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31 River Phoenix Facts: An Amazing Person From The American Film Industry!

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River Jude Phoenix was one of the most talented and upcoming rising stars in the world of Hollywood.

Phoenix was the older brother of the Joker star Joaquin Phoenix, he was known to the world through his critical acting skills. He also starred in movies like 'Indiana Jones', portraying the role of young Jones.

River Phoenix's birth was in a very humble family, through sheer hard work he rose to fame at an extremely young age. Many actors who have had an opportunity to work with him admired River Pheonix's personality and said he was a charming guy. He achieved an incredible feat at a very young tender age in the world of cinema. But right when he was at his best and the time when the actor was marking a legacy through his acting skills, he unintentionally took his own life by a drug overdose.

This unfortunate incident happened when he was just 23 years old. For most of the actors, their 20s are all about striving and finding good work, beginning their careers. but amazingly enough, River Phoenix had almost already achieved that. He was cast in major films of the time and was gaining huge popularity as an actor. But right when he was at his best, the actor killed himself in 1993, through a drug overdose.

River Phoenix's death was very tragic. The reports say that the mixture of cocaine and heroin in large quantities is what led to his death. However, River Phoenix's legacy continues to live, and believe it not his death actually doubled his fame. River Phoenix's death was very unexpected. River Phoenix, although raised from a humble background, established himself as a bankable actor through sheer raw talent and determination.

His life can be viewed with another similar actor's life story too, Heath ledger, just when he was at his peak, Phoenix died in an unfortunate incident. Let us explore some of the interesting information and facts about this short-lived actor whose life impacted numerous people. Afterward, also check Winslow Homer Facts and Alice Walker Facts.

Life Events: River Phoenix

River Phoenix, the older brother of Joaquin Phoenix, was one of the rising stars of Hollywood in the late 1900s. he was born on August 23 in the city of Madras, Oregon. His parents named him River after getting inspired by the German Hesse novel Siddhartha.

River showed an unusual amount of talent from a very young age. His parents were Arlyn du Netz and John Lee Bottom, both of them belonging to different heritage, one Russia and other German and French. River learned to play the guitar to make some money and support his ever-growing family.

He often sang with his sister in the streets. Due to the pertaining financial crisis of his family, River had no formal schooling, although many commented he could read and write, he was almost incapable of fathoming the deep literature and historical aspects.

During the time of 1973, River and his family joined a so-called cult organization called the 'Cult of the God', where they were asked to work as missionaries but although the press say was deeply understated, River was never a fan of the organization. River was soon spotted by a talent agent when he was performing in the streets. He started his TV career in commercials for 'Mitsubishi' and 'Ocean Spray', but soon got his break on a show called 'Real Kids'.

However, only in 1980 did River completely immerse himself with his acting career. He starred in the television series called 'Brides for Seven Brothers'. Although his ever-growing career as an actor was always by his side, it should be noted that his true passion was music. In 1987 he formed a band with sister Rain and Josh Greenbaum.

Here, sister Rain and Greenbaum continued to sing and write songs. Just like his younger brother Joaquin Phoenix, River was also passionate about animal rights. Earth Save and Earth Trust were his two favorite NGOs. He was a practicing vegan and never shied away from expressing his disdain for killing animals. Brother Joaquin Phoenix is a fabulous actor in today’s date. The year between 1970 and 1980 was a huge success for River Phoenix, he was cast in numerous commercially successful films and his impeccable acting skills had earned him numerous awards and accolades including the academy award. He was a multi-talented persona.

River loved the music of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Beatles. he dated his co-star Martha Plimpton, from the movie 'The Mosquito Coast' with whom he maintained a close friendship even after their supposed break up. River Phoenix was at his peak in his acting career when he lost his life abruptly, this ended the era of one the finest actors in the world cinema.

Death: River Phoenix

The young actor Phoenix collapsed around the Phoenix family. The American actor River died during the early hours of Halloween out of drug addiction. River Phoenix’s last movie was 'Dark Blood'.

After completing his final shots in his last movie 'Dark Blood' (which would go on releasing in 2012) after spending one week in New Mexico, River was flying back to Los Angeles. The October of 1993 also happened to be the first day of shooting the movie, the director said they heard Phoenix die on the same night. The fateful night of October 30, 1993, proved to be tragic for River Phoenix when he was invited to perform with his band at an exclusive Hollywood nightclub, called the 'The Viper Room'.

River arrived at 'The Viper Room' with his band, his sister, Summer Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, and Rain Phoenix, his girlfriend Samantha, and his brother Joaquin, Johnny Depp was also present. Since it was an exclusive club, drugs like cocaine were immediately passed around. It is reported that since River was already high, taking additional drugs was inherently dangerous to him.

However, only during the performance did River himself talk with his friend Bob Forrest saying that he was feeling quite unwell, though he was overdosing eventually he would go to say that he was feeling better declining the offer to be driven home, soon after River's girlfriend witnessed him having convulsions.

There was a commotion on the sidewalk and Joaquin immediately called 911. By the time the ambulance and paramedics arrived they witnessed River turning blue suffering a massive cardiac arrest, numerous attempts were made to restart the 'Stand By Me' actor's heart, eventually, he was taken to hospital where reviving attempts were unsuccessful too. River Phoenix was pronounced dead at 1:51 AM on October 31st, 1993. Phoenix died a tragic death. The autopsy report which was released on November 15 reported that the cause of death was acute multiple drug intoxication. There were traces of higher quantities of cocaine, heroin, and other drugs with smaller concentrations.

River Phoenix's birth was in a humble family

Acting Career: River Phoenix

River Phoenix was recognized by the talent agent Iris Burton when he was performing on the street with his sister for money. The talent agent was so taken aback by the talent of River that she decided to represent him and his siblings.

After being cast in numerous commercials, River signed a contract with Paramount Pictures. The siblings were cast on the show called 'Real K'ids and a musical called 'Fantasy' which helped him grab a spot on a TV series called 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. In 1983 he made a film career although he was only given minor and small roles, he acted in numerous movies including 'Celebrity', 'Backward: The Riddle of Dyslexia', 'Surviving a Family in Crisis', and in a handful tv series. These roles allowed him to showcase his acting skills and numerous directors were impressed.

Phoenix's first major motion picture role came in 1984 when Phoenix starred in the science fiction movie 'Explorers' which also starred Ethan Hawke. Later on, he was also offered a role in what became his last tv show known as the 'Circle of Violence: A Family Drama'.

When River Phoenix was just 16 years old, he was cast in a coming of age movie called "To Stand By Me' which was inspired by the Stephen King novel 'The Body.' His role in the movie was immediately recognized, and River was even nominated for numerous prestigious awards for his role. In late 1986, he also played the role of Harrison Ford's son in the movie 'The Mosquito Coast'. He also started dating Martha Plimpton, his co-star in the movie.

They had an on-and-off relationship throughout his life. In the year of 1988, River was awarded national border review for the Best Supporting Actor for his role in the movie 'Running on Empty'. But he was recognized in the mainstream when he played the role of young Indiana Jones in the movie 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' directed by Steven Spielberg. Although River's role was very brief, he was immediately recognized for his talent.

River starred with Keanu Reeves in the movie 'My Own Private Idaho'. In 'My Own Private Idaho', he was regarded as bringing queer characters into the mainstream audience. Phoenix's character used to be ssuch a hit that there would be posters of him plastered on street corners. In 1991 River won The Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival. River was just 21 years old when he was bestowed with The Independent Spirit Award and critics award for Best Actor. He achieved his highest stardom and fame throughout his time and he was repeatedly called to act in numerous movies. Some of the commercially successful films are 'Sneakers', 'Silent Tongue', and 'A River Runs Through It' which also cast Brad Pitt alongside River Phoenix.

He was awarded for his role as Danny Pope in 'Running on Empty'. Many of his roles were also transferred like the role of an interviewer passed on to Christian later. He became the sixth youngest actor to win an Academy Award. Phoenix jumped to the feet of Kevin Kline during the ceremony when Kevin Kline beat him to the Oscar. River's last complete film was music-themed, it was named 'The Thing Called Love' which was released in the year 1993. Phoenix was also nominated for Oscar and Emmy for his outstanding performance in most of the movies he was cast in. Many actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves are known to be inspired by River Phoenix's acting.

Movies: River Phoenix

River Phoenix was a star who rose in Hollywood through sheer raw talent and hard work. He never intended to enter into the field of acting since his passion had always been music and songwriting.

His talent for acting couldn’t be veiled for long, it had to come out. The actor’s uncharacteristically real performance in almost all of his movies, made him earn his immense stardom and fame at such a young age. However, fate had other plans for the 'Stand By Me' actor. Before he could make any more impact through his deterministic performance, he passed away abruptly. River Phoenix’s death came as a shock to many industry acquaintances. 'The Viper Room', the club where Phoenix was last seen, was garnered with flowers from his countless fans all over the world.

Here is a list of the notable movies starring River Phoenix:

Explorers (1985)

Stand by Me (1986)

My Own Private Idaho (1991)

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Sneakers (1992)

The Mosquito Coast (1986)

Silent Tongue (1993)

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