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There are so many fun English Toy Spaniel facts to know! How many of these did you already know?
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Are you looking for dogs that harken back to the good old days of royalty? Then look no further than these dogs, the English Toy Spaniel breed. They are found in multiple colors of coat, such as black and tan, red and white, the tricolor, red, and more. These dogs are well known for their status as the perfect lap dogs since they are not very good at hunting or guarding human homes. Though they have various issues related to their health, weight, height, and more, it has rarely stopped anyone from adopting a puppy of these breeds into their homes.

Though they require moderate training, and a lot of attention to their coat, diet, and ears, there is no reason why this black, tan, white, or red-colored dog can not be the perfect addition to your home. Though they were bred for hunting purposes, their small size and overall laziness removed them from the list of hunting and guard dog breeds. The Spaniel (English Toy) now spend their time languishing around in AC apartments and other cool homes.

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English Toy Spaniel Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an English Toy Spaniel?

The Toy Spaniel (English) is a type of dog.

What class of animal does an English Toy Spaniel belong to?

The English Toy Spaniel belongs to the mammal class, much like all other dogs.

How many English Toy Spaniels are there in the world?

Due to lack of research, there is no known number of the English Toy Spaniel.

Where does an English Toy Spaniel live?

The English Toy Spaniel is found living in a house, with other humans. Since this breed came into origin to provide humans companionship, scientists have no clues as to how they would survive independently in the wild.

What is an English Toy Spaniel's habitat?

The English Toy Spaniel is a very sensitive breed and does not enjoy hot weather. It should ideally be kept in cold weather, or in air-conditioned rooms. It does not do too well in extremely cold rooms either, since its coat is not thick enough to protect it.

Who do English Toy Spaniels live with?

The English Toy Spaniel is a very social species and enjoys living with people. However, they are still very timid, though training can help them be confident.

How long does an English Toy Spaniel live?

The English Toy Spaniel can live up to 10-16 years, if there are no health issues. They usually face a host of health issues, most of which can be taken care of with regular visits to the vet.

How do they reproduce?

The English Toy Spaniel reproduces by breeding. This is often assisted by humans. They have an average of four pups in one go, whose coat color is decided based on the coat color of their parents,  such as black and tan.

What is their conservation status?

Their conservation status is marked as Least Concern by the IUCN Red List. However, due to its falling popularity with human homes, the UK Kennel Club has classified this dog as a Vulnerable Native breed to bolster adoptions and interest in the breed.

English Toy Spaniel Fun Facts

What do English Toy Spaniels look like?

English Spaniel Dogs are very cute and are in almost in every household.

These Toy breeds are small and short. They have short legs and frames but have long ears. This breed also has dark eyes and black fur around its mouths. They are divided into four sub-breeds based on their color. Black and tan markings were called the "King Charles" breed, and the "Prince Charles" breed is usually tricolored. The "Blenheim" is red and white, whereas the "Ruby" is a single-colored solid, rich red. These four sub-breeds were then combined to be the English Toy Spaniel we all know today. They have a high domed head, a heavy coat that comprises most of their weight. Their ears are floppy and big, and their noses are flat.

How cute are they?

They are definitely cute! In fact, the  English Toy Spaniel is so adorable that it won the hearts of many royals across history, which has earned it its sub species' name, King Charles Spaniel, and Prince Charles Spaniel. They are also very friendly with children, so you can really have fun with them! However, they are not very energetic, and may rest often.

How do they communicate?

The English Toy Spaniel is not a very communicative dog. They will generally yip, bark, and have other non-verbal signs of communication, but other than that, the English Toy Spaniel is a timid dog that does not express itself too much. They also do not have a lot of needs, requiring only a temperate temperature.

How big is an English Toy Spaniel?

The smallest of the toy breeds, the English Toy Spaniel is only between 11-13 inches tall in height. This height makes the English Toy Spaniels the perfect lapdog.

How fast can an English Toy Spaniel run?

The English Toy Spaniel is not a very fast runner and has very low energy as a breed. Even though they were originally bred as a hunting breed, their small size made them a better fit as a toy breed and a lapdog.

How much does an English Toy Spaniel weigh?

The English Toy Spaniels usually have a weight between 8–14 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There is no particular name for the male or female English Toy Spaniels. They are referred to with colloquial dog terminologies, such as bitch and stud.

What would you call a baby English Toy Spaniel?

The baby English Toy Spaniels can be called a puppy. In fact, if you ever adopt one, you can always give them the names you want, and they will love you for it!

What do they eat?

King Charles Spaniels are usually found eating high-quality dog food. Since they already face digestive and bodily issues, it is recommended that you do not feed them anything not prescribed by the vet.

Are they slobbery?

No, King Charles Spaniels are not very slobbery. With appropriate training, they can be trained not to slobber at all.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, King Charles Spaniel would make an excellent pet for older people, and as a therapy dog. They have very moderate exercise and activity needs and do not have a high energy level. The Toy Spaniel (English), would much rather spend their time with their owners. Training them is a little difficult since they are stubborn and resistant to training.

They do not need to feed often. One and a half cup of high-quality dog food is enough to keep them going for a day. This dog does not make a good watchdog or a hunting dog. This dog is also very timid in nature and needs to be introduced well in advance to any other animals and humans. Though these dogs are otherwise friendly towards other dogs.

Potential owners of this dog breed should also know that they face a variety of health issues, such as eye problems, lung issues, and breathing problems. There is no one strategy that works for all dogs of this breed, so if you wish to help this breed with its breathing issues, a good strategy is to consult a vet and come up with a plan together.

Did you know...

There is a very popular urban myth surrounding King Charles Spaniel. It is said that at the height of his rule, King Charles II passed a decree that this breed of dog can be allowed into all and any British government and royal building - including parliament. This overrides the usual protocol that only service dogs are allowed in. However, there has been no proof supporting this decree, and it remains an urban legend. Despite their notoriety as the perfect toy breed, it is surprising that this breed has not won a single Westminster dog show. Maybe they will get it the next time around!

History of the English Toy Spaniel

Despite its strong associations with figures of western royalty (such as Mary Queen of Scots, Prince Charles II , and others) King Charles Spaniel and its origins are said to be distinctly non-western. It is said that they have a lot of commonalities with the Pekingese breed and the Japanese Chin breed - both of which belong to the far East. Therefore, it is very possible that our favorite Spaniel (English Toy) is not English at all, but Japanese or Chinese instead.

They were first seen in a painting in the 1540s, and since then, have been the pet of choice for several royals, such as the Mary Queen of Scots, and Prince Charles, and more. Their reputation as lap dogs made them especially endearing to rulers who treated these breeds as a status symbols. An English Toy Spaniel puppy used to be extremely expensive. To date, you might have to shell out a minimum of 1500 USD to own one of the English Toy Spaniel puppies.

However, since they were first seen in a painting till date, they have changed a fair bit. Since they had been interbred with pugs and other cocker spaniels, their stature shortened, their muzzle became flatter, their eyes became thrice the usual size, and as a medieval painter described them, their face became "stupid."

English Toy Spaniel vs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

There are some very small, yer very noticeable differences between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and King Charles Spaniel. For the longest time, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the King Charles Spaniel were classified as the same breed, and it was only after 2000 that the Kennel Club UK classified the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as a separate breed to be able to compete in dog shows. Since then, while the Cavalier has gained massive popularity (and is the world's 23rd most popular dog breed), the original King Charles' Spaniel has fallen far behind in terms of popularity (the 110th least popular) dog.

In terms of physical differences, the Cavalier is larger, has a more rounded face, and a long muzzle and snout. The King Charles on the other hand, has a short muzzle, a domed head, and a flat nose. This dog breed is also marginally smaller than the Cavalier breed.

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English Toy Spaniel Facts

What Did They Prey On?


What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

8–14 lb

What habitat Do they Live In?

human homes

Where Do They Live?

north america, europe

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

9–11 in







Scientific Name

Canus lupus familiaris

What Do They Look Like?

Red and white, black and tan

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?

health issues

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern
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