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How To Tame A Feral Cat? Some Safe And Easy Steps To Follow

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Feral cats is the name given stray cats who are born outside in the wild or on the streets.

Unlike domestic cats that are kept as pets and who have constant contact with humans, feral cats do not have much interaction with humans. These wild animals are pretty tricky and hard to interact with.

The terms 'feral' and 'stray' are used interchangeably in most cases. However, some people argue that both feral and stray cats are different. Feral is a word that suggests aggressive and wild behavior. Feral cats or stray cats are generally seen roaming the streets or found in alleys. These wild cats live in abandoned buildings, alley corners, and other hiding places which are not easily accessible by other predators, including humans.

Living outdoors means these cats have to survive by eating anything they can find. They also have to face the harsh cold weather of some places that have extreme winters. It's the same with extremely hot summers. A feral cat is not like a house pet. A cat person might see a cat on the pavement or in their backyard and want to keep it as a pet. However, it is not an easy task to tame a feral cat, and most of the time, it is advised not to approach this type of cat. If you find a feral cat at your back door, instead of touching it or bringing it inside your home, it is better to call animal control because the cat might be carrying rabies.

It might seem that taming a feral cat is not possible, which is partly true and partly false. It is not completely impossible to tame feral cats. However, you need to be aware of what a feral cat is and its behavior before trying to tame one. There are many more things that people should pay attention to during the process of taming a feral cat.

Can you tame a feral kitten?

Kittens are cute little furry creatures that are absolutely adorable. However, they cannot be approached directly or suddenly as it can frighten them. Feral kittens are harder to approach, but there are still certain ways you can tame them.

Some people say that these kittens are easier to tame than adult cats as they are still newly experiencing the world around them. If feral kittens can have positive interactions with humans from a very young age, they can easily be domesticated. There are still particular things you should be careful about while trying to tame feral kittens.

Kittens, especially ones who are only a few weeks old, are still developing and adapting to various smells and sights around them. Generally, be it kittens or adult cats, the interaction between them and humans must be initiated by the cats. This is because it makes them feel comfortable, and they can identify whether you are a threat to them or not. If you find a kitten on the street, you shouldn't just directly try to touch it. The kitten might get scared and perceive you as a threat to its safety and become aggressive. Even approaching one could be dangerous.If the mother of the kitten is around, trying to touch her baby can lead to her attacking you. Feral or stray cats do not like the foreign smell of a human's touch on their kittens.

If you find a feral kitten in your surroundings, first check if its mother is nearby or not. If there is no mother and you would like to interact with the kitten, then slowly go close to it. If the kitten shows signs of resistance by backing away, then you should stop approaching it. However, if it stays still, you can move your palm close to it and let it smell your hand. Then little by little, you can try to pet it gently. You can also become its friend by giving it a treat.

Once the feral kitten gets appropriately acquainted with you, you can then take it to a veterinarian to get it vaccinated and neutered if it's old enough. There the kitten can also get checked to see if it is carrying any diseases before you take it back to home to raise it. As there is an increased chance of this type of cat or kitten carrying diseases, it is very important that you do not get yourself attacked. A scratch or a bite is enough to transmit something deadly.

How to tame a feral cat in a cage?

A domestic or house cat has already got used to being around humans, so when you go to adopt one, a house cat is already quite friendly. However, a feral cat outside of a cage or even inside a cage is still fearful and sometimes aggressive too.

Often animal control catches stray and feral cats and puts them in cages. Yet, these cats do not like to be enclosed in small spaces. You must not try to put such a cat into a cat carrier before being properly introduced to it. Doing so can make it feel threatened and scared, which would, in turn, make it react in a hostile manner. If a feral cat is already in a cage and you want to tame it, you should first let the cat get acquainted with your presence. This might take time as it is a slow process. Approaching a feral cat while it is in a cage is slightly easier than when it is roaming free. You can visit the cat a few times before you actually try to touch it.

When it becomes familiar to you, then you can stretch your palm to where the cat can sniff it, and if it deems it safe, then it might rub its nose or head along your hand. This indicates that it is comfortable with physical contact with you. When this stage is crossed, it then becomes quite easy to make it learn more positive behavior.

Stray long-haired white with black tail domestic cat.

How to tame a feral cat outside? 

Unlike pets, which are somewhat already trained to interact with people, feral cats do not have this kind of training or experience. In fact, they actually might have a traumatic experience with humans. For such animals, it is quite hard to become comfortable with human contact. At the same time, these cats need the love and care they have been deprived of.

It is important to approach a feral cat with gently and carefully, be it a kitten or an adult. Yet, there is another way to tame feral cats. Feral cats have to fend for themselves on the streets and eat whatever they can find. If you can give food to them, then they become easier for you to tame.

Keep the food at a distance away from you. You can observe the cat from a distance but do not immediately try to go near, or it will run away or attack you. Do not make eye contact with feral cats or any other cats as they will perceive it as a challenge or a threat. If you accidentally make eye contact with feral cats while they are eating, look away immediately and do not stare back.

You can continue giving food for a few days and slowly start to talk to the cat, and gradually reduce the distance between you and the cat by placing the food closer to you. Feral cats tend to be wary of human contact. Once a feral cat is well acquainted with you and food has tamed it a bit, you can try to touch it and then take it to a vet and get the cat neutered.

If the feral cat is the first pet you might be considering adopting, then there are a few things you should buy before bringing the cat home. First and foremost, get good quality cat food along with a litter box, a food bowl, and a separate water bowl too. You can also buy toys for the cat to play with. A flea comb is also an excellent choice to get rid of any flea infestations your cat might be suffering from.

Living indoors for a feral cat recently tamed can be hard. You still need to check your body language around your new friend and not make any sudden movements that might scare it. You can keep having a positive interaction with the feral cat if you keep all these things in mind.

When is it too late to tame a feral cat?

There is a difference between a feral cat and a stray cat and you might be wondering about the difference between these two cats.

The difference arises due to the level of socialization for each cat. While pet cats, especially lap cats, are highly socialized with humans, a stray cat also socializes with humans and other animals. Meanwhile, feral cats are not at all socialized with people. They might have a relationship with other members of their feline family but not with people.There is also a difference between a completely feral cat and a semi-feral cat. This distinction may form because of a cat's age. A completely feral cat is often an adult and older feral cat, while feral kittens can be considered semi-feral cats.

To tame a semi-feral cat is still possible as they are still experiencing their surroundings and can easily be taught to interact with humans. However, a completely feral cat (that is, the older one) is said to be too old to be tamed and should be left alone as they can attack you.

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