13 Incredible January Birthdays Facts: Personality, Traits, & More | Kidadl


13 Incredible January Birthdays Facts: Personality, Traits, & More

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January babies are incredibly witty.

People born in January like to explore a lot. They are insightful and have a happy disposition.

The year begins with January, the first month. It marks new beginnings in life and gives us chance to start everything afresh in the new year. Lots of promises and resolutions are made this month. It is a month full of hope when people forget the past and embark on a new journey.

The name, January, was given after the Roman God, Janus. Early Saxons termed this month as a wolf month because this was the time when hungry wolves hunted in their towns searching for food.

Babies born in the new year usually become very talkative and people don't get easily bored around them. So if you are a January baby, then expect a lot of people around you.

The birthstone of people born in this month is the red garnet which is symbolic of trust and friendship. The birth flower is the pink carnations as well as the snowdrop. Both pink and red carnations are birth flowers. A bouquet of pink carnation symbolizes fondness, while the red ones simply refer to love.

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January Birthday Personality 

People born in January possess a very good sense of humor. They are kids at heart and develop a sense of intense maturity during difficult situations. These people own up to their mistakes and understand others very well also. They are born leaders. Most of the January-born babies grow up to become excellent CEOs. If you are born in this month, then get ready to become a boss and bring out significant changes.

The January babies tend to be very expressive. With their unbeatable imagination and exceptional creativity, they will leave no stone unturned to blow your mind. Their sharp-witted minds and talent can make them stars. These people like to stay cheerful and keep themselves away from any negativity. Their jovial nature comes with a natural flair for sarcasm, which imparts a unique concoction of characteristics. So if you have a January-born friend, buckle up to go on a hilarious ride. January is a chilly month. People born in this month are usually cool and relaxed. They don't overburden themselves with workload and prefer to go with the flow. January-born people can be excellent doctors and debt-collectors. Prosperity and immense fame come to these people gradually. So if your baby is about to be born this month, think of yourself as a celebrity mom already! In other words, your baby will be extremely lucky with a great future ahead.

January Born Celebrities

People born in January share their awesome characteristics with some of the greatest and the brightest stars in the world. They are pretty chilled and are known to provide good company to others.

Starting off with the renowned American activist Martin Luther King Jr. who was known for his exceptional speech that he delivered during the American Civil Rights Movement in 1960. He was born on 15th January. Thus, people having this birth month are considered to be extremely brave and audacious.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres are the popular American television hosts, who share the same birth month of January. They are known to be extremely witty with an exceptional sense of humor.

The handsome American actor and filmmaker, Bradley Cooper was born on January 5th. He is known for his clever and creative mind with awesome acting skills. A pioneer of the film industry, Betty White, is also amongst the popular January-borns. She is known as the first woman to showcase her expertise both behind and in front of the camera.

Famous songwriter, singer, and actor, David Bowie touched the hearts of millions with his biggest billboard hits. He is considered a highly influential musician of the 20th century and was born on 8th January. The very famous Elvis Presley, who took the world of rock and roll by storm, also had the same birth month.

The boxing champion of the 20th century, Muhammad Ali was also born in January.

Therefore, we can definitely assume that babies born in this month will be superstars.

January Born People Traits

January-born kids are disciplined and practical. They enjoy accomplishing difficult tasks on their own. A child born in this month becomes an extremely hard worker.

January babies tend to get higher scores in exams and they love to move forward in their life. They won't be someone sitting at the corner office and hiding from challenges. Leadership is one of the most fascinating qualities in them. January kids are likely to become doctors and fond of social sciences. People sharing January birthdays are likely to enjoy a luxurious life. January borns are highly ambitious and maintain consistency in their work. With a pessimistic attitude, they overcome their problems and are quite sensitive in nature.


January Zodiac Signs

The traits of January-born people are associated with the January zodiac sign, which is Capricorn. They fall under the dates between 20th December-20th January.

Apart from Capricorn, people who are born after 2oth January, fall under the zodiac sign Aquarius. Kids who are Aquarius are optimistic and self-reliant. These babies are quite clever when it comes to problem-solving. They are full of enthusiasm. Their birthstone is garnet.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for January birthday facts then why not take a look at June birthday facts, or May birthday facts.

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