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Here are pink pigeon facts for you to know about the birds endemic to Mauritius
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Pink pigeon (nesoenas mayeri)is originally from Mauritius, and can be found in an inland green forests or coastal forests with native trees. They are arboreal species that feed on native and exotic plants. The pink pigeon almost became extinct in the 1990s. It is still very rare. With only 10 individuals found in 1991, the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has made consistent efforts to save the species from complete extinction, like Mascarene pigeons. By 2011 there were 500 birds after which the IUCN Red List has brought its conservation status to Vulnerable over the years. The pink pigeon has a pale pinkish-greyish plumage on its shoulders, heads, and underside. The beak is dark pink in color with a white tip, and the feet are pink too. Their tail is rust-colored, and their wings are dark brown in color. The pink pigeon has dark brown eyes with red-colored eye rings around it. Most of the pink pigeon population can be found in Black River Gorges National Park and Isle aux Aigrettes. The neighboring island of Reunion also had its species of pink pigeon which is extinct now. The species are constantly monitored by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. Here are some interesting facts about these non-migratory breeding birds for you. After, do check our other articles on German nun pigeon facts and drongo facts

Pink Pigeon Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a pink pigeon?

The pink pigeon is a type of bird found on the island of Mauritius. It had almost gone extinct in the 1990s, but the population has revived so far. It is still a rare bird that is recovering from the brink of extinction

What class of animal does a pink pigeon belong to?

The pink pigeon belongs to the Aves or birds class of the animals. It lays a clutch of two eggs in its nest which is constructed in an area with dense vegetation.

How many pink pigeon are there in the world?

There are hardly 375-490 individuals of this rare pigeon in their natural habitat. Habitat degradation, introducing predators and wildlife diseases are the major reason for its almost extinction. Though, through captive breeding programs, the population of this species has seen some improvement and recovered from the brink of extinction.

Where does a pink pigeon live?

The pink pigeon is found on the Mascarene islands of Mauritius, located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. It is also found on the tiny island of Ile aux Aigrettes, which is predator free. Another island where the species has gone extinct is the Reunion islands. The species is a non-migratory one.

What is a pink pigeon's habitat?

The pink pigeon lives in the tropical moist forests on the island of Mauritius. The pink pigeon population can be found in inland green forests or coastal forests with native trees. These birds are arboreal species that feed on native and exotic plants.

Who do pink pigeon live with?

The pink pigeon population lives in pairs or families. Pink pigeons are monogamous species and will not live alone; birds of this species perform all their tasks together.

How long does a pink pigeon live?

The pink pigeon lives for 10-18 years. Males have a higher life expectancy than females, about five years more. In the wild, females are more likely to be preyed on. Female pink pigeons produce eggs constantly, which is extremely taxing on their metabolism. Due to this, female pink pigeons survive for 10-11 years only, and males survive for 17-18 years.

How do they reproduce?

As per the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, pink pigeons are monogamous and birds of this species stay together for life. Breeding season for pink pigeons is from August to September. Pink pigeon breeding season lasts around the year. Males attract the female with step and bow display. Pigeons will build a nest together on a tree. The best is a flimsy platform nest and they will defend the surrounding area from other mating pairs. Female pink pigeons will lay two eggs and the incubation period lasts for two weeks. The male and female take care of the eggs together, the male incubates the eggs during the day and the female will do so during night and early day. The baby will hatch with their eyes closed and survive on crop milk. They fledge in two or four weeks but are fed by the parents. The young ones will leave the nest after 4-7 weeks and become independent. Like domestic chickens, the female will be constantly producing eggs even if they are not fertilized, which is detrimental to their metabolic health and decreases its chances of survival.

What is their conservation status?

This breed is classified as vulnerable by IUCN and Wikipedia. Pink pigeons were downlisted from critically endangered in 2000 and endangered in 2018. The decline in population and almost extinction happened due to predators and habitat loss. In 1991 the population dropped to 10. The captive breeding and reintroduction program by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust has made it possible to increase its population. The captive breeding program has helped increase their population from 10-400 in the wild, over a period of 30 years. Unfortunately, only 2% of the native forests remain in Mauritius, which has led to the pink pigeon concentration on the upland slopes of the Black River Gorge National Park in Mauritius.

Pink Pigeon Fun Facts

What do pink pigeon look like?

The pink pigeon has a pale pinkish-greyish plumage on its shoulders, heads, and underside. The beak is dark pink in color with a white tip and the feet are pink too. Their tail is rust colored, and their wings are dark brown in color. The pink pigeon has dark brown eyes with red-colored eye rings around it.

Pink Pigeon

How cute are they?

Pink pigeons are extremely cute and loving birds which are a rarity to see in their natural habitat.

How do they communicate?

Pink pigeons make a short hardened 'hoo hoo' sound while taking flight. Males will make a series of sounds like 'cous-cous' to define their territory. This species uses non-vocal communication while courting.

How big is a pink pigeon?

The pink pigeon is a small to medium size bird known for its pink greying plumage and soft pink feet and beak. They grow 14-15 in (35.5-38.1 cm) in length.

How fast can a pink pigeon fly?

This pigeon species are known as distance flyers, but the pink pigeon is not a migratory bird and doesn't fly too often away from Mauritius. They just fly from the roosting sites to foraging areas. That’s about it for the species.

How much does a pink pigeon weigh?

The pink pigeon weighs around 12-12.4 oz (0.34-0.35 kg) and are medium sized birds.

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male pink pigeon is called cock and the female is called a hen. Their group is called dropping, band, kit, flight, passel, loft, or a plague.

What would you call a baby  ?

The baby pink pigeon is called a squab. The parents feed leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds to the squabs till they are old enough to live independently.

What do they eat?

They visit their feeding site by the day in pairs or family groups. Their feeding areas are a canopy of trees or forest grounds. They will turn over leaves on the ground to find food for their diet. Pink pigeons are herbivores which means their diet comprises plants and their various parts like flowers, buds, shoots, leaves, fruits and seeds of both exotic and native plants. Invasive plant species like the Chinese guava and private have also led to the loss of the native plants, which are important to the pink pigeon.

These birds face danger from numerous predators like rats, mongooses, macaques and feral cats.

Are they dangerous?

These animals are not at all dangerous. In fact, they are a sensitive species that is still Vulnerable, according to the IUCN Red List. They need protection from predators and restoration of their habitat.

Would they make a good pet?

These animals would be an ideal pet, but looking at their current state of low population and inbreeding depression, it advisable to let them remain in their natural habitat.

Did you know...

Pigeons suck up on water, unlike other birds who drink water.

Pigeons are known to have a great sense of hearing. They can hear a distant storm or a volcano.

What is the rarest pigeon?

The pink pigeon is the rarest pigeon in the world, with less than 1000 individuals in the world. This species had almost gone extinct in the 1990s with hardly ten individuals. With a lot of concentrated efforts, the population has grown back to the current levels.

What is the fastest pigeon in the world?

The Belgian bred pigeons are known to be the fastest pigeons in the world and are used for racing. Bolt is the fastest pigeon and was bought by a Chinese businessman recently.

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