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23 Hoia Baciu Forest Facts: Learn All About This Haunted Location

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Everyone has heard or read about the stories behind the Bermuda Triangle; but, read on to discover other facts about the mysterious location, the Hoia Baciu Forest.

Researchers from across the world have tried to understand the history of the Hoia Baciu Forest. It is one of the most haunted forests in Romania, Transylvania, and people have many unbelievable tales about this place.

We have read that ships disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and planes have plunged into the sea when they were flying above the same area. Researchers tried to find evidence of such for decades. Another area that captivated the interest of paranormal activists, UFO chasers, and adventurers is the Hoia Baciu Forest.

Hoia Baciu Forest History

Tourists coming to Romania know about Dracula and his palace, but they may not know about the Hoia Baciu Forest. But, it has been featured in movies, and many legends are famous for it. People like to speak about the strange happenings in the enchanted Hoia Baciu Forest, as the history of the forest is obscure and mysterious.

The oldest legend is about a young girl who vanished into the forest and could not be found for a long time. She returned after five years in the same clothes and looked the same age as when she vanished. She had no recollection of her time while she had disappeared. People tried to find out about her stay in the haunted forest, but we do not have any clear proof or story about this. 

Separating the facts from legends and rumors is not easy when it comes to the Hoia Baciu Forest. Another legend says that a shepherd disappeared into the forest with his sheep flock, never returning. According to the locals, approximately 1,000 people have disappeared so far historically. Some people also mention that the forest has a secret portal that leads people to disappear to another world, dimension, or time. 

People have mentioned seeing strange, colorful lights from the woods and green eyes staring at them from the forest. These activities are supposed to happen in the area where no vegetation grows in a small circular area. The soil samples have tested fertile, and no one has been able to find the reason for the dead zone. Over the years, people have reported paranormal activity, UFOs, disappearances of people, and even ghosts.

Visiting The Hoia Baciu Forest

If you're planning a trip to Romania and want to explore and experience paranormal phenomena, then the haunted Hoia Baciu Forest is recommended. The legends associated with the forest have made it a popular tourist attraction. 

Similar forests are said to exist in other countries like Tibet and Norway. There is a military base near the forest, and no aircraft can fly above the forest during the night. Strange lights cannot be seen from above as the flights stop between 9 pm to 7 am. 

The Hoia Baciu Forest is large, standing at 729 ac (295 ha) and is located near Cluj-Napoca. People equate it with the Bermuda Triangle and have reported that joggers have seen some ectoplasmic shapes in the forest.

The area around the dead zone has been almost the same for many centuries now. You can easily lose yourself in the forest and get confused with the dense darkness, and it is advisable to go with a group of people. 

The twisted trees in the Hoia Baciu Forest are very spooky to behold, and this has dissuaded many a traveler from entering these forests.

The Hoia Baciu Forest In Pop Culture

Even today, people find the Hoia Baciu Forest an intriguing and exciting to visit due to Dracula's mystery and added attraction from the region. 

If you plan on going during the summer, you can participate in the Hoia Baciu Forest night run through the haunted forest on July 4. It will be a 6.2-12.4 mi (10-20 km) event, and it will be a fun one. You can enjoy an exceptional experience in the mystical forest, which is shrouded in mystery. 

Professor Adrian Pătruţ has claimed that the forest has some kind of paranormal activity. But modern scientists say that illegal activities, including deforestation, threaten the forest. 

In recent years, some visitors have reported uneasy feelings, anxiety, and rashes after visiting the forest and report that their electronic devices stop working. Others come back without any symptoms and find it a good place for walking. Skeptics and scientists discard the theory of mystery. 


What are some important details about the Hoia Baciu Forest?

It is a thick forest with strange shapes of trees and very thick foliage. It is located a short distance from the modern Romanian city of Cluj Napoca. Two people took a video of a UFO above the forest in 2002. People also believe that the souls of peasants killed in the forest haunt the area. 

Who was the paranormal investigator transported in the Hoia Baciu Forest?

A biologist named Alexandru Sift showed images of disc-shaped objects in the sky. A couple of years later, a military technician named Emil Barnea also returned from the forest with a fascinating photo of a UFO.

Which destination truth is about the Hoia Baciu Forest?

There are many stories of paranormal activity surrounding it. Locals believed that hundreds of peasants were killed in the forest and that their souls followed people in the form of green eyes and black fog.

What is the connection between Vlad the Impaler and the Hoia Baciu Forest?

Count Dracula, vampires, and Vlad the Impaler are all part of the legendary stories that are based in Transylvania. Their association with the region connects them to the Hoia Baciu Forest.

Which episode from 'Ghost Adventures' is about the Hoia Baciu Forest?

Episode 12 of season 8 of the hit TV show 'Ghost Adventures' is about this very forest.

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