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Mastador facts about the mastiff and lab mix that people sometimes confuse with the bull Mastador.
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The Mastador dog is the mixed-breed dog result of a Labrador retriever and Mastiff mix which are commonly found or popular in various parts of the United States of America. Other than the Mastiff mix both the other pure breeds are also very popular in various parts of the USA. Talking about both the parent dogs individually, the English mastiff comes from long back, some thousands of years ago. They were mostly pets for the purpose of guard dogs during that time due to their protective nature and even today they are one the best great family dogs and guard dogs. Now coming to Labrador retriever dogs. They are medium-sized family dogs that originated from Newfoundland. This great family dog is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. But here we are going to discuss the mixed breed between these dogs known with different names such as Mastador and Lab Mastiff. Mastador puppies are known as a designer dog because most of the crossbreed dogs are called a designer breed. Some of these designer breeds have gained much popularity in recent times, although it has been dated back to as early as the '90s when the culture of these kinds of dogs started. The Mastador puppy is among those dogs.

The Mastadors are very excellent hunting companions because of their parent breeds, as they have inherited a lot of good characteristics. Usually, Mastadors are good, sweet, affectionate, and great with following commands. Also, due to their size, they have a protective nature and make for good guard dogs. With these pros, there are some cons too like when it comes to the behavior of these dogs, sometimes they become too mischievous, which can be annoying. Due to their big size, they require a lot of space to live in with a lot of attention. This excellent guard dog is still super cute though so find out more with some interesting facts about Mastador dogs.

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Mastador Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Mastador?

A Mastador is a mixed breed type of dog.

What class of animal does a Mastador belong to?

As per any other dog, these Mastador dogs also fall under the classification of mammal, as they too give direct birth to a Mastador puppy.

How many Mastadors are there in the world?

No exact number for the total of Mastador dogs in the world is available. They are mixed breed dogs so the population can be supported by breeders. The Labrador retriever and Mastiff populations are stable.

Where does a Mastador live?

The Mastador is a family dog and it is mostly seen living with humans in their habitat, so the Mastador Lab mix mostly lives in a house.

What is a Mastador's habitat?

These dogs live commonly with us humans, which means the habitat they require or live in can be described as the same as ours. In a home with full facilities for the Mastador Lab mix and a loving family.

Who do Mastadors live with?

Mastadors, like any dogs, live with normal people including their families too. They make a great family dog.  

How long does a Mastador live?

The lifespan of dogs specifically depends on the health problems or conditions they have been facing. If a dog has been treated well with full exercise and a sufficient and nutritious diet then it usually lives up to 14-18 years old which is to be considered the maximum in dogs, whether it is a Mastador, Labrador retrievers, a Mastiff, or any other dog.

How do they reproduce?

Mastador puppies are brought to the world through the process of mating, as with all other dogs. As Mastadors are a mix of two breeds, breeding can be done by breeders. The only thing that needs to be taken care off when it comes to the reproduction of Mastadors is that the parent dog breeds should be in great health as they are very easily prone to disease passed down through the genetics of the parent breeds.

What is their conservation status?

Due to them being Labrador retrievers and Mastiff mix there is no need for any conservation status. They are not listed but are not thought to be under any threat.

Mastador Fun Facts

What do Mastadors look like?

Talking about the looks of these mix dog breed, there a lot of details which can be discussed. First of all, some of the most common traits to be seen in them can be a deep chest, strong legs, and big brown expressive eyes, medium sized muzzle, with a long tail. They are also known as black Mastador due to the common coat color of black. The coat of Mastadors is short, dense, silky, double coat, with moderate shedding. These are pretty large dogs. Other than the size, most of the features of a mix dog depend on the parent breeds' dominant traits and there is a 50-50 chance thing of it receiving traits from either parent with any mixed breed. If they inherit the more dominant trait of Labrador retrievers then the color of the coat might be either black, chocolate, or golden.

The English Mastador are some of the common dogs to be found in most parts of America.

How cute are they?

Though all dogs are meant to be cute with their own unique looks and personality, in the case of these Mastadors they actually seem to be cuter because of their parent dog i.e. Labrador retriever, which has been considered among some of the most cutest dogs. Due to their inherent features and qualities of being loyal, kind, and a big loving companion, the Mastadors become even cuter.

How do they communicate?

Mastador dogs are very friendly in nature, same as their parent dogs, Labrador retriever and Mastiff, making their communication skills very proactive in every situation. Dogs usually communicate in various ways, including barking, whining, growling, and wagging their tails. As these dogs are quick learners, you can actually make them learn any kind of trick you want and they are easy to train.

How big is a Mastador?

They are the gentle giant. The Mastador size is pretty large and is solely due to one of its parents i.e. the Mastiff breed which also belongs to the family of Bullmastiff. These are one of the giant dog breeds in the dog community. These dogs can be up to 25-30 in tall and approximately 50 in long. A Mastador full-grown is around 12-18 months old but may be longer.

How fast can a Mastador run?

While these dog breeds are active dogs, there is no exact measurement of the speed with which they can run. Due to its large size, we can assume that it is a moderate runner as this large dog will not be as light and agile as other smaller breeds. It is important to ensure that your Mastador pet gets an hour of good exercise daily to maintain its health.

How much does a Mastador weigh?

The Mastiffs are known to be very heavy dogs in terms of weight and most of the time this Lab Mastiff mix dog breed tends to take up the trait of being heavy from them too. They can be huge with a great weight of their own ranging from 100-150 lb and are also known as a gentle giant because of the weight and their sweet gentle nature.

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no names for the male and female species of the respective animal.

What would you call a baby Mastador?

The Mastador puppy doesn't have any specific name with which we call them, though we can call them a Mastiff Lab mix puppy. Other than that you can always have a name of your choice for your dog.  

What do they eat?

In the case of Mastadors, the diet is dependent on how much they grow in size, age, and activity level. Nevertheless, it is a large and active dog so usually needs three full cups of high-quality dog food, which is mostly divided into three different meals so that they don't experience bloating. Another thing which anyone has to take care of in the diet chart or plan of these dogs is that it has to perfect in calorie intake as over feeding your dog with calories can lead to them becoming overweight. The dietary requirements of your pet will vary at different stages in their life so it is best to consult your vet.

Are they slobbery?

Dogs are slobbery most of the time. Actually, it is a part of their several moods. Also it depends on the Mastador's family atmosphere, and whether they can see food or not. If there is an excess of slobber, however, you should check with the vet.

Would they make a good pet?

The Mastador may be one of the best family companions a family can have with them. Yes, they would definitely make a good family pet as it has all the characteristics to be a perfect pet. They are very affectionate, fun-loving and most importantly Mastadors are very good with children. With obedience training, maintaining their exercise requirements, and a lot of love, they can be the perfect family companion.

Owing to their Bullmastiff genes, these dogs tend to be independent so it is good to train them as a puppy. Use positive reinforcement when training as these are large and protective dogs who won't respond well to dominance training. You could also ruin the relationship and the happiness of your puppy with negative training. Once trained, they are great at following commands.

In terms of grooming, these dogs are moderate shedders and will do well with weekly brushing of the coat. Bathing is not needed on a regular basis, only a few times a year, but if your active dog gets dirty often, they will need a bath then. They are a fairly low maintenance dog when it comes to grooming, but would love for you to play games with them!

Did you know...

The Mastador temperament is sometimes very hard to describe due to them being a Mastiff and Lab mix. They inherent both of their parents' characteristics, other than looks wise. They might be as intelligent as a Labrador retriever and might be intimidating like a Mastiff.

Their exercise requirements have to be fulfilled most importantly they will need a perfect amount of training and socialization as they are very good at being a guard dog and are also easy to train.

Another thing that is most important to take care of in the case of mixed breeds dogs is that they can carry various kinds of health problems from their parent dogs. These should be taken care of early and in the case of Mastadors, they might be prone to the most common diseases. Among them are hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. They could also suffer from Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Arthritis. Such health concerns can be taken care of with checkups at the vet.

Are Mastadors good with children?

Yes, these Mastadors are known as gentle giants, but due to their large size and as the dogs are very active, sometimes they can accidentally knock a toddler down when their tail wags from side to side. This can be avoided very easily by ensuring that they are not left alone with children. As the Mastador dog breed is fond of humans and their love, they may harm your children unintentionally. That said, they are super friendly dogs.

What is the history of the Mastador breed?

These designer dogs were intentionally bred by mixing two pure breed dogs like Mastiffs and Labradors possibly in the late 1990s in North America. They are not recognized as their own breed as these Mastadors are mix of two pure breed dogs. They were bred to create the ideal family dog.

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Mastador Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Dog food

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?

6-8 puppies

How Much Did They Weigh?

100-150 lb

What habitat Do they Live In?

pet shop

Where Do They Live?

almost everywhere, popular in the usa

How Long Were They?

50 in

How Tall Were They?

25-30 in







Scientific Name

Canus lupus arcticus

What Do They Look Like?

Brown, black, yellow

Skin Type

Shiny coat

What Are Their Main Threats?


What is their Conservation Status?

Not Listed
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