Guided Sleep Meditation For Kids: Mindfulness Techniques Revealed!

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However hard you try to make your kids stick to a bedtime routine, children often face difficulty sticking to it at a young age as they cannot fall asleep easily.

In some cases, there are children who sleep at the proper hour but wake up in the middle of the night or cannot have uninterrupted sleep. Guided meditation greatly helps kids under such circumstances because children are known to relax and get a good sleep with a proper bedtime meditation routine.

Children these days can have anxiety and difficulty sleeping from a very young age due to all the gadgets and gizmos, information flowing around, and the stark rise in competition from a young age. Guided meditation is essential to calm the minds of your kid, reduce their stress levels, and help them sleep peacefully. There isn't a lot of difference between adults and kids when it comes to their sleeping needs. Everyone requires a safe and peaceful environment. Now, there are various mindfulness techniques for bedtime meditation like sleep stories or meditation music or breathing practices which are known to calm people down. The three man types of meditation include spiritual meditation, mindfulness meditation, and movement meditation. In this article, we will focus on mindfulness meditation.

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Does sleep meditation work for kids?

All kinds of techniques, such as listening to soothing music or practicing some breathing patterns or reading sleep stories, work wonders for kids. However, at the same time, one must be well aware to aptly use the techniques at hand to synchronize the correct practice with children of the appropriate age. Guided meditation helps children relax their minds by creating a warm and calm environment.

Contrary to the earlier days, in the modern era, parents haven't stuck to asserting their decisions and choices on their kids from the very first day. It begins from the color on the walls of their room, which kind of bedtime story they want to listen to, and a bit of flexibility in their bedtime routine. Whenever a kid is involved in forming their own time, they tend to abide by it and accept it. This plays a big role in relaxing their minds. They do not feel managed by their parents.

Does guided meditation help sleep?

Guided meditation plays a huge role in relaxing the minds of children and helping them to sleep. Meditation for kids might sound like a big deal but in reality all it does is help create a soothing bedtime environment and make it easier for kids to sleep. The duration of the practices depend on the age group your child is in. As kids grow, the duration for which they practice sleep meditation increases too but it ultimately depends upon your own choice and preference. Interestingly, a 20 minute meditation session results in four to five hours of sleep.

Other than helping to get some sleep, guided meditation greatly benefits kids in calming their minds and bodies. These days there are several guided meditation apps as well which you can use to follow their techniques. During bedtime meditation, one must also consider which voice is more soothing to the child. It has been seen that kids often find one voice more soothing than the other. It may be yours or may not be, but if the guided meditation routine at night is carried out by that person, it will reduce anxiety levels of the child and help them getting peaceful sleep.

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What are some good guided meditations?

For kids, guided meditations are pretty simple and have been quite effective when practiced effectively during bedtime. When it is your kid's bedtime, you want them to leave behind any stress they experienced throughout the day and end it with a deep sleep. However, at times this is not as easy as it seems.

In the initial stages, you have to try a number of guided meditations to understand which one suits your child the best because their body will respond differently to each technique. Bedtime meditation techniques when guided are of various types like relaxation via breathing patterns, relaxation via soothing music, and several other body and mind relaxation techniques. With the advent of the internet, the whole process has become much easier with various apps which can walk you through bedtime meditations for your child with ease. All you need to do is sign up.

When should you meditate? Before bed or in the morning?

When you should meditate depends on the purpose. If you want your child to have a peaceful sleep at night, they need to meditate before going to bed. However, if the situation is different, then the meditation practice is different too.

Adults often prefer guided meditations in the morning as it helps them calm their bodies and start their day on a happy and positive note. A good start to the day usually paves way for how the rest of your day might probably shape into. A deep meditation session in the morning ensures that your mind is well settled to make a fresh start to the day, leaving behind yesterday's worries.

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