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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States of America.

In his many offices, Roosevelt performed exemplary service and inked history with shades of his peerless glory. It all began with the birth of Theodore Roosevelt in a wealthy family settled in New York City.

His education at Harvard College highlights his wealthy upbringing. It was during his time there that he lost his father. Roosevelt developed a routine of severe physical sport, including boxing. Although Teddy Roosevelt graduated from Harvard, he dropped out of law college in Columbia, his interest no longer stimulated by a legal career.

He had always been an excellent sportsman. Evidence of his sportsmanship dates back to the time he went on a hunting trip. Roosevelt refused to shoot a trapped bear, for he did not deem doing so to be a quality of a good sportsman, and asked someone else to take the shot seeing how the bear was already injured. This incident gave birth to the name of a very popular children's stuffed toy, the 'Teddy Bear'.

Roosevelt campaigned vigorously for causes that he deeply believed in. It was during another one of his dedicated campaigns in Milwaukee that he experienced an assassination attempt. A man shot him right in the chest. It was a failed attempt at killing him, but it was succeeded at making history.

President Theodore Roosevelt died in his sleep in the year 1919.

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26th President Of The US

The 26th President of the United States of America was Theodore Roosevelt. He was the youngest president and went down in the nation's history.

Born to a wealthy family in New York City, Theodore Roosevelt believed that the President served as a 'steward' of the people, and therefore, had responsibilities to fulfill for the nation's collective good. Unless Constitutional law forbade this steward, they must do everything in their power to ensure the best for all people. It was after the 25th President, William McKinley, died of assassination that Roosevelt began his term of office. He brilliantly challenged the limits of the restricted ideas of his time, and it was through government regulation that he accomplished social and economic justice.

Theodore Roosevelt was a man of wonder and unmatched vigor, his brilliant qualities were evident not just in his presidency, but in his ventures before he became President. It was in the mid-eighties that Roosevelt suffered the loss of both his mother and his first wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt, on the same day. He spent the following couple of years in Dakota Territory, where his ranch was in the Badlands, recovering from the grief of his tragic loss. It was here that Roosevelt sought animals for sport, and even drove cattle. He married his second wife, Edith Carrow, on his visit to London two years after the passing of his first wife.

Was Theodore Roosevelt related to Franklin Roosevelt?

Theodore Roosevelt was related to Franklin Roosevelt.

Universally recognized as America's 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt was Theodore Roosevelt's fifth cousin. Franklin Roosevelt was married to Eleanor Roosevelt, who happened to be Teddy Roosevelt's niece. Thus, they had more than just one relation. Franklin Roosevelt belonged to the Democratic Party. His term in office ended with his death in 1945. It was at the time of the Great Depression that Franklin Roosevelt rose to his tenure as President of the US, and he greatly helped instill faith back into his people. He also led his nation through the dark period of the Second World War like a true beacon of light. Franklin Roosevelt went down in history as the key figure to have cleansed the world of unfavorable concepts like Japanese militarism, and even German National Socialism.

Theodore Roosevelt, on the other hand, belonged to the Republican Party. He had taken office before his relative. The pair, however, shared quite a few similarities. They had both served as Assistant Secretary to the US Navy. They had also both been appointed Governor of New York City. Similar to how Theodore Roosevelt was part of the New York State Assembly, Franklin Roosevelt was Senator for New York. They were respected and beloved Presidents, despite the difference in their Presidency periods.

Franklin D. Roosevelt wished to serve in the military during the First World War.

How many terms did Teddy Roosevelt serve?

Teddy Roosevelt's Presidency stretched from 1901-1909, marking a period of exemplary service to the nation. But, he served in quite a few eminent titles before becoming the President.

Roosevelt's political venture began with him earning a position as a member of the New York State Assembly, a phase that lasted for two years. He then progressed to become President of the New York City Board of Police Commissioners. Teddy Roosevelt then moved on to serve as Assistant Secretary in the US Navy, appointed to this position by the then President, William McKinley. He was also popular as the father of the US Navy. He was deeply devoted and obsessed with the Navy since his days at Harvard.

Roosevelt held office as Governor of New York for a whole year. Republican leaders were not the least bit fond of the man, for they did not support his manner of conduct. They had even managed to push him far up to the position of a Vice President nominee. Roosevelt agreed for a sole reason: he had considered running for US Presidency that year. It was in this period that Roosevelt published his book, 'The Rough Riders', narrating his experience during the battle of San Juan. He published over thirty books in all of his existence. It comes as no surprise that his claims of having a photographic memory were true, for he put his experiences into words rather excellently.

Then came Roosevelt's term as Vice President, an office he held while McKinley was still President of the United States. William McKinley's assassination was unfortunate. This event played a key role in assigning Roosevelt his Presidency in 1901, a tenure that continued for the following eight years. One key difference between these men was that Franklin Roosevelt did not leave his political life behind to serve in the battle of San Juan. Teddy Roosevelt, though, immediately dropped his office with the Navy and had marched away to take charge of his Rough Riders Regiment, leading remarkably them throughout.

What were the best things done by Theodore Roosevelt?

A man as fascinating as Theodore Roosevelt made unforgettable contributions to the nation, leaving behind a permanent mark in history.

Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1906, becoming the first President to win a Nobel Peace Prize. He was awarded this for the efforts taken on his end to bring together Japan and Russia, two of the mightiest powers in the world back then, to settle the Russo-Japanese war that created the possibility of a positive relationship between them. He succeeded in doing so, convincing these powerful territories to shake hands on a peaceful note. Another such dispute settled by Roosevelt was the one centered around the division of Morocco. Germany and France had been the two countries fighting over this situation. Theodore Roosevelt had an aggressive foreign policy, and while he believed in it, the man also felt that the US deserved recognition as a global peacemaker.

President Roosevelt was also once a soldier; he served as a lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt led the charge of the Rough Rider Regiment up to the hills of San Juan to battle in San Juan Heights. It was for this Regiment that Roosevelt left his political life behind. He was titled a war hero thereafter; the excellence of his leadership earned him a nomination for the Medal of Honour. Another achievement that came from Roosevelt's service was his appointment as Governor of New York after successfully passing as a Republican candidate.

Roosevelt made tremendous contributions to national forests located in the West, secured several lands to be used by the public, and even nurtured projects encouraging irrigation. The Monroe Doctrine was introduced and altered not just to protect Latin America from European threats but also to assert America's intervention in matters concerning the Western Hemisphere, highlighting how it would not support the suffering of the US as a whole by paying for mistakes that were entirely the Western Hemisphere's fault.

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