51 Facts About Peter In The Bible: Details Revealed On St Peter Life

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51 Facts About Peter In The Bible: Details Revealed On St Peter Life
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Peter was named Simon at birth.

Peter was Jewish by birth. He was the first leader of the early church.

Peter is also known as the first bishop of Rome. He is also the first patriarch of Antioch. Peter founded the Diocese of Rome and the Church of Antioch. His name is mentioned in all the four Gospels. His brother, Saint Andrew, was also an apostle and fisherman. In the Gospel of Mark, Peter's method of preaching and memories are written in detail. He is also mentioned in the Epistle to the Galatians and First Letter to the Corinthians, as Cephas or Peter. First Peter and the Second Peter are the two epistles in the New Testament. Many books outside the New Testament are also attributed to him, such as the Gospel of Peter, Preaching of Peter, Acts of Peter, Judgment of Peter, and Apocalypse of Peter. Jesus gave him the name Cephas which means rock or stone in Aramaic.

In the New Testament, at nine places, his name is mentioned as Cephas, and in 156 places he is called Petros. Petros is the Latin word for Cephas. When the name was translated into English, it became Peter. Peter's mother-in-law was healed by Jesus, and this incident is written in all three synoptic gospels. On the site of Apostle Peter's traditional house, a Franciscan church is built. Jesus used the boat of Saint Peter to preach to people at the shore of Lake Gennesaret. Simon's companions, Janes and John, were also present on the boat.

Role And Story Of Peter In The Bible

Peter was born in Bethsaida in Galilei. He was the son of John. Let's take a look at some more facts about Peter in the Bible.

  • When Jesus was in his ministry, the family had moved to Capernaum. Capernaum was located at the northwest end of the Sea of Galilei.
  • He and his brother Saint Andrew were fishermen, and they owned a boat with James and John.
  • They were the sons of Zebedee. The nature of Peter was known to be hasty and irritable. But he had great loyalty and love for Jesus Christ. Peter was not learned and did not know the Greek language. Peter only knew the Hebrew language and had to learn the Greek language.
  • His brother Andrew was a follower of John the Baptist. He had heard from John that Jesus was the lamb of god, and then went on to inform his brother of the messiah. Peter, James, and John were the closest disciples of Jesus. He was given the responsibility by Jesus of his people.
  • Jesus told him 'to tend my sheeps' and 'feed my lambs'. It's said that Peter holds the keys to heaven. After not catching a single fish in a day, they were able to catch a net full of fish the next day. Jesus told them to cast and lower their nets on the opposite side of the shore.
  • Jesus called him the fishers of men and used to preach on the boat of Peter.
  • He was a faithful follower of Jesus and followed him as a guide. When Jesus was resurrected, Peter was the one who needed to hear good news. Jesus also repeated the miracle of catching a large fish.
  • Peter became an influential person in spreading Christianity. He was the first one to take the gospels to the Gentiles against the law of that time. On the day of Pentecost, Peter revealed the Gospel and led the foundation of a church. Thus the Catholic people still believe that is the one and true church.
  • Peter died as a martyr which was prophesied by Jesus. He was given a choice of his death. Peter requested to be crucified upside down in Rome. He said that because he thought it was unworthy of him to die in the same way as Jesus Christ died.
  • Peter was put imprison because he was spreading the truth of Christ and he was put to death because of this reason.
  • It's an example of how God chooses unlikely heroes for his work. From being a fisherman to being a fisher of men, his life truly became an inspiration for people. He was confident and bold and spoke with conviction, even though he was unlearned. Peter shined in his ordinariness and normalcy and made all his life changes according to the ways of Jesus Christ.
  • Peter was a fisherman by profession before meeting Jesus.
  • Simon Peter was given the highest position by Jesus Christ.
  • Peter the Apostle was recognized as a leader in the early Christian church.

What was Peter in the Bible known for?

The patron saint of Rome and of Popes was Saint Peter. Many cities in the world bear his names, such as Saint Pierre and St. Petersburg. He is also called the patron saint of shipbuilders, net makers, and fishermen. Let's explore some other facts about Peter in the Bible.

  • He is also called the patron saint of locksmiths as he holds the keys to heaven. God chose Peter because he was humble and loyal. He was neither learned nor intelligent, but he had a pure heart.
  • Peter was blessed with the revelation by God when Jesus asks Peter 'Who you say I am?' he said 'You are the Christ, the Son of Living God'. Jesus was pleased, and he replied 'you are Peter and on this rock, I will build my church'.
  • Peter the Apostle was given authority by Jesus and was told to keep it a secret. Saint Peter was one of the three apostles who were close to Jesus.
  • Peter's life is an example of devotion and courage. The story of Peter's redemption is probably the most important in the New Testament. Peter had his temperament, as he was a fisherman. He was usually very quick to get angry. He followed Jesus for three years before his arrest.
  • After being such a devout follower, he lost his temper at the guard during Jesus' arrest in the garden of Gethsemane and it's believed he cut off the ear of the guard.
  • His biography can be found in the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of John. The journey of him being a simple and uneducated fisherman, to one of the main apostles of Christ.
  • Peter became one of the most important members and a part of the inner circle of Christ. He witnessed the transfiguration event when Christ transformed himself into his divine form.
  • Before Christ, Elijah and Moses also appeared in their divine form.
  • Christ took an uneducated man and turned him into an apostle, which gives assurance to sinners, that they can be close to God and repent.
  • He became the spokesman of apostles and worked for Christ's mission for 30 years. He also performed many miracles, such as bringing life to death.
  • Peter the Apostle was among the first of the 12 apostles of Jesus.
  • Simon Peter is recognized as the first pope by the Roman Catholic church.
  • Peter's life is an example of how apostles were chosen in Jesus' ministry.
  • Peter was told by Jesus that he would be a martyr.
Apostle Peter and his brother Andrew met Jesus on the shore of Galilei.

How did Jesus describe Peter?

Jesus really liked Peter, because, despite his rashness, he had an unwavering belief in Jesus Christ. Peter was chosen to lead the church.

  • There were times when Peter had his doubts about Jesus. He denied Jesus three times after his arrest and when his life was threatened on the night of Jesus' trial.
  • He is known to be the best disciple of Jesus and also very sympathetic. Apart from being a disciple, Peter was also the incarnation of holy spirits. Peter embodied holy spirits of the Unleavened bread, First Fruits and Passover.
  • Jesus also named Simon as the rock, because he saw him as the foundation and rock on which he would build his church.
  • After the resurrection of Jesus, he forgave Peter and took care to rehabilitate him. Peter also followed Jesus Christ and walked in the water.
  • St. Peter was one of the first disciples to be summoned to Jesus. Some say St Peter was the very first disciple of Jesus' life. He was a living example of Jesus' humanity.
  • In John's Gospel, Peter was the first one to see Jesus' resurrection. In the Gospel of Matthew, it's written that Jesus healed Peter's mother-in-law by going to Peter's house.
  • St Peter also led Cornelius to Christ along with his family. He also witnessed them receiving the Holy Spirit. The Transfiguration is one such event where only Peter, James, and John were the witnesses.
  • It's identified through church tradition that the Gospel of Mark is actually the Gospel of Peter, as he was the one who dictated all the events to Mark.
  • After Jesus ascended to heaven, Pope Peter became the head of the church. St Peter used to glorify God and follow Jesus in every step of his life.
  • Jesus said that Peter would deny him three times, at the Last Supper.
  • When a servant girl asks St Peter, he denies knowing Jesus. When the same servant girl asks the second time, he again says he was not a follower of Jesus. The third Peter denies in a crowd full of people, that he was a follower of Jesus.

Why was Peter given the keys to heaven?

Jesus gave the keys of heaven to Peter. He also said that whatever he binds on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever he loses on Earth will be lost in heaven.

  • This occurred after he declared that the church will be built on the basis of Peter's true confession. Peter used the keys to open the gate to Samaritans after Philip's preaching and to Gentiles after he was given a vision from the lord and was appealed by Cornelius.
  • He also opened the gates for Jews on the day of Pentecost. Peter and the apostles were given the right to doctrine scriptures and guide the 1st-century churches.
  • There are differences between Catholics and Protestants as to whether the church history shows that Peter was in a higher position than other apostles.
  • Once Peter went to the house of a Gentile after receiving a vision. At that time, it was against the Jewish law to visit a Gentile. Yet, Peter went there to the man named Cornelius. He led him and his family to the holy spirit. He then later baptized Cornelius and his family.
  • There were also some instances in the life of Peter where he stumbled upon his path. The first instance was when he followed Jesus into the water. He had his eyes on Jesus and walked after him on water. He took his eyes off Jesus for a moment and started doubting how he could walk. He then found himself sinking in the water before Jesus saved him.
  • The second instance was when he drew his sword and attacked the guard of the high priest, he was told to sheath his weapon.
  • And the last instance was when he proclaimed that he would never forsake Christ and, yet he was the one who denied Christ three times.
  • Peter died a martyr as was prophesied by Jesus.
  • The Roman Emperor Nero ordered Peter's Death.
  • The relics of Apostle Peter were presented during a mass at St. Peter's Square.
  • Jesus Christ gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven.
  • Jesus appeared first to Peter, according to Christian tradition.

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