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Ariel Tweto is an American actor, instructor, and pilot born in 1987.

Ariel Tweto was one of the stars of Discovery channel's 'Flying Wild Alaska,' a documentary showing the Tweto family's challenges in running their aviation business. On December 14, 1987, she was born in Unalakleet, a city in Alaska, United States Of America.

Ariel Tweto was very inspired by her parents and always wanted to follow in their footsteps. According to her coed wrestling team, Tweto was known as a fierce competitor during her high school life. According to the sources, Ariel Tweto is not married or dating anyone at present, so we can safely say she is still single. Her age in the year 2021 is 34 years.

Let's learn more about Ariel Tweto and her flying wild Alaska show!

Flying Wild Alaska was the Discovery channel's original documentary series. The documentary was all about the Tweto family from Unalakleet, who owns an airline business in the Alaskan region.

Their business was called airline Era Alaska. Being a family-owned business in the wild parts of Alaska, they faced a fair share of challenges, but the willpower to overcome them and improve their existing business prospects made them the way they are.

Jim Tweto is the COO of the Era Alaska and the father of the Tweto girls, and he now resides in a coastal community in Alaska. Ferno Tweto is a base operator, supervising the business, a pilot, and the mother of the Tweto girls. Ariel Tweto shares her life with her sister, Ayla, who has been helping and working with the airline era Alaska. The documentary recording their airline business was aired from 2011 to 2012, having its fair share of growing audiences.

After reading about the friends and family of Ariel Tweto and her role in suicide prevention, also check facts about Alaska and The Gulf of Alaska.

Motivational Thoughts By Ariel Tweto

'We all live in little bubbles (never leaving the village, hanging out with only certain people, not trying a new food, not being open to different ethnicities, religions, ways of life.) I want to go around and pop them!'. She wants to prevent suicide in Alaska, and while discussing suicide, she made these comments. She also runs an organization called Popping Bubbles, a suicide prevention charity project.

Ariel Tweto did miss her chance to win in the fun game of Wipeout but did not lose her hope after she lost. She put her hopes and dreams together to make Flying Wild Alaska's entertaining TV show in the country. The TV personality would go to the great north with a mountain bike and go mountain biking and hiking to watch, fish, and explore America's wild nature.

Ariel received much appreciation from this TV show and was a frequent guest in other TV interviews. TV interviews, including one with David Letterman. She lost the show in her life but didn't lose life in itself.

Ariel Tweto On Acting

Ariel Tweto always aspired to be an actress. She went to Hollywood to pursue her dreams, and there as luck would have, she was selected to be on an ABC reality 'sports' show called Wipeout.

Later in 2011, owing to her performance and success in the show, the Discovery channel selected Ariel's family, and the rest is history. Thanks to her success, Ariel Tweto presently has a net worth of over one million dollars.

Ariel Tweto On Winter/Cold

Although Ariel Tweto says she wouldn't mind getting the touch of the sun, it is warm every occasionally.

She says the Alaskan winter makes her hometown the way it is, and she wouldn't prefer any other way!

Tweto and her friends are working on suicide prevention.

Best Things About The Ariel Tweto Alaska Show

Flying wild Alaska depicted the real struggle of running a family business in the wild unforgiving Alaskan region. But it also showed that if you are a family who always has mutual love and respect and always got each other's backs, nothing is ever impossible!

During 2011 and 2012, the flying wild Alaska show turned out to be one of the Discovery channels' most successful shows!

Airline Era Alaska was Alaska's largest regional airline. Did you know that the flying Alaska commercial operations employ over 200 pilots and fly cargo, groceries, pets, supplies, and passengers? The company has more than 75 airplanes! Ariel Tweto got her private pilot license in the year 2012.

Owing to the success of this show, Ariel Tweto's career in television opened to new arenas. Before the discovery channel focused on flying wild Alaska with Tweto families' backgrounds, the Tweto family was pitching ideas for the show where Ariel would be the star! Jim Tweto, having experience of over 30,000 flying hours, is an accomplished pilot.

The Flying Show was hit with pilots and nonpilots alike, and its number one audience is men! Flying Wild Alaska is an adventurous reality documentary series and is unproblematic of family viewing.

Did you know? Ariel Tweto shot her first-ever gun (caribou) at the tender age of 9! The recoil for the gun was so strong that she was left with a black eye! She also competed in cross country races and has run every day since 2001.

Jim Tweto has been quoted saying, 'being comfortable on TV is not my cup of tea.' Before venturing into the airline business, Jim Tweto owned a boat manufacturing company! The company was called Gussik ventures! 'Gussik' in Eskimo refers to Whiteman. Currently, he lives in the coastal area of Alaska.

The Discovery Channel's crew, during their first season of filming, were made to learn everything about the airline Era Alaska business and its mechanisms. Ariel Tweto, while spending her time in Hollywood, was discovered by the producer of the sports show 'Wipeout.' She also attended Chapman University and got herself a degree in communications!

Ariel Tweto's real name is Ariel Eva Tundra-Atuchaq Tweto. Ariel Tweto is also a lifestyle blogger! Is there anything this woman can't do?! Owing to the success of the documentary series, Tweto was invited to the famous talk show Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She was very much part of the show in 2012, accompanying Craig Ferguson with his tours!

Flying Wild Alaska was such a hit among its watchers that the Discovery channel pursued it for a 2nd season! The show took 2011 by storm and made its way into the audience's heart. A source confirmed the royalties and income from flying Alaska are still being earned by the Tweto family! As per some sources, she has a net worth of $1 million.

Her show 'True Alaska' ran only for one season in 2017, and no new episodes have been released since.

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