Magical Unicorn Facts For Kids: History And Powers De-Mystified

Unicorns, like dragons and mermaids, are among the most well-known legendary creatures in the world, so check out these unicorn facts!

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Although we are all familiar with the striking sight, the story behind the majestic beast is equally captivating.

Here are some incredible facts about unicorns! An alicorn is a name given to the shining, magnificent unicorn horn that has captured our hearts.

Although Nessie might be the most famous mythical creature in the Highlands, the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland. Every April 9, Scots commemorate the beautiful horse on National Unicorn Day. This adoration for the gorgeous animal dates back a long time. From 1460 until 1488, Scotland's King James III produced a variety of coins portraying unicorns. So let's check out some fun facts about unicorns for kids!

Of course, unicorns should not be killed or harmed, although hunting for them may be a lot more fun. To do so, you'll need an authorized 'Unicorn Hunting License', after which you'll be able to hunt for the rest of your life and from any place.

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History And Origin Of The Unicorn

So what are the unicorn history facts and history! The unicorn was first mentioned in the 4th century, while Greek physician Ctesias documented odd tales he'd heard from visitors.

The legends spread, and diverse cultures produced their own versions of unicorns. The Chinese ki-lin, which wore a cloak of five sacred colors and had a 12 ft (2.7 m) long horn on its head, was said to bring good luck. Unicorns are often shown as horses, although the Physiologus defined them as 'a very small mammal, like a child'. The unicorns depicted wouldn't be much taller than a baby goat rather than an adolescent human, but in either case, they wouldn't be much taller than knee height. 

What powers are unicorns thought to have?

Some unicorn facts related to their power! Unicorns have tremendous speed and strength, and, more significantly, they can sense if water is contaminated and purify it.

It's no surprise that unicorns can often be found lazily looking over rivers and lakes. The water is clean again with just a minor stroke of the unicorn's horn! Their horns get the ability to heal injuries and cure illnesses, as well as neutralize poison.

The unicorn was shown in ancient Mesopotamian art and was also mentioned in Indian and Chinese mythology.

What have unicorns appeared in?

The first description of a unicorn was written by the Greek historian Ctesias in the 5th century BC, who described it as having a 'white body, multi-colored horn, red head, and dark blue eyes'.

A unicorn was once thought to be a sign of grace in the Middle Ages. Unicorns are now seen as icons of mythical worlds. In the Bible, unicorns are referenced and are mentioned nine times in the King James translation of the Old Testament.

The name unicorn signifies 'one-horn' and refers to a mythical creature that looks like a horse but has just one spine. The fabled unicorn appears in numerous civilizations, inspiring a variety of myths about its power. The unicorn is said to have the ability to divine truth and use its horn to strike the heart of a liar. In addition, the unicorn is said to be drawn to purity and innocence, leading to the legend of the maiden and the unicorn.

When the unicorn sees her beauty and purity, he is said to approach her and lay down alongside the virgin, laying his face in her lap, where the poacher might then hunt or capture him. Unicorns are seen in groups of four to five, forming a happy family. The family's head is an old unicorn who is hundreds, or even thousands, of years old.

Unicorn families spend most of their lives alone, deep in the forest. Unicorns come in various colors, ranging from jet black to gleaming gold, vivid crimson, and pristine white. Unicorns are land-based creatures with no wings. If a unicorn possesses wings, it is called Pegasi. The offspring of a unicorn and a Pegasus (a flying equine) could become winged unicorns.

Unicorns are symbols of purity, freedom, innocence, and power. Unicorns are regarded to be mythical creatures who are good and pure. Whenever two unicorn families unite, they spend weeks traveling together joyfully. The unicorn's eyes are purple or sky blue, and they absorb energy through their horn. A unicorn baby is called a foal, precisely like a baby horse, and they are too called 'sparkles'!

Naming The Unicorn And Its Horn

The unicorn was selected as the national emblem of Scotland since the unicorn is the inherent nemesis of the lion, which is the national symbol of England. Ocean unicorn species is called by the name of Narwhal.  

A narwhal horn was presented to Queen Elizabeth in 1577. The word 'unicorn' derives from the Latin language. The Latin word 'uni' means single,' while 'cornu' means 'horn.' As a result, the word unicorn means 'single horn'. Greek mythology was well-known among the Ancient Greeks. Several unicorn horns have unfortunately been sold on the illegal market. The Vikings are thought to have started the unicorn horn business by selling them to the far-flung kingdoms they visited.

London pharmacists sold crushed unicorn horns as a universal remedy in the 18th century. Unicorns and leprechauns are both associated with the rainbow symbol. Unicorn horns were used to create Denmark's royal throne. Some unicorns are as tiny as your hand. Oberon Zell, a prominent magician of the twentieth centenary, was in charge of producing one-horned goats. The substance from a unicorn horn is believed to be a potent truth serum. A unicorn, unlike a wild horse, cannot be domesticated.

It is popularly believed that the famous adventurer Marco Polo saw many unicorns throughout his travels. In ancient records from Assyria and Babylonia, seals showing a unicorn can be discovered. At its heyday, 1 lb (0.45 kg) of a unicorn horn was worth 10 times as much as 1 lb (0.45 kg) of gold. Rainbow unicorn horns are pretty unusual. When a unicorn loses its horn, it is solely regarded as a magical horse.

Here are some more unicorn facts. Unicorns have been known to be aggressive toward Labradors because they are terrified of them. A flying unicorn is a mythical horse having wings and a horn that is possibly a variation of the more well-known Pegasus. Unicorns are also connected with purity, grace, and innocence, also associated with fairies.

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