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65 Facts About Albany, New York To Know Before You Visit There

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The New York State capital is Albany, which has been the capital since 1797.

Albany is situated near the Hudson River and the Mohawk River. It is surrounded by Arbor Hill, Center Square, Pine Hills, and South End.

It is a metropolitan city. It is governed by the mayor. The population of this city is about 97,478, and it has a medium crime rate.

Albany has a rich history and is popular for its architecture and culture. In 1614, Dutch colonists settled in this area. It is one of the 13 surviving original British colonies. It was popular for trade during the 19th century. There are various colonial infrastructures in the city. Some of the popular ones include Madison Avenue, Pearl State, Lark Street, Empire State Plaza, Eerie Canal, Irish American Heritage Museum, the Ten Broeck Mansion, and others. Albany celebrates various festivals throughout the year. They include Alive at Five concerts, Tulip Festival, Capital Pride Parade, the Price Chopper Fabulous Fourth and Firework Festival, Freihofer’s Run for Women, the Albany Chefs’ Food and Wine Festival, the Albany Jazz Festival, Lark Fest, the Latin Fest, and many others.

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Fun Facts About Albany, New York

Albany is the capital city of New York. It is known for its culture and history. There are various tourist attractions throughout the city.

Here are some interesting and amazing Albany facts.

Albany's nickname is 'Smallbany'.

Albany County was previously called Beverwyck.

Albany area is about 21.9 sq. mi. (56.82 sq. km).

This name was given by the Dutch and originated from an animal called the Beaver.

The oldest city in New York State is Albany.

Most of the city residents of Albany belong to the middle class.

Albany is older than New York City.

Fort Orange is situated near the Beaver District in Albany. Previously, it was in New Netherland and served as a Dutch settlement.

It has been a center for trade, banking, and railroads for many years.

Martin Van Buren, the first president of the United States, was born in Albany.

Early Albany was named after the Duke of Albany during the 1660s.

Albany was the origin of Santa Claus in America.

The city has various colleges and universities, including Albany College of Pharmacy, Albany Law College, Albany Medical College, Russell Sage College, and others.

Many authors, including Herman Melville and Gregory Macguire, lived in Albany.

Albany is home to the United States’ oldest pulpit.

Various things were pioneered in Albany. They include celluloid plastic, telegraphs, and electric motors.

Plastic, toilet paper, dominoes games, billiards, and checkers were invented in Albany.

Historical Facts About Albany

The capital city of New York City, Albany, has a very vast and rich history. Its history, ancient architecture, and Dutch influence have made it extremely popular among tourists. Many historians visit the area to explore it more. Some of the historical facts about the city have been mentioned down below.

For over 200 years, Albany was the capital of New York City.

Albany was declared the capital of New York State in 1797.

Long-distance flights and passenger railroads originated from Albany.

Albany was ruled by the Dutch in the 1600s.

The oldest building in Albany is Hudson Avenue. It is also known as the Van Ostrander-Radliff House.

The Dutch initially named Albany Beverwyck, after the beaver, a popular animal.

Later, the Britishers changed their name to Albany, after the Dutch of Albany.

The State Capitol Building, or New York State Capitol, located in Albany, took 30 years to complete.

Washington Park in Albany is built upon a cemetery.

Albany is one of the most important locations in the state of New York.

Albany Food Facts

Food and cuisine are an extremely important part of a city’s culture. Albany also has a history of food that has been influenced by various other cultures. Here are some interesting food facts about Albany, the capital of New York City.

Some of the most popular foods available in Albany are turkey, corned beef, pastrami, chopped liver, and others.

Gershon's Deli is a popular restaurant in Albany. It has been there for over 60 years.

Oysters are eaten all over the United States. But the ones found in Albany are extremely famous.

Albany beef is popular among the natives. They are Atlantic sturgeons, which have now decreased in population.

The food offered in Albany during the 18th century was inspired by various cultures. Some of them are Dutch, French, American, African, and English.

You can enjoy live music and food in Albany.

You can visit orchards and farms while in Albany.

Facts About Albany’s Climate

While visiting any country, looking at their climate trends is an important part of the planning. Here are a few facts about Albany’s climate.

Tourists prefer to visit Albany during the hot and dry months of June, July, and August.

Albany gets an average of 40 in (100 cm) of rain every year.

Albany gets an average of 53 in (134.6 cm) of snow every year.

July is the hottest month in Albany. The temperature reaches up to 83 F (28.3 C).

It is advised to visit Albany during the summer months as compared to the winter months because the winter can get extremely uncomfortable due to moist winds and cold temperatures.

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