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57 Paddington Bear Facts: Learn About The Popular Fictional Character

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Who doesn't love 'Paddington Bear'?

The beloved fictional character Paddington has been a staple in children's literature for decades and his story is one that never fails to entertain. 'Paddington Bear' originates from London, England, where he was created by Michael Bond in the '50s.

Michael Bond was traveling through Paddington Station when he saw a sad-looking bear on a shelf in a shop. This chance encounter led to the creation of one of the most popular characters in children's books.

Paddington Bear is known for his signature red hat and coat, as well as his polite manners and love of marmalade. His story follows his adventures after he arrives in London from 'darkest Peru' and is taken in by the Brown family in Notting Hill.

Since Michael Bond brought him to life, Paddington Bear has become an iconic character in British culture and has been featured in numerous books, television shows, and even a movie. He is loved by children all over the world for his adorable personality and exciting escapades. If you're looking to introduce your child to some classic British children's literature, then look no further than 'Paddington Bear'! If you're ever traveling through London's Paddington Station, be sure to pick up a few souvenirs for the kids from the 'Paddington' shop.

In this article, we will explore the origin of 'Paddington Bear' and how he became such a well-loved and popular character among children and adults. We'll also take a look at some of his most famous adventures and how you can introduce your child to this iconic bear. So, let's get started!

Books About Paddington Bear

This fictional character has been delighting young readers for decades, and his stories continue to be popular today. Let's take a look at the history of Paddington and some of the best-selling books that feature this lovable character.

Paddington Bear originates from London, England, where he was first created by Michael Bond in the 1950s.

Michael Bond was traveling through Paddington Station on Christmas eve when he saw a lonesome bear cub sitting by itself in a store.

The author then took it upon himself to buy the bear for his wife and named him after the station where he was found.

Michael Bond then came up with the story of a young bear from South America, specifically from Peru, who travels to London in search of a new home.

Before diving into the universe of 'Paddington Bear', Michael Bond had been working as a BBC television cameraman for shows such as BBC's 'Blue Peter'.

The lovable bear was found in Paddington Station, hence his name.

He is taken in by the Brown family at 32 Windsor Gardens in Notting Hill, London.

The first book in the Paddington books series, 'A Bear Called Paddington', was published in 1958 by Harper Collins, known back then as William Collins and Sons.

The first US edition of 'A Bear Called Paddington' was printed by Houghton Mifflin, Boston in 1960.

The book featured a lovely yellow dust jacket with colorful letters and an adorable illustration of Paddington.

The story follows Paddington Bear as he adjusts to life with his new family.

Paddington Bear is a beloved character because of his positive attitude and is always cheerful and upbeat, despite the many challenges he faces.

One of the most popular Paddington books is 'Paddington Goes To Town'.

In this book, Paddington tries his hand at a number of jobs, including being a barber, a window washer, and even a musician.

Paddington Bear embodies the qualities that young readers aspire to have. He is kind, helpful, and always tries his best, even when things don't go his way.

Paddington's numerous adventures and mishaps in England are chronicled in the book series, as well as some details about his life in Peru.

TV Adaptation

As it happens with most popular series, the 'Paddington Bear' books were also adapted into a TV series. Here's a brief overview of the numerous TV adaptations.

'The Adventures of Paddington Bear' was the first TV adaptation of Paddington, which aired as a serialized reading on 'Jackanory', a BBC children's series, in 1966.

The short 15-minute episodes of 'The Adventures of Paddington Bear' were read by popular actress Dame Thora Hird.

'Jackanory' also produced a Christmas special episode in 1970, which was read by John Bird.

The 'Jackanory' adaptation of 'Paddington' was followed by another series of TV readings by ITV called 'Once Upon A Time'.

Actor Ian Gillett Carmichael did four readings for the series from 1968-1970.

The stop-motion style BBC television series 'Paddington' is arguably the best-known and most loved adaptation of 'Paddington Bear'.

The series ran from 1975-1980 for a total of 56 episodes and three specials. It was written by Michael Bond himself.

The voice of Paddington was provided by Michael Hordern and the series featured music composed by Herbert Chappell.

The TV series was overseen by prolific British-French animator and director Ivor Sydney Wood.

Ivor Wood and his wife, Josiane, founded Woodland Animations and were responsible for many popular series including 'Postman Pat' and 'The Adventures of Parsley'.

Wood's 'Paddington' was aired in two series; 'Paddington' (1976) and 'The Adventures of Paddington' (1979–80).

The series featured charming stop-motion animation where every character except Paddington is a paper cut-out.

Our beloved bear character appears as an actual 3-D puppet.

The next TV adaptation of 'Paddington Bear' was an animated series that aired from 1989-1990 for a total of 13 episodes.

It was produced by American studio Hanna-Barbera as part of 'The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera'.

The series was directed by Ray Patterson and starred the voices of Charlie Adler, Tim Curry, and Georgia Brown.

Cinar Films, later known as Cookie Jar Entertainment, produced the third TV adaptation of 'Paddington Bear'.

The Canadian studio produced an animated series that aired for three seasons from 1997-2000.

Paddington also made an appearance in 'The Official BBC Children In Need Medley' by Peter Kay's Animated All-Star Band.

The bear is seen prancing along beside other well-loved characters such as Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder, and Pingu!

Characters In 'Paddington Bear'

Here are some of the most popular characters in the 'Paddington Bear' universe.

Paddington Bear is our beloved protagonist and namesake of the series. He is a friendly bear who was found at Paddington Station in London, England by the Brown family.

Paddington is always polite and well-meaning, even if his good intentions don't always go as planned.

Mr. Brown is the bumbling yet well-intentioned father, who attempts his hardest to look after his family, as well as Paddington!

At first, Mr. Brown is hesitant to let a bear into his home but eventually comes to love and care for Paddington as if he were one of the family.

Mrs. Brown is the matriarch of the Brown family and a loving wife and mother. Mrs. Brown is very caring and looks after Paddington as his foster mother.

Jonathan and Julia Brown are the two children of the Brown family. They are kind and mischievous and always up for an adventure with Paddington Bear.

The age difference between the two siblings is never confirmed, with some adaptations portraying Judy as the elder, while in others Jonathan is the older sibling.

Mrs. Bird is the Browns' Scottish housekeeper and a friend to Paddington Bear. She often helps out the Brown family with her many talents, including cooking and knitting.

Aunt Lucy is Paddington's aunt who raised him in Peru. She is a kind and gentle bear who loves her nephew very much.

Mr. Gruber is the owner of an antique shop near Paddington Station. Mr. Gruber is a good friend of the Brown family and often helps Paddington with his many adventures.

Mr. Curry is the Browns' next-door neighbor and nemesis of Paddington Bear. He is a grumpy man who doesn't like anything or anyone out of place.

Uncle Pastuzo is Paddington's late uncle who raised him in the mountains of Peru. He was a kind and gentle bear, much like Aunt Lucy.

He has the heart and soul of an explorer and was even given his name (and his hat) by the explorer Montgomery Clyde.


If you're new to the world of 'Paddington Bear', here's a quick overview of the bear's story.

On an unassuming London afternoon at Paddington Station, the Brown family comes across a small bear in a red hat, sitting quietly on his suitcase in the corner.

They begin a conversation with the bear and discover that he has come all the way from 'darkest Peru'.

He left after his Aunt Lucy had to be put into the Home for Retired Bears in Lima. Paddington calls himself a stowaway and reveals that he had traveled there on a lifeboat.

The Browns notice a tag around his neck with the words 'Please look after this bear, thank you.'

Moved by the note and seeing that there is no one to claim the forlorn creature, Mr. and Mrs. Brown decided to take him in and raise him as their own.

Named after the railway station where he was found, Paddington soon becomes part of the family.

With his earnest good nature, he wins over even the most skeptical members of the household.

From there, the series follows Paddington's many adventures as he explores his new home of London with boundless enthusiasm.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of 'Paddington Bear' or just discovering his adventures for the first time, we hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of fun facts about everyone’s favorite bear from Peru. If you loved these facts as much as we did, make sure to share them with your friends and family, especially if they have little ones who are fans of the furry star too. Be sure to keep an eye out for more interesting stories about your favorite characters right here on the blog.

A charming statue of Paddington Bear is situated at the Miraflores Boardwalk in Lima, Peru.


What is Paddington Bear's favorite food?

Paddington Bear's favorite food is marmalade. Paddington is often seen eating it on toast or with a spoon straight from the jar!

What is Paddington Bear known for?

Paddington Bear is known for his love of marmalade and his iconic duffle coat and hat.

Why does Paddington Bear have two birthdays?

When asked about his age, the Browns find out that Paddington doesn't know how old he is. They then decide that he will have two birthdays a year, on June 25 and December 25!

What does Paddington Bear say?

One of the first things we hear Paddington Bear say is 'I came in a lifeboat and ate marmalade. Bears like marmalade.' Another popular marmalade-related saying of his is 'A wise bear always keeps a marmalade sandwich in his hat in case of emergency.'

Where was 'Paddington Bear' filmed?

The 2014 live-action 'Paddington Bear' film was shot in various locations around West London, including London Paddington Station, Windsor Gardens near Notting Hill, and the Natural History Museum.

Who stars in 'Paddington Bear' (2014)?

The film has many stars, including Hugh Grant, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, and Julie Walters.

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