understandably, hiring customer service agents does not solve all the problems for brands and businesses. The customer's journey can only be made great through the proper understanding of their needs. Why don't we walk you through some of the things that your customers might expect of you and the many things that the customer support representatives at your company should be aware of when carrying out their daily duties!

  • Understanding customer service statistics shows us the many small things that are to be incorporated by the brands into their stratagem in order to create a great experience.
  • Such strategies are most valuable and fruitful when they have been based on proper research regarding the market and its requirements.
  • The important thing to keep in mind when appointing executives is that better customer service experiences are great for the company.
  • Without the approval and happiness of the customer, the brand would constantly be at a loss or would at least struggle greatly in terms of finding profits.
  • A customer service statistic says that at least 80% of the consumers feel that having great customer support from a brand is just as important as the quality of products or services.
  • The turnover of people who get back to a brand for purchase after a great customer service experience favors brands to invest time in their customer service team and the strategies that they employ.
  • One of the greatest things that need to be kept in mind is that the marker of a good customer service experience is best understood through the perspective of the customers themselves.
  • Hence, experts all over the world speak in favor of choosing a method that is most preferable for the customers.
  • For example, most customers are of the opinion that the executives in the customer support section of the brand should have enough coordination amongst themselves so that the consumer is not made to repeat all the details of their problem again and again.
  • In order to make sure that the customer service problems are well communicated through all the tiers of executives smoothly, it is well understood that brands would have to employ several methods such as the use of technology.
  • Most consumers, according to statistics, feel as if their needs and demands fall on deaf ears.
  • It, therefore, becomes the responsibility of brands to be able to address each feedback and incorporate their ideas so as to make the experience better.
  • Customers report that they prefer when their customer service interactions are quick and hassle-free.
  • It is therefore the responsibility of the customer service representatives to ensure that they know how to address all and any issues that may come up.
  • In order to ensure this, a proper script would need to be developed by the brand, and all the customer service representatives would have the aid of proper technology to be able to tend to the consumer's needs.
  • Customer service statistics also show that they also appreciate brands better when they respond to a complaint or query within 10 minutes.
  • In addition to this, customers report that they would return to a brand if their queries are also attended to via social media.
  • Strategies should also include which tier of executives would tend to each customer service question.
  • Through proper categorization of questions and problems, better customer service experiences can be ensured.
  • A poor customer experience reflects badly on the company and hampers customer loyalty.
  • Customer success is also heavily dependent on reaching out to the consumers for their input.
  • Customer feedback should be treated properly and the doable aspects should be added to the program.
  • This not only means that the system would be better for the brand, but would also make the customers feel that their inputs are valuable.
  • Customer service experiences can also be improved through cooperation between the different departments within the brand.
  • Unfortunately, customer service providers are not treated with the same respect in some brands as they should.
  • Through better downward communication in the brand, all the employees can be made aware of the importance that customer experience has, which would further lead to better workplace ethics.
  • Social media and AIs play an important role in making the customer experience better.
  • Several brands around the globe are making use of technology such as artificial intelligence bots, in order to bridge the gap between the consumers and executives.
  • While excellent customer service can undoubtedly be provided through calls, it sometimes becomes difficult for brands to have enough employees to be attending to the huge traffic of calling consumers.
  • Hence, a bot can be used to address the simpler issues through proper programming.
  • For the tougher issues that require human assistance, customer success can be assured through addressing the issues in a call.
  • This creates the scope for the brands to remain profitable without having to employ too many people.

Important Facts About Customer Service

If you have ever raised any complaints online and not received a reply within the preferred time period, you definitely know about customer service frustration. However, some customers often ignore the fact that each bad experience has its own impact on the brand. As the consumer, a person has all the rights to expect a certain quality of service, which the brand should be aware of in order to remain profitable in the highly unstable economy of the modern-day. If we still haven't convinced you to invest time and energy into the service team of your brand, check out some of these customer service stats!

  • Customer service statistics show that consumers prefer to have personalized experiences.
  • While artificial intelligence can undoubtedly come in handy on several occasions, we can hardly replace the role that human interaction plays.
  • Customer service is known to be one of the rapidly growing industries, and its growth is set to increase exponentially over the next few decades.
  • The growth of this industry is understood very easily through the fact that more and more brands are emerging by the hour.
  • Since social media allows for brands to be able to endorse their products without much expenditure, it becomes somewhat easy for them to gather customers.
  • While the inflow of customers is important, so is the need to make sure that they become returning ones.
  • In order to ensure customer success, providing the best of service is important.
  • One of the rather scary facts for people in the industry is that it takes 12 good experiences for a brand to tackle the dent made by a single poor customer service experience!
  • This essentially means that bad customer service is very tough to get past and recover from.
  • It is also 25-75% more expensive to bring new customers to a brand as compared to trying to keep the ones that they already have.
  • Therefore, all companies around the world need to avoid even a single bad customer service experience in order to stay in the market!
  • Mobile phones have now become the most potent channel for customer service.
  • Customer service statistics show that more than 50% of consumers opt to use their phones to communicate their problems.
  • This provides brands with ample opportunities to make use of technology.
  • One of the rather concerning facts is that a large chunk of people find that bots are ineffective in addressing their issues.
  • While bots can be a potent channel for customer service, brands that solely depend on them have low customer service.
  • According to statistics, it is more common for customers to share a poor customer service experience than a good one.
  • By not ensuring that such instances are as few as possible, brands also risk their name being devalued on social media platforms.
  • Around 90% of customers in America decide whether or not to be engaged with a brand based on the customer service that it provides.
  • Almost half of the customers in the United States of America admit that they switch to different brands when they do not receive proper service.
  • After one negative experience, more than half (61%) of the customers say they would move to a competitor. This number rises to 76% in the case of multiple negative experiences.
  • One of the sad facts about this industry is that only one in five consumers globally have felt that their needs have been addressed adequately by the customer service representative of brands that they engage with.
  • Through polls held on social media platforms, it has become evident that people prefer to have prompt action when they have any issues with a product.
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