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Do Squirrels Eat Mealworms? Know The Truth About Their Peculiar Diets

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Squirrels are omnivorous scavengers that will eat anything they can find available in their surroundings.

They are rodents with a diet consisting of both plants and animals. It is in their nature to hunt for any food source and consume anything they find as long as doing that doesn't harm them.

Squirrels eat almost anything ranging from nuts and vegetables to insects, young birds, and bird eggs. They will eat the bird seed set out for feeding birds. Except for tree squirrels, most squirrels hibernate during the winter months. In order to do so and maintain energy, they need to eat a lot before hibernation. Squirrels eat the vegetables from vegetable gardens, bird food from any bird feeder, and rats to build up the minerals and protein in their bodies.

Most people feed their pet squirrel birdseed and nuts. However, a perfect balance in their diet has to be maintained to provide them with the required amount of nutrients. A squirrel is an animal that keeps eating if you keep giving it something to eat. They like to munch on things and keep their mouths busy.

Animals generally store food for the times when there is a scarcity of it. The same goes for squirrels who hoard whatever they can find in a safe place. However, most of the time, they tend to forget where they stored the food and have to then hunt for food again.

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Do squirrels eat dried mealworms?

Mealworms are actually the larva form of mealworm beetles which are also known as Tenebrio molitor. Mealworms are worms that can breed and grow in various climates and surroundings, making them the prey of many animals. They are used by humans to feed a lot of birds and rodents. Squirrels, too, like eating mealworms.

Mealworms are highly nutritious as they are rich in protein. This makes them an ideal addition to different food prepared for pet animals. Mealworms can be given to animals either live or dead and dried. It depends on how your pet likes to eat them.

Squirrels are also the same. They might like to eat live mealworms, or they might prefer dried ones. Dried mealworms are obviously easier to handle than live ones. Some people do not like handling live mealworms as having a live worm in their hands makes them feel queasy. Also, to watch your pet eat the live thing might be uncomfortable for the people feeding them. People often make use of pinchers to give live mealworms or prefer dried ones instead.

Dried mealworms are equally loved by squirrels. They are attracted to mealworms due to the rich protein present in them. Growing squirrels and the ones ready to give birth should be given mealworms to provide them with protein and other minerals required by their bodies.

Squirrels love mealworms so much that you might find them stealing worms from the bird feeders you set out for your pet birds or wild birds.

How do I keep squirrels from eating my mealworms?

People who feed birds through bird feeders might find that the mealworms they put out for birds are disappearing at a very fast rate. The problem could because squirrels in your yard are stealing them along with the bird seed. They are quick and crafty when it comes to hunting for food.

One of the techniques you can apply to ensure that squirrels don't eat the mealworms meant for birds would be to get a squirrel-proof bird feeder. This type of feeder is built in a way that doesn't allow squirrels to gain access to the food meant for birds. There is also a separate mealworm feeder that can be used to feed birds. These feeders can be customized to make sure that squirrels can't get to the food inside. There is a weight sensor that can be added to the feeder. This weight sensor works in a way that when there is a weight greater than what is expected, it will close the opening of the bird feeder. Thereby if a squirrel tries to get inside the feeder, it will be impossible to do so with the entrance closed.

Yet another way to keep squirrels from eating the mealworms is to keep the opening of the bird feeder small enough that only small birds can access it. If you are setting the mealworms for birds in an open space such as the yard, then keep a lookout for squirrels. They can climb very easily and can jump a distance of as much as 10 ft (3 m) or so at once. It is better to use a feeder or find a squirrel-proof space for feeding birds.

When mealworms are given to other pet animals, then feeding them inside rather than outside should always be preferred. There is certain bird food that squirrels don't like. If no other technique works, then you can always switch the normal seed with nyjer seed, white proso millet, and safflower seed. A squirrel would stay away from the feeder if they found these items in it.

Interestingly, there are still other edible things that a squirrel avoids at all costs. People can make use of hot or cayenne pepper and mix it with the bird seed that is in the feeder. A squirrel will either smell it and stay away or try to taste it and feel the spiciness which will drive them away. Apart from pepper, you can also put in garlic as a substitute or anything spicy. Do not overdo this or you'll also drive away the birds.

Amazing facts about diet of squirrels.

What animals eat mealworms?

Mealworms are worms with a rich protein content which makes them appealing to a lot of animals. Mealworms, along with some other worms, are used by pet keepers to feed their pets, primarily birds and rodents. They make a good food source and help to maintain a healthy diet of various animals.

Birds come to mind because birds consume mealworms as they are good for bird health. Wild birds eat mealworms, among other things, to sustain themselves. Starlings are the biggest fans of mealworms.

Starlings absolutely love eating mealworms. They are very determined when they try to find mealworms. Starlings will dig out the mealworms from the ground and eat them. If you wish to get rid of worms from your backyard, then starlings are the birds to do the job perfectly well.

Like squirrels, raccoons also like to eat mealworms. They, too, will find ways to get their hands on these worms so that they consume them. Other animals and reptiles such as rats and other rodents, snakes, and frogs can also eat mealworms. If you have a pet belonging to any of these species, then you can always feed them mealworms.

Where can I find mealworms in my yard?

Mealworms live according to their accessibility to a food source. They don't have a particular place where they live. Instead, you can find them close to various food sources such as grains in barns. In the wild, you will find them living beneath wooden logs, rocks, and sometimes even in an animal burrow.

They can also be found in decaying pieces of wood or in the soil on the ground. For instance, you can find mealworms in a decaying tree or wooden bench or table in your yard. They won't be found out in the open but rather in places the are rotten and hidden yet close to a food source.

Mealworms are notorious, especially yellow mealworms that cause a lot of problems for people if they get out of hand. In addition to trying to find mealworms on the ground in your yard, you can also buy them from local markets that have a wild birds section. They often store dried mealworms and also live ones.

Dried mealworms are easier to handle, and most birds and squirrels love them. You can keep them in the mealworm feeder to feed both birds and squirrels.

Another option is to raise the mealworms on your own. You can also buy them and store them in a freezer. This ensures that they stay dormant due to the cold, and you won't have to worry about an infestation. This is ideal for people with pets who like to eat live mealworms instead of dried ones. Alternatively, as most people prefer to do, you can just keep buying them instead of trying to raise your own mealworms.

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