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What Comes After Quadruple? The Quirky Tuple Number Facts For Kids

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Did you know that the terminology for most numbers comes from Latin?

While this Anglo-Latin terminology is pretty easy for the first four numbers (single, double, triple and quadruple), most people wouldn’t be able to answer the simple question what comes after quadruple? Although these Latin terms can be really difficult to learn, you don’t need to learn all the names of the numerals by heart, as any numbers beyond quadruple are rarely used. 

A tuple is an ordered set of values used in programming languages like python and lisp. It is used in an abstract mathematical sense to denote a multidimensional system of organizing co-ordinates.

Numbers can be really fun. Many mathematicians believe that the entire universe is made up of numbers, understanding some is more difficult than others. One such difficult aspect of mathematics is understanding tuple numbers. These Latin-derived terms might sound very difficult, but they are so much more fun than they sound. A tuple is a data structure that is immutable, which means that its values cannot be modified. A tuple can hold any number of items even of different natures, for example integers, lists and floats. A tuple count is used to calculate the number and frequency of the element inside the tuple.

After reading all about where this term originated, you may also want to know what is the only metallic element that is liquid at room temperature and what is the smallest particle of an element.

What comes after quadruple and quintuple ?

We all know that single is used to describe one, double is used to describe two, triple is used to describe three, four is described as quadruple and five is described as quintuple. What comes after?

While the first four terms are fairly easy to understand and remember, anything that comes after is rarely used, even when describing babies born together (such as with a twin or triplet). These terms are made up of two parts where the second part 'tuple' remains constant. The terms that follow are quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, octuple, n-tuple, duo-decuple, tredecuple, quattuordecuple, quindecuple and so on. The numbers go on in a series: one is single, two is double, three is triple, four is quadruple, five is quintuple, six is sextuple, seven is septuple, eight is octuple.

What is an ordered n-tuple?

An ordered n-tuple is a sequence of elements where n stands for a non-negative integer, this sequence could either be in an increasing or decreasing order. While this sequence is not that important, the order is important.

Tuple refers to a mathematical unit that is used to store more than one variable in a specific order. An order does not necessarily refer to any pattern found in the numbers that are contained in the tuple. Order refers to the defining characteristics of the value of the tuple which means that each element that is stored within the tuple has a specific and fixed position that can’t be changed.

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What comes after double, triple, quadruple?

The prefixes in front of a number change while the tuple at the end stays a constant. Synonyms of quadruple include quartette, quadrant, and quadruplet. Quadruple would also mean to multiply by four, for example the quadruple of five would be 20.

As we’ve established how these Latin numbers work in a series, let’s take a look at the continuation of this series. Quadruple is followed by quintuple, sextuple, septule , octuple , nonuple, decuple, un-decuple, duodecuple, tredecuple, quattuordecuple, quindecuple and so on. After the tenth number, the suffix tuple is dropped and is replaced by uple. Eleven is written as undecuple, 12 is dudoceuple, 13 as tredecuple, 14 as quattuordecuple, 15 as quinceduple, 16 as sexdecuple, 17 as septendecuple, 18 as octodecuple, and 19 is written as novemdecuple while 20 is written as viguple.

Does quadruple mean four?

We’ve used this word so many times in this article that you’ll know these numbers by heart. But, what exactly does this term mean?

The word quadruple is generally used to describe the number four and more terms related to it. For example, in the medical dictionary, the word quadruple bypass is used to describe a type of surgery in which all four chambers of the heart are operated upon. Quadruple can also be used to denote four times as many or times by four. This is derived from the Latin term 'quadruple' which means to make fourfold or times by four.

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