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51 Interesting Facts About Aaron From The Bible: Must Read!

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Many biblical characters who are known worldwide are evident in the Bible.

There are many other biblical figures who are mentioned in the Bible but are still unknown to the world. One such biblical character is the older brother of Moses, Aaron.

In the book of Exodus, Aaron is three years older than his brother Moses and is mentioned by name. In Exodus 4, God told Moses about his elder brother, Aaron, and that he would be accompanied by the latter to free the Israelites from Pharaoh. It was later when God gave his commandment to Aaron to meet Moses. The two brothers, Moses and Aaron, were born into the Levi tribe in Egypt. After Joseph died, Israelites were slaves to the new Pharaoh. Aaron had four sons, and as per the Lord's commandment, he was the prophet to Moses. Aaron was born before the harsh law of throwing infant Hebrew males into the Nile River. While Moses was born when the law was passed, midwives did not throw Aaron in as he was born before the enactment of this law but also out as they too had a fear of God rather than their own Pharaoh or king. The making of an idol of a golden calf out of gold jewelry to make the people of Israel believe the presence of God when Moses went to the holy mountain, Mount Sinai, also showed Aaron's lack of faith in God or that he doubted it.

Joshua, at the same time, was commander of Israel's army. Later, God tells Moses about Aaron's staff and how Aaron acted when was in charge of people. This act of Aaron enraged the Lord Almighty, and he threatened to destroy the people of Israel when Moses was on Mount Sinai. Apart from this, Aaron and Miriam's disbelief in Moses and questioning his Godly command also enraged the Lord. The Lord made Miriam suffer through leprosy, and it was then that Aaron pleaded and understood the fear of the Lord. It was after seven days when Miriam was healed. Later, the Lord instructs Aaron's sons as priests and himself as the high priest. No one was allowed to enter the promised land of the Lord, but when he asked to, his followers had to follow him. On Mount Hor, Aaron's son Eleazar was made the high priest. At the age of 123, Aaron died on Mount Hor near the Dead Sea, and people grieved for him for up to thirty days.

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Interesting Facts About Aaron In The Bible

Aaron represented the human nature of doubting the presence of God.

The central figure, Moses, and the prophet for the people of Israel, Aaron, were the two contrasting characters in the Bible. During the exodus of Israel, Moses is recognized easily, but along with him was also his older brother, Aaron. They were born into the Levi tribe in Egypt and followed the commandments of the Lord Almighty. Aaron makes numerous errors that enrage God, but later, when he realizes the power of God and the need to fear him, and he repents.

Making an idol of a golden calf and questioning Moses' leadership role for the Israelites alongside Miriam are two examples of common errors that are similar to human cognition. When God shows his power to Aaron by punishing Miriam, and when he repented for seven days straight, Miriam's leprosy was also healed. Aaron and Moses are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Weird Facts About Aaron In The Bible

Aaron died on Mount Hor near the southern Dead Sea when he was 123 years old.

From the scriptures, it is known that after the Meribah incident took place, Moses, along with Aaron and his son Eleazar, marched toward the Promised Land of God. When they reached the summit of the mountain, Moses removed the clothes of the high priest from Aaron's body, and among all his sons, Eleazar was made the high priest. Aaron died there, and thus, played a central figure role in the Israelites' exodus tradition. The crafting of the golden calf when Moses went to Mount Sinai to receive the law stone tablets and Miriam's suffering, as well as healing from leprosy, made him realize the presence of God.

The two brothers, Moses and Aaron, were biblical characters who showed the way to the Israelites after the commandment of Pharaoh.

Insightful Facts About Aaron In The Bible

When it comes to reverence in a modern-day situation or world, people often don't accept their mistakes even if they know that they are at fault.

So, it can be said that some of the biblical examples, such as that of Aaron, can be used to let people know of their own mistakes and how they should learn to repent rather than keep grudges among themselves, further fostering anger and hatred. To develop reverence, one should be more focused and mindful while doing things. Reverence no doubt helps individuals to keep healthy relations with their kith and kin.

Cleopas was one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. After Jesus was crucified in Golgotha, the two of his disciples, along with Cleopas, after three days of crucifixion, encountered the presence of Jesus on the road to Emmaus. They recognized Jesus and made people believe that the Almighty is immortal. Some people believe in God, while some do not. It just depends on how one perceives the notion and whether they accept it or not. The simplest thing that can be done is to accept yourself the way you are, including the negative aspects, and start to work on them in order to live a better life.

Cheerful Facts About Aaron In The Bible

Aaron is no doubt a very good name and sounds pleasant to hear.

The meaning of the name Aaron is 'lofty', 'high mountain', and 'exalted'. Aaron was a follower of God's commandment. He is known to have been the first high priest of the Israelites and is being recalled for his maturity in dealing with different situations. Despite the fact that he made human-like mistakes, he learned from them and repented to God.

Aaron was the first high priest of the people of Israel and is known to have laid the foundation of the priesthood among Israelites. His four sons were also priests, among which two elder sons were punished for their disobedience. In his absence, Moses hands over the charge to Aaron to take care of the Israelites and help them out of Egypt to have their own land to live in.

Easy-going Facts About Aaron In The Bible

Aaron was buried on Mount Hor after he crossed the north Jordan River in front of the Israelites.

Aaron had four sons: Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. Aaron, from the Levi tribe of Egypt, was married to the Judah tribe, Elisheba, Amminadab's daughter. Nadab and Abihu were the elder two sons of Aaron. The other two sons were Eleazar and Ithamar. All the four sons were made priests as per the commandment of God. The two elder sons, Nadab and Abihu, died in front of God because they offered the forbidden fire to their God.

They added fragrance to the pillar candles, and their disobedience to God made them suffer from the Lord Almighty. The son, Eleazar, was made the high priest after Aaron died on Mount Hor. The entire family was made to serve God by following the path of the priests. Ithamar, the youngest son, followed the path of his elder brother Eleazar and became in charge of the Israelites to help his elder brother.

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