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15 Lacrosse Facts That Will Inspire You To Play This Popular Sport

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Lacrosse is a competitive team sport played primarily in North American and European countries.

The lacrosse games are a modernized version of the 'baggataway' or 'tewaraathon' that Native American people in North America played. The French settlers saw the rackets or stick that the Native American players used and found it similar to a Bishop's Crozier or 'la crosse.'

The name of the game essentially evolved from the bishop's crozier, which was also referred to as 'la crosse.' Many of the Native Americans often performed ceremonies, spiritual holy dances, and rituals before they played lacrosse as they considered it to be a solemn affair. The game was first played properly by Europeans in Canada. These players were defeated by the Native American tribes, who were much better at the game than them. Consequently, the interested players started to formalize the rules of the game and soon spread it to colleges as well. Perhaps the fastest game, the sports continues to be played with a long-handled stick in schools and colleges in these regions even today.

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Rules Of Lacrosse

In 1867, George Beers modified the rules of this fastest game in order to make it easier to play with. Consequently, he has also been called the 'father of lacrosse.' He changed the lacrosse rules and made it more structured with proper nets that are called long poles. Canada also created its own version of the sport named 'box lacrosse.'

A total of 10 players are allowed on the field three players for the attack, midfield, and defending along with one goalie or goalkeeper.

For each goal with the ball, the scoring team is awarded one point. There can be a maximum of four long poles along the field for both teams.

Nobody is allowed to touch the ball with their hands except for the goalie.

At least four players from each team are supposed to be in their own defensive half of the field, while at least three players should be in the offensive half.

Best Lacrosse Player In The World

A number of players play lacrosse professionally as well as in the major college-league sports tournaments. While quite a few have gained awards and become very famous, only a few can be termed the best.

Gary Gait is considered to be one of the best professional lacrosse players in the world. His achievements as a coach in the sport are also quite amazing. He won two Lieutanent Reymond Enners awards at Georgetown University and was also declared the League MVP for five years consecutively.

Brodie Merrill is one of the best defensive lacrosse players with a stunning record of winning the Major League Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Year award a staggering four times.

Taylor Cummings is considered to be one of the best female lacrosse players in the world as she is a three-time recipient of the Teewaraton Trophy.

Every sports fan should know basic lacrosse facts.

Countries Where Lacrosse Is Played

While lacrosse cannot be termed as a worldwide sport, a number of players from different nations like the United States of America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa play lacrosse.

The game was initially played by the Six Nations in Iroquois before the colonization of North America. The Cherokees referred to the game as 'The Little Brother of War' due to the hostile nature of the game and the violent tactics involved.

The first lacrosse organization was founded in Montreal under the name 'Olympic Club' in 1842.

In 1867, lacrosse was first introduced in England after the creation of the National Lacrosse Association.

The English Lacrosse Union was created in 1892 as the game became particularly popular in the regions of Manchester, Bristol, London, Yorkshire, and more. After twenty years, the All-England Women's Lacrosse Association was also formed.

The game was gradually introduced in Australia, South Africa, and Ireland as well.

Professional Leagues In Olympics

Along with World Cup tournaments for lacrosse, there are some major professional league games or lacrosse tournaments that are organized for both men's and women's lacrosse.

The sport was introduced in the Olympics and played in 1904-1908. However, it was removed from the Olympics list of sports soon because it did not attract attention, and not many countries around the world play lacrosse.

However, World Championship games have been held for both men's and women's lacrosse teams since 1967 and 1982.

The Major League Lacrosse was a men's field lacrosse league that was held in the United States of America since 2001. After that, it merged with the Premier Lacrosse League in 2020.


Q: What is lacrosse known for?

A: Lacrosse is known for being the fastest teamwork sport.

Q: What is a lacrosse ball called?

A: There is no specific name for a lacrosse ball.

Q: What are lacrosse Nets called?

A: Lacrosse nets are called long poles.

Q: Who created lacrosse?

A: The Native Americans created lacrosse, but George Beers further modified the rules.

Q: Where is lacrosse most popular?

A: Lacrosse is most popular in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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