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Prince Philip: Interesting Facts Revealed On British Royal Family

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The public interest in the royal family's affairs has always been high.

From royal weddings to funerals, tourists from all over the world throng the vicinity of Buckingham Palace to catch a glimpse of the royal family. And with Netflix's historical drama series 'The Crown' showing the history of the British royalty from the beginning of Elizabeth's reign, the interest has only piqued.

Son-in-law of Queen Victoria and father of Prince Charles, Prince Philip Mountbatten has been a colorful character from the very beginning with his tragic past, war decorations, and devotion towards the family. Be sure to read the article if you want to know more about this layered and controversial character in detail.

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Prince Philip: Life History

Prince Philip, much like his future wife Queen Elizabeth, was born in a royal family, but his life trajectory followed an entirely new course right from the start.

Prince Philip Mountbatten was born to Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg on June 10, 1921. He was born in Mon Repos villa on the Greek island of Corfu. Philip was his parent's fifth child and only son.

In 1922, Philip's uncle, King Constantine, the erstwhile ruler of Greece, was compelled to surrender following his defeat in the Greco-Turkish War. As a general in the Greek army, Philip's father, Prince Andrew, was also charged with treason.

After Andrew was banished from Greece for life, Philip's family fled to France on the British naval ship HMS Calypso. Philip was hidden in a fruit box onboard and carried to safety.

In France, Philip and his family settled in a house in the Paris suburb of Saint-Cloud lent to them by Princess Marie Bonaparte, who was the aunt of Prince Philip.

Philip attended the Cheam School, then a school in Germany, and finally the Gordonstoun School in Scotland. He completed a term as a cadet at the Dartmouth Royal Naval College after leaving Gordonstoun in early 1939.

Philip met Queen (then Princess) Elizabeth II in 1939 while the royal family was visiting the Dartmouth Royal Naval College. He was requested to escort Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret on request from the Queen Mother and Lord Mountbatten.

Teen Elizabeth (aged 13) fell in love with Philip, and the couple exchanged letters. Only after she attained the age of 20, in 1946, Philip wrote a letter to King George VI, asking for her hand in marriage. The official announcement of the engagement was proclaimed on July 10, 1947.

Philip had renounced his Greek and Danish titles and become a naturalized British subject while also adopting his maternal surname of Mountbatten. He was bestowed the style of Royal Highness by the British monarch on the day before his wedding.

Prince Philip got married to Elizabeth on November 20, 1947. He was awarded the title Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Greenwich of Greenwich in the County of London and the Earl of Merioneth. They got married in a cathedral in Westminster Abbey.

With Elizabeth's accession to the throne on June 2, 1953, Prince Philip became the royal consort and managed his duties until the age of 96. The Royal Highness passed away in Windsor Castle on April 9, 1921.

The most senior judge in the family division court, Sir Andrew McFarlane, ordered Prince Philip's will to be sealed for 90 years to maintain the dignity of the Queen, British sovereign, and close members of the royal family. It is a tradition for the family courts to ask to seal the royal wills for nearly a century.

Prince Philip: Children

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had four children with Queen Elizabeth II.

Charles, Prince of Wales: Prince Charles Philip Arthur George was born on November 14, 1948, as the eldest son of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

Anne, Princess Royal: Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was born on August 15, 1950, as the second child of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York: Prince Andrew Albert Christian Edward was born on February 19, 1960, as the royal couple's second son and third child.

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex: Prince Edward Antony Richard Louis was born on March 1 10, 1964, as the youngest child of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip has eight grandchildren: Prince Harry, Prince William, Lady Louise Windsor, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, James, Zara Tindall, and Peter Phillips.

Prince Philip was longest-serving royal consort

Prince Philip: Famous For

While Philip Mountbatten is best known as the late husband of Queen Elizabeth, he had many personal achievements and talents that could have attained his fame on his accords.

Prince Philip was the longest-serving royal consort in British royal history. He retired when he was 96 years old, which was about 30 years more than the average retirement age of most people. Post his retirement, and he continued as a member of 780 organizations. 

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, undertook 22,191 official solo engagements and gave 5,493 speeches during his entire career.

Philip died at the age of 99, making him the oldest male royal family member in history. However, he was not the most senior royal family member ever. This record is held by Princess Alice, who was the daughter of Queen Elizabeth's uncle, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. She died at the age of 102 in 2004.

Prince Philip had a rather odd hobby of carriage driving that comprised of old-fashioned carriages being pulled by horses. The Duke of Edinburgh helped set up the international rules for the sport. He also penned a book on the sport in 1994, named 'Competition Carriage Driving.'

Prince Philip was an artist and a designer, having designed stained-glass windows for Windsor Castle when it was being restored after being destroyed by a devastating fire.

The Duke of Edinburgh was a well-decorated war hero and had accomplished many accolades in his youth while serving in the Royal Navy as a midshipman. He was named Admiral of the Fleet in 1953 and was also awarded the Greek War Cross of Valor.

The Queen formally presented Prince Philip with the title and office of Lord High Admiral of the Navy to mark his 90th birthday.

Prince Philip: Role In Royal British Family

As the royal consort, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, had a long list of royal duties, a significant portion of which was accompanying the Queen in her official visits. He also had a whole assortment of solo duties to perform as a part of the royal family.

Prince Philip escorted Queen Elizabeth on her Commonwealth tours and state visits, besides carrying out about 22,219 solo engagements. He visited 143 countries in an official capacity and was involved with more than 780 organizations.

The Duke of Edinburgh started one of the most successful organizations for teenagers in 1956. It is named the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, which has since expanded to 144 nations.

Prince Philip supervised the modernization of Buckingham Palace after the Second World War. He was also involved in the re-organization of the Balmoral and Sandringham estates. He also became the ranger of Windsor Great Park.

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