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27 Hollywood Sign Facts: History, Symbolism, And Other Trivia

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The Hollywood sign is one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

It is located in Los Angeles, California and has been a symbol of the movie industry since 1923. This sign is on the southern slope of Mount Lee in Griffith Park, north of Mulholland Highway and south of Forest Lawn Memorial Park (Hollywood Hills) cemetery.

This sign was initially created as an advertisement for a real estate development called Hollywoodland. The original sign read Hollywoodland instead of just Hollywood, but 'land' was later removed. Over the years, it has become a symbol of American culture and cinema.

History Of Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign was erected to advertise a new development called Hollywoodland, which offered stringent residence ownership and residency restrictions.

The neighborhood developers, S.H. Woodruff and Tracy E. Shoults, commissioned the Crescent Sign Company to construct a massive billboard to attract potential buyers.

The partners paid $21,000 for the project. They also connected it to phone poles and used 4,000 light bulbs to illuminate it.

The Hollywood sign was initially a bit longer than it is now. This original sign read Hollywoodland, the name of a brand new gated community.

The sign required constant maintenance and care. During the Great Depression, the letter H collapsed due to financial devastation.

For a brief period in the '40s, when the ownership of the sign passed to the city, it appeared as though it would be demolished by the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission. However, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce intervened and saved 'Hollywood', but gave up 'land'.

The department ordered that the Chamber pay for all future lighting, so it did not replace the lightbulbs.

The sign was rejuvenated in 1949, but its unprotected wood-and-sheet-metal construction continued to deteriorate. The first O had splintered and broken, looking like a lowercase letter u, by the '70s, and the third O had fallen down entirely, displaying the sign 'HuLLYWO D'.

In an attempt to repair the sign and thus restore the landmark, the Chamber began fundraising for a more permanent structure in 1978.

The original letters were replaced with new ones formed of steel supported by steel columns on a concrete foundation after a public campaign by Hugh Hefner, founder of 'Playboy' magazine, succeeded in getting it restored.

The new letters were 45 ft (13.7 m) tall and 31-39 ft (9.4-11.9 m) broad, making them the world's largest sign letters at their time of construction.

On a live CBS television special, a new version of the Hollywood sign was unveiled on November 11, 1978, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Hollywood becoming a city.

Symbolism And Importance In Pop Culture

This sign is one of the most well-known landmarks in both California and the United States, having appeared in numerous films, television shows, and other entertainment media sets and popular culture references in or around Los Angeles. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has trademark rights to the Hollywood sign.

The Hollywood sign has been damaged and vandalized on numerous occasions. With the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security, a cutting-edge security system is implemented to safeguard this Los Angeles landmark. The facility's complex security measures, including motion sensors, razor wire, helicopter patrols, and even a 24-hour watch, are used to deter vandals.

The Trust For Public Land, a nonprofit organization, maintains and promotes the sign, while the surrounding land is part of Griffith Park.

There has been a considerable public debate about certain trail open access points to the landmark found in residential communities.

Due to the brush and dry climate, the Los Angeles Fire Department considers Griffith Park, where the sign is located, a high fire risk zone.

Locals have erected phony 'no access' signs and other fraudulent signs to try and stop people from visiting the sign.

A pedestrian walkway in a residential canyon on the verge of the Hollywood sign is the most accessible point to the Hollywood sign for most people. Public access from there to the sign is prohibited.

Advertisement for a real estate development

Movies Shot Around Hollywood Sign 

The Hollywood sign has featured in many movies and television shows. It has also been imitated and destroyed in several films and many signs in movies have also been based on the Hollywood sign. Signs of comparable design with variant spellings are frequently parodied.

'The Earthquake' (1974), 'Independence Day' (1996), 'The Day After Tomorrow' (2004), '10.5' (2004), 'Terminator Salvation' (2009), 'Sharknado' (2013), and 'San Andreas' (2015) are some of the many movies that have shown the sign being destroyed.

In the 'Shrek' franchise, the Far Far Away sign is inspired by the Hollywood sign.

The Springfield sign in 'The Simpsons' is based on the Hollywood sign.

In Steven Spielberg's film '1941' (1979), John Belushi's character shoots down the 'land' part in a spectacular aerial dogfight over Los Angeles.

The sign is replicated in 'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' as Vinewood and in 'Grand Theft Auto V' as Bayview.

The Bayview sign is based on the Hollywood sign in the video game 'Need For Speed Underground 2'.

In the final episode of the Disney series 'Jessie', the H of the sign is destroyed when Jessi saves the Ross siblings for the last time.

The H of the Hollywood sign was used as a portal to the underworld in 'Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief', which was released in 2010.

In the 'Hollywoodland' episode of the television series 'Timeless', the original lighted nighttime appearance of the Hollywoodland sign is digitally recreated.

In the film 'Gangster Squad', Mickey Cohen and his henchmen meet with associates of other out-of-town gangs and send a message to their leadership over the back of the Hollywoodland sign.


How old is the Hollywood sign?

A: The original Hollywood sign was built in 1923, so as of 2022, it is about 99 years old.

Why was 'land' removed from the Hollywoodland sign?

A: For a brief period in the '40s, it appeared that this sign would be demolished by the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission. Thankfully, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce intervened. The solution was that they would have to give up the last four letters, 'land'.

When was the Hollywood sign built?

A: This sign was originally built in 1923, and it read Hollywoodland. The sign was created to promote a new housing development called Hollywoodland. The original sign deteriorated and was eventually restored in 1978, after which the new sign read Hollywood.

Where is the Hollywood sign located in Los Angeles?

A: The Hollywood sign is located on top of Mount Lee in the Beachwood Canyon area of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Who lives near the Hollywood sign?

A: Many celebrities live near the Hollywood sign, including Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. These stars have bought homes in the area to escape from prying eyes while they're working on their movies or relaxing with family members at home. You might even see some of these famous people out walking around town.

How can you visit the Hollywood sign?

A: The best way to visit the Hollywood sign is by hiking. There are a few different trails that you can take, but be sure to check with park officials before heading out to make sure the trail is open. You can also drive to Griffith Park and get a close-up view of the sign from there.

What did the original Hollywood sign say?

A: The original Hollywood sign read Hollywoodland. The sign was created in 1923 to promote a new housing development called Hollywoodland. The sign wasn't restored until 1978, after which the new sign read just Hollywood.

How do you hike to the Hollywood sign?

A: The hike to the Hollywood sign is about two miles long and takes about an hour to complete. It's a great way to get some exercise and take in some amazing views of Los Angeles.

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