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Northernmost Point In Continental US: Know About The Extreme Points

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The geography of the entire world varies from place to place; in some places, the altitudes are high while at some others, they are low.

Every country, and even this entire earth, has a northernmost point, southernmost point, easternmost point as well as westernmost points. The United States of America is a well known developed country full of cultural, social, and economical features that might surprise you.

If we talk about the northernmost point located in Continental US, the Northernmost point located in the continental US is the Angle Inlet, Minnesota. There are present overall a number of extreme points of the United States. The easternmost point of the USA is located in Maine. Some of the countries in the USA are below sea level. Around 33 countries in the US are below sea level.

What is the name of the only point that is located at the north? The northernmost point located in the continental USA is that of the Angle Inlet, Minnesota. One needs to drive through Canada in order to reach this spot called the northernmost point of the USA i.e. Angle Inlet located in Minnesota. This Angle Inlet located in Minnesota is one of the northernmost points located in the USA basically at the Lake of the woods. The Angle Inlet is the northernmost point of the USA that too among all the 48 contiguous states. A number of geographic centers are located in the USA.

Have you heard about Alaska and Hawaii? Alaska and Hawaii are recently admitted under the United States of America. Hawaii and Alaska are two of the most recent states of America. Talking about the extreme points, there are a number of easternmost points, westernmost points, northernmost points as well as southernmost points. The northernmost state located in the USA is Alaska. Alaska is basically the northernmost center as well as the northernmost state of the USA.

If we look at the border field state park, the border field state park is a park located in California. There is an angle township as well located in the state of USA and this township is a part of northern Lake of Woods County. There is a group of islands located in the USA by the name of Virgin islands which are a group of Caribbean islands called the Virgin Islands. Read along to find answers to all your questions related to the contiguous United States. Afterwards, also check facts about the tallest mountain in America and the tallest peak in Washington.

Northernmost Point Geography Location

Geography and climate are the two things that mostly vary from place to place. Geography helps in determining many features of that place. It plays an important role. If we talk about the northernmost point and its geography, then it is really interesting.

First of all, it is a very worth fact to know that the northernmost point located in the continental USA is the Angle Inlet in Minnesota.

The United States of America is not located in the eastern hemisphere, it is located between the Northern and the Southern hemisphere. Australia is located between the Southern and eastern hemispheres.

If we talk about the geographical location of the northernmost point of the Continental USA, it is located between 49 '23' 04.1 N and 95'9'12.2 W and that too on the Northwest Angle.

Angle Inlet is located near the Lake of Woods County in Minnesota state. The geographical location of Angle Inlet is near the Lake of the Woods.

If we talk about the westernmost point of the USA, it is the Attu island. Attu Islands are one of the Near islands located in the USA.

Northernmost Point Features

We already know Angle Inlet is the northernmost point located in the Continental US. There are some specific features of the northernmost point located in the Continental USA.

The northernmost point of Continental USA or Alaska is so far north that it needs one to drive through Canada, until and unless the people are with a boat.

The northernmost point in the Continental USA also has a monument that is of utmost importance and it marks the presence of the northernmost point as well.

If we talk about the easternmost point, the easternmost point located in North America is that of the Sail Rock i.e. off West Quoddy Head. West Quoddy head is located in Maine. West Quoddy head Maine is the easternmost point. Maine is the northernmost state in the North American continent.

The contiguous United States or the mainland of the United States consists of all the 48 adjoining and nearly located US states. Mainland or Continental are the words usually used but meaning the same thing.

What about northern Minnesota? Northern Minnesota is well known for the northern township whose population is around 4,657 as per the 2010 census.

The westernmost state in the US is Cape Alava in Washington.

Northernmost Point Latitude

Every place or every country features the easternmost point, westernmost point, northernmost point as well as southernmost point. The northernmost point that is located in the Continental US is the Angle Inlet that is located in the state of Minnesota.

Every place on this earth, every country, every state, every division, every city has some latitudinal and longitudinal lines which are spread to some extent.

The latitudes of a place are basically the horizontal lines that are present on the globe. However, the longitude of a place is the vertical lines present all over that place.

If we talk about the most northern latitude line of the USA then it is Point Barrow, Alaska that too at 71'23'N. The headland on the Arctic coast is called Point Barrow. Point Barrow is in the state of Alaska.

In the northernmost state, only a chain of islands is basically present by the name of the Aleutian Islands.

Do you know about the Prime Meridian? The Prime Meridian is the 0⁰  longitude, it is the one that measures the distance between east and west around the earth.

What is the farthest point north in North America?

Every place on this globe or on this earth has various kinds of extreme points whether it be the easternmost point, westernmost point, northernmost point, or the southernmost point. If we talk about the farthest north point or the northernmost point in North America, it is Cape Columbia.

The farthest northern point located in North America is that of the Cape Columbia that is located in Ellesmere Island. The northern American continent consists of various extreme points including easternmost, westernmost, northernmost as well as southernmost points.

Cape Columbia remains the farthest northern point in North America if we exclude the place named Greenland from North America. The place is located at around 83' 8'N 74' 13'W.

The farthest state that is located in the north in North America is none other than that of Alaska which is basically located at around 71' 23'N.

However, if Greenland is included in North America while considering the farthest north point in North America, it is the Kaffeklubben Island that is located in Greenland.

Just like the East Cape is the easternmost point in New Zealand, there are some capes here. Cape Prince is located farther north, towards the westernmost mainland point of the US. Cape Wrangell is the westernmost point of Alaska. Cape Alava is located in the Pacific Northwest region of Washington.

An island in Florida, in Monroe County, is Ballast Key. Mount Mckinley is the geographic center of Denali National Park. Cape Sable is the southernmost point. Cape sable is located in southwestern Florida.

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