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27 Facts That Will Inspire You To Be An Artist

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Art is a language used for expressing emotions without the use of words.

People all around the world speaking different languages are tied together through art. Art and artistic pursuits have been a part of human societies since the emergence of men in caves, thousands of years ago.

We live in a world that is in motion all the time, the dynamics of the world change faster than one can imagine. The trends in art also change at such a pace. Some may find the work of modern artists dull while others may find the work of the ancient masters distant or irrelevant. Read these art facts to know more about ancient as well as contemporary art.

History Of Art

In this world, our sensory perceptions are developed very quickly, so we fail to realize the importance of an object if it is not delivered quickly. These art facts will quickly tell you about the rich history of art.

The Renaissance of the Middle Ages gave birth to a number of skilled artists. Leonardo Da Vinci gained fame during this era and he was called the complete Rennaissance Man. The artists during this time dissected bodies to learn about human anatomy.

The two most famous Renaissance artists, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci revolutionized the way human bodies were portrayed in paintings. They attained these skills by dissecting human bodies for which they were even prosecuted.

The Baroque style was actually a type of architecture that began in Rome, but artists have incorporated the style in their paintings and art in general.

Painting murals was common in the Middle Ages. The most common technique of painting murals was tempera painting. Tempera was created by mixing powdered pigments with solvents like water or egg to create vibrant colors that we see even today.

The Greeks excelled in creating sculptures. Greeks took inspiration for sculpture-making from ancient Egyptian art. They admired their stylized figures, imposing sizes, and detailing.

Modern art and contemporary art were preceded by some famous art forms like Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, and Fauvism. USA's Capitol is the most popular example of the Neoclassical artform.

Lois Vauxcells was a famous art critic who was responsible for naming two popular movements. The terms Fauvism, led by Henri Matisse, and Cubism, led by Pablo Picasso, drew inspiration from his words.

Modern art is based on symbolism. Pablo Picasso was the most popular modern artist. His established movement Cubism was an early form of modern art.

Contemporary art is present-day art, it includes the famous artworks of the recent decades. Bansky is the one of the most famous contemporary artists.

Types Of Art

Over the centuries, there have been many speculations regarding forms of art. According to general consensus, there are seven different types of art.

The seven different types of art include painting, literature, music, architecture, sculpture, theater, and cinema.

Painting is one of the oldest art forms dating back to the earliest stages of human evolution and it is still widely practiced.

Sculpting is another old artform that focuses to create art in three-dimensional forms. Sculptures are made with materials like clay, wood, or metal.

Architects date back to the emergence of cavemen on Earth, the history of architecture is also classified into different periods.

Language is an extraordinary tool enabling you to communicate your knowledge, writing is one of the best and purest forms of art and it dates back to the time when modern-day scripts were not invented.

The combination of different sounds and notes creates a melodious tune. This audible composition or music is also a form of art.

Theater is a form of performing artform that has been used as a medium of entertainment and expression for thousands of years.

Comparatively a newer form of art, cinema has made a recent entry in this lis. However, it forms one of the most important aspects of the art industry at present.

The great artist Picasso's first word was pencil.

Weird Art Facts

The creative ideas behind the famous artworks of the world might intrigue you. However, there are many weird facts surrounding some of these world-famous artists and their art that will surprise you. Take a look at some of these trivial and quirky art facts.

For many years, painting had been an Olympic event. Between 1912-1948, medals were given out to famous artists for creating masterpieces of music, literature, painting, and sculpture.

Williard Wigan once inhaled his own artwork. He created miniature sculptures which had to be viewed through a microscope.

The most famous painting of the world, the Mona Lisa has her own mailbox in Louvre because of the love notes, flowers, and letters she receives.

The most famous modern painter, Pablo Picasso learned to draw before he could actually walk. According to his mother, the first word that Picasso said was Spanish for pencil.

Scientifically, it is proven that learning art is correlated with education. If you can draw well, there is a high probability that you are good at math as well as in other subjects of science.

Mona Lisa attracted several viewers over the years since it had been displayed in the Louvre in 1797. However, after the portrait of the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, even more tourists went to see the empty space it left on the wall!

Among the 25 most expensive artworks in the world, five belong to Pablo Picasso.

The painter Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous artists of the world and he will continue to be one till the end of time. However, he only sold one painting on record throughout his entire career.

Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most creative painters of all time was also thought to be a great procrastinator. He completed his influential and detailed mural of The Last Supper within three years but took 14 years to complete the small portrait of the Mona Lisa.

Pablo Picasso was a prime suspect in the theft of the Mona Lisa in 1911. However, he was proven to be innocent after the trials.


Who invented art?

If art was believed to have a single inventor, then it was probably a person from Africa who used a piece of red stone to scratch some lines on the walls of the Blombos Cave. The artwork dates back to more than 70,000 years ago and was the oldest artwork of the time.

Who is the youngest artist?

The record for the youngest artist of the world is held by Arushi Bhatnagar, a toddler from India. She had her first solo exhibition when she was only 11 months old.

Who was the first artist?

According to historians, art was first made by Neanderthals who made strokes on the walls of a cave for the first time using red ochre. This form of artwork was established 65,000 years ago.

What is today's art called?

Today's art is referred to as contemporary art, it broadly includes the artworks produced between the late twentieth century and early 21st century. Generally, today's art is defined as the paintings created after the modern-art movement, till the present day.

How old is art?

Stone Age evidence proves that art has been existing on Earth from the Middle Paleolithic Age, that is, 100,000-50,000 years age.

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