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Staten Island, a borough and island of New York City, lies in the New York Harbor, south of Manhattan and between Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Several small islands form Staten Island and the Richmond County borough of New York City that are a part of the five boroughs of New York, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens. The State Island Ferry connects the island to Manhattan.

Before the Verrazano Bridge was constructed in 1964, Staten Island served as a vacation spot for people during the summer season. However, with the creation of the Verrazano Bridge, many people from New York City, especially the Italian community settled in Staten Island, and eventually helped in the development of the island.

Staten Island is considered the greenest borough because of an estimated 12,300 ac (4977.6 ha) of protected forest land and contrary to the beliefs of out-of-towners, Staten Island is actually a part of New York City, despite being separate from the city by water.

Climate Of Staten Island

Based on the tourism score, early June to early July is seen as the best time to plan a visit to Staten Island. Some climate facts of the borough:

The summers of Staten Island are warm, wet, and humid. The winters are windy, snowy, and very cold. The Island remains partly cloudy year-round.

The temperature varies throughout the seasons and the average temperature is 54.5 °F (12.5 °C). With an average temperature of 76.3 °F (24.6 C), July is the warmest month, and with an average temperature of 32 °F (0 °C), January is the coolest month.

July's 102.0 °F (38.8 °C), is the highest temperature recorded on Staten Island, and January's -13.0 °F (-25 °C), is the lowest recorded temperature.

Tourist Attractions Of Staten Island

Staten Island has historical landmarks, museums, and parks that attract tourists year-round!

The Botanical Garden and Snug Harbor Cultural Center is a natural and cultural oasis and is close to the St. George Ferry Terminal, which is located on the Island's north shore.

The Botanical Garden and Snug Harbor Cultural Center is spread over an area of 83 ac (33.5 ha) and includes various highlights such as the Staten Island Museum, and the Staten Island Children's Museum.

The Staten Island Boat Graveyard is another tourist hotspot even though it is not an official attraction, with several 'no trespassing' signs all over. The graveyard is located on the Island's western shore and is home to various dismantled ships.

The Historic Richmond Town is an authentic living history museum that gives its visitors a taste of the late 1600s when the Dutch settled on the island.

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the most famous attractions of the island. Staten Island residents rely on this free ride to commute to work. The ferry also allows visitors to take in the beauty of the Statue of Liberty and the serene view of the city harbor.

Located not too far from the Staten Island Ferry, St. George's Richmond Country Bank Ballpark serves as the home of the minor league baseball team Staten Island Yankees.

The stadium offers special promotions like celebrity guests, post-game fireworks, and free shirt Friday!

Staten Island is also home to one of the most popular Tibetan Art museums! The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art was established by Tibetan art expert and American art collector, Jacques Marchais.

The Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art has various exhibits that display replicas of scroll paintings, ritual artifacts, replicas of Tibetan monasteries, and musical instruments. On-site lectures, musical performances, film screenings, and events are offered on the grounds.

The Staten Island Zoo is spread over 8 ca (3.2 ha) and is known for its vast collection of reptiles, especially a particularly large collection of rattlesnakes housed in a 16,000 sq ft (1,486.4 sq m) enclosure.

The zoo now features various marine habitats in its new aquaria such as the tropical coral reefs, Caribbean Sea life, and the Pacific kelp forests.

Economy Of Staten Island

Staten Island is doing well for itself compared to the other boroughs of New York. Discover more about its economy with these facts:

Staten Island is known for its high household median income of $76,244 (as of 2018), which ranks the city just below Manhattan with an average household income of $79,781 (as of 2018). The city has an estimated 32% future job growth.

The forgotten borough of New York City has several occupations practiced by the residents. 17.7% of the population work in social assistance and health care; 11.1% in educational services; 10% in retail trade; 7.4% in construction; 7.2% in finance and insurance; 7% in public administration; 5.8% in warehousing and transportation; 2.9% in manufacturing; 2.7% in leasing, rental, and real estate; 1.9% in recreation, entertainment, and arts, and 1.8% in wholesale trade.

The rest of the population's occupation consists of various other sectors with small percentages thoroughly divided.

Richmond County is an expansive region of Staten Island.

Population & Culture Of Staten Island

Staten Island has a small population because of its size. However, not much is known about its culture. Learn more with these facts:

Based on a 2020 census, the population of Staten Island is estimated to be around 4,95,747 making it the least populated borough and Brooklyn the most populated borough with an estimated population of 2.6 million people!

Staten Island is known as the most well-off borough because of its small gap between the rich and the poor. Compared to Staten Island, Manhattan might be richer but the gap between the rich and the poor is extreme.

Did You Know...

Learn more about Staten Island with these random facts:

There are no branches of the famous restaurant Chipotle on Staten Island! Staten Islanders who want to eat at Chipotle have to drive all the way to Manhattan or the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn.

There are many places called 'Richmond' on Staten Island! Richmond Road, Richmond County, and Richmond Avenue are some popular areas. The name comes from Charles Lennox, who served as the first Duke of Richmond.

Famous TV personalities like Vinny Guadagnino, Angelina Pivarnick, and Mike Sorrentino all hailing from Staten Island gained nationwide popularity on the reality show 'The Jersey Shore'.

Todt Hill, formed on a serpentine rock, stands at an elevation of 401 ft (122 m) above sea level and is known to be the highest point on the East Coast.


How is the weather on Staten Island?

The city experiences warm, wet, and humid summers and winters are chilly, snowy, and very cold.

Is Staten Island cheap to live in?

Compared to the other parts of New York, Staten Island is comparatively cheap, but it still poses problems for the general population because of its high tax rates.

Is Staten Island safe to live in?

Staten islanders believe that the southeast part of Staten Island is the safest place to live, with Staten Island generally being one of the safest places in New York.

Is Staten Island poor?

No, Staten Island is the second-richest New York borough.

What is unique to Staten Island?

The city known as the 'forgotten borough' is also home to the famous Staten Island Ferry which crosses the Hudson River.

What are five interesting facts about Staten Island?

Staten Island has 170 parks. The Staten Island Ferry became free in 1997. Staten Island is home to a Tibetan art museum. The borough is home to some of the oldest buildings in New York with structures that date back to the 17th century. The borough is home to several noticeable parks such as Lemon Creek Park and High Rock Park.

What is a fun fact about Staten Island?

Staten Island is the only New York borough that is not linked to the New York Subway system.

What is Staten Island best known for?

Staten Island is known for its museums, green parks, and historical buildings.

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