15 Palm Springs Facts: Learn All About 'The City Of Hot Springs'

Continue reading to learn the Palm Spring facts that you must know before visiting the place.

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Did you know that Palm Springs was once known as 'The City of Hot Springs'?

The area is rich in history and culture. Also, there are plenty of things to see and do in this popular destination.

Palm Springs is a popular tourist destination in California, and it's easy to see why. With its beautiful weather, stunning scenery, and vibrant nightlife, there's something for everyone in Palm Springs. Being the favorite vacation site of college students, the city offers you exciting activities like tennis, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking.

In this article, we will discuss 15 interesting facts about Palm Springs. Whether you are a resident or just planning a visit, we hope you find this information helpful!

History Of Palm Springs City

The first people to inhabit the Palm Springs area were the Cahuilla Indians. They believed that the palm trees in the area had spiritual significance, and they used the hot springs for healing purposes.

As is mentioned, the city was inhabited by Cahuilla people for millennia. But it is believed that the first white people to visit this place were José Romero and José María Estudillo.

In 1823, the newly formed Mexican government sent these men to find an overland route that connects Alta California with Sonora.

The United States of America government established Agua Caliente Reservation in 1876.

In the '30s, even before Las Vegas became popular, Palm Springs was considered the best desert gateway by Hollywood stars.

Even though today the place has numerous golf courses and is known as the Golf Capital of the World, tennis was the first sport to be deeply associated with this place.

Location And Area Of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley, about 100 miles east of Los Angeles. The city covers about 16 sq. mi (41.4 sq. km) and has a population of approximately 45,000 people.

The city of Greater Palm Springs is situated in Riverside County, California. It is basically a desert resort city. The city stands 487 ft (148.1 m) above sea level in the Coachella Valley.

The city covers an area of approximately 94 sq. mi (243.5 sq. km).

A few miles east of downtown Palm Springs is situated at the Palm Springs International Airport. It was built by the architect Donald Wexler.

On the famous Palm Canyon Drive, you will find places like Ventura (for authentic midcentury furniture), Distinctive Home (a place to see contemporary furnishing with modern style), and the Galleria (a place devoted to midcentury decorative arts).

Did you know that the oldest wind farm in the country is situated in this city? Keep reading and learn more about the place.

Famous Places To Visit In Palm Springs

There are many popular places to visit in Palm Springs. Here is a list containing all the places you can go if you visit this beautiful city.

If you ever visit Palm Springs, don't forget to look inside the Palm Springs Art Museum.

If you are interested in desert cacti, you must visit Moorten Botanical Garden and Catarium. The place houses a wide variety of cactus and other desert plants.

Visit Palm Springs Air Museum if you want to see a vast collection of World War II combat aircraft.

If you want to see some examples of good architecture, then visit the Inns of Palm Springs, which are primarily located in the nearby foothills. It is also said that the stars from Hollywood used to stay there.

To see a variety of theatrical productions, you must visit Palm Canyon Theatre.

Finally, visit the vast Living Desert Zoo and Gardens if you wish to see some rare African and desert animals.

The Economy Of Palm Springs

The economy of Palm Springs is based on tourism, with many people visiting the area to enjoy its warm weather and beautiful scenery. Let's see some interesting facts about the economy of this city.

Palm Springs, California, is one of the developing cities in the US. In the last two years, the job market of Greater Palm Springs increased by 2.2% and is estimated to reach 38.3% over the next ten years.

When it comes to average income, Greater Palm Springs easily beats the rest of the United States with $36,126 per annum. However, the tax rates in Greate Palm Springs are significantly higher than in the rest of the country, causing a significant impact on the cost of living.


Why is it named Palm Springs?

The early Spanish explorers called that place 'La Palma de la Mano de Dios' (The Palm of God's Hand); it is possible that the name 'Palm Springs' came from this Spanish phrase.

What's popular in Palm Springs?

The architecture, the golf courses, the tennis courses, the pools, the San Jacinto Mountains, the Palm Canyon Drive, the Golf Cart Parade in Palm Desert, and many more things.

Why would anyone live in Palm Springs?

It is a developing city with an increasing economy. The average income in Greater Palm Springs is decent, though the tax rates are a bit high. Overall, this is a place filled with natural beauty and cultural importance.

Which famous person lives in Palm Springs?

Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Anne Rice, and Josh Homme are celebrities who live in Greater Palm Springs. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn even own a mansion there, which they bought in 2003.

What was Palm Springs called before?

Apart from 'Le Palma de la Mano de Dios' (The Palm of God's Hand), Palm Springs was also known from time to time as 'Big Palm Springs' and 'Palmetto Spring.'

What is the coldest month in Palm Springs?

Winter lasts for 3.2 months in Greater Palm Springs, from November to February. The coldest month is December, with an average high temperature of 69 F (20.6 C) and an average low temperature of 46 F (7.8 C).

How does Palm Springs get its water?

The primary water sources of this place are recycled water, groundwater, and imported water. CVWF (The Coachella Valley Water District) also relies upon the Colorado River and the State Water Project.

How far is the ocean from Palm Springs?

Palm Springs, California, is situated in a desert, where the most extraordinary places are the swimming pools. But if you wish to see the ocean, you have to drive for at least two hours to reach the nearest Pacific Ocean beaches like Dana Point, Carlsbad, and Newport Beach.

Why is Palm Springs so expensive?

The high cost of housing is one of the primary reasons the city is so expensive. The stats show that California runs a 139% higher housing cost than the national average. Apart from this, the high tax rates also contribute much to the costliness of the city.


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