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33 Fun Facts About Softball: This Will Completely Refresh You!

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Softball is a worldly known popular championship game mainly played among women.

Softball is a game similar to cricket and baseball. This game is played between two teams like any other sport to support their mother country.

Softball is also a game played with a bat and ball, with the only difference being that this game is played with a team of 10 players, whereas cricket is played with a team of 11 players. There are more interesting similarities and differences which you will discover as you read on. The softball game was initially invented indoors but later played in the outdoor fields. After the transition of the game mode from the indoors to the outdoors, there were many new rules implemented by the Boat Club. To learn more such facts, stay tuned.

History Of Softball Games

To learn about the detailed history of softball games, one must visit Oklahoma city as the city holds the game's Hall of Fame inducted hundreds of people. When Goerge Hancock saw a yale fan throwing his boxing glove at a Havard fan, and the latter hits it back with a stick, the idea of the birth of such a sport named softball strikes Hancock. Interesting right? There are many more historical facts related to the softball game which you would have never known. Let's find out those unknown facts here.

Softball was considered an indoor sport in the beginning.

Softball comes from the baseball family, so it was called indoor baseball.

Initially, the game was not played with a ball but with a boxing glove.

The invention of this game was a fascinating story as it happened during a football game between Havard and Yale teams.

The creator of this wonderful soft game was a journalist from the Chicago board.

George Hancock, a trade journalist from Chicago Board in 1887, invented softball.

The birth of this game was noticed in the football ground, where two people, one being a Yale fan and the other the player for Havard was, noticed playing ball with a glove, and from there, Hancock got the idea of playing ball with such a soft thing like that of the glove.

Although this game was considered an Olympic sport, it was later taken out of the competitions.

In 1926, the game got its name as softball because of the softness of the ball used. But now, the ball used is harder than a baseball, unlike the game's name.

The earliest softball game was played in the Chicago area on Thanksgiving Day in 1887, at Farragut Boat Club.

Olympics Recognition And Championship

In 1996, Women's fastpitch softball was played in Summer Olympic Sports. After softball was dropped from the 2012 program, measures were taken to enroll them in the 2020 Olympics. But all went in vain due to the pandemic situation.

The softball game was enrolled in Summer Olympics from 1996-2008.

In the Olympics for softball of 1996 and 2000, the gold medal was won by the United States.

The first World Softball Championship was played in the year 1965.

Softball was considered a Women's Olympic Sport in the year 1991.

In 2006, softball was removed from the Olympic games after the Beijing Olympic Games.

All the tickets for a fastpitch softball game were sold out in the Olympics held in 1996.

The softball game was excluded from the Olympics because the best baseball and softball players were not participating.

World Baseball Softball Confederation controls Olympic Softball (WBSC)

The IOC board's decision to exclude softball from the 2016 Summer Olympics was the first time in 69 years.

It is expected that softball will be included along with baseball in the 2028 Summer Olympics that is to be held in Los Angeles.

Softball Vs. Other Sports 

Among all the other international games, softball was considered the safest game for children or adolescents to participate in. Let us compare and find more interesting facts about the softball game with other sports here.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has reported fewer injury cases in this sport than all other sports, including a football game played on the turf.

The accidents or injuries can be avoided if the players wear safety gear.

This was the only game that initially used a boxing glove instead of a ball.

The rules of the softball game are very easy to follow and remember by anyone.

Softball players use two types of balls; one for slow pitch and the other for fastpitch.

Softball was considered a Women's Olympic Sport

Cultural Importance

Games are sometimes enduring in our life and so do the role of playing softball. The cultural importance of a softball game is simply awesome and turned life positively in many aspects. Stick on to know more about the cultural significance related to the game.

The revolution camps have recorded many positive changes physically and psychologically in people who play this game.

As we all know, a man becomes perfect only through practice, so playing a game like softball requires sincere hard work.

Softball is a game that teaches one to become self-dependent and the best lead.

Learning from our mistakes is just an add-on experience with the art of softball in our hands.

Softball game helps in setting a good goal in life through proper practice.

This game takes us to the next level, from individual to teamwork.

Softball players are people with proper time management. They must know the value of every single minute they spend on the field.

One of the best lessons we learn from a softball player or an athlete is how to deal with the pressures of life both professionally and personally.

Softball is a game for everyone, and so more than 40 million people are playing this game as the benefits they get from the game is not smaller. Thus Softball players are soft by nature.


Q: What's a fun fact about softball?

A: The most interesting fun fact about softball is that the ball doesn't appear as soft as the name goes.

Q: How did softball get its name?

A: Softball got the name because the first ball used for playing indoors was soft, squishier, and bigger. But as the game became popular, the ball hardened, but the name was struck there. The ball used in a softball game is no longer a soft one, as the name goes.

Q: What was an early nickname for softball?

A: Indoor baseball, kitten ball, mush ball, and diamond ball was the early nickname for softball.

Q: How to pitch a softball?

A: To pitch a softball, one must start underhand motion rather than an overhand motion to avoid shoulder pain.

Q: What color is a softball?

A: Softballs are white, but most athletic teams have officially declared that softballs must be yellow ones.

Q: What is the difference between softball and baseball?

A: The main difference is the size of the ball. Softball is slightly larger and lighter compared to baseball.

Q: How long does a softball game last?

A: A softball game may last for an hour or two, depending on the innings of the game.

Q: How fast do softball pitchers throw?

A: Softball pitchers throw at two different pitches depending on the size of the ball, and they are slow pitch and fast pitch.

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