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What Is A Queen? Everything You Need To Know About Women Who Rule!

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Have you ever imagined what it's like to wear a shiny crown, wave to adoring subjects, and rule a kingdom? Or do you wonder about the true essence behind the title "queen"? Well, it's time to discover the fabulous world of queens, those powerful women with regal flair and significant responsibilities. You're about to explore the most iconic moments of queens throughout history and uncover the real meaning behind that glittering crown.

Beyond the jewels and luxurious gowns, a queen is so much more! You're about to explore facts about different queens who have stamped their mark in the history books and etched their footprints in the sands of time. You'll also find out the diverse ways in which the word "queen" pops up in daily conversations. It is bound to be both enlightening and a royal barrel of fun.

What is a queen?

How exactly do you define queendom, and who qualifies a person to be called a queen? Before you embark on your regal fantasy, let's get the basics right. Explore these sparkly tidbits to uncover what, indeed, makes a queen.

  • The definition of the noun "queen", is a woman, or anything personified as a woman, who is first or foremost in whatever way. A queen is mostly used to describe a female ruler, the wife of a reigning king, or his widow. She could also be a tribal chief's wife or widow.
  • The word "queen" can also refer to a lady of great position, power, or beauty. She could be a female monarch, a deity, or an entity personified as feminine who rules a country or serves the head of state. A girl or woman who wins a beauty competition such as a pageant can also be referred to as a queen, as in a beauty queen.

What are the qualities of a queen?

Thinking of adding a little regal flair to your strut? Well, first you need to find out the qualities that truly make a queen. It's more than just wearing a crown; it's about the heart and spirit too! Explore these queenly traits that go beyond the jewels.

  • You can recognize a queen by her charming, energetic, and charismatic nature.
  • A queen has excellent communication skills, a solid vocabulary, and a sincere tone.
  • Queens are usually driven to win. They have a good attitude; they're proactive, problem-solving, and looking for opportunities to ensure maximum success. Queens are also eager to push limits and set new standards.
  • It's hard to miss a queen when she enters a room; she emanates confidence and commands attention through her posture and mannerisms.
  • Queens are often interested in giving back to communities that need them, so they're typically involved in charitable ventures.
  • A great queen empathizes and puts herself in others' shoes to sympathize with and assist them in their challenges.
  • Good queens do not adhere to what others believe about them but instead seek advice from others and recognize that they don't understand everything.
  • Concerned with the well-being of others, a kind queen shows genuine interest and lends a helping hand when needed.
  • As a warrior who fights for her people's justice, a queen has to be strong and confident. She carries herself with grace and class, never putting herself above or below others.
  • A queen is also knowledgeable and uses her intellect to communicate, serve, and impart advice to those in need.
  • A great queen also demonstrates that she is not perfect or without defects. She safeguards both others and herself.
A queen is defined as a woman who rules a kingdom or is wedded to a king.

Common Queen References In Different Contexts

Beyond the castle walls, did you know the title "queen" gets quite the workout in various scenarios? From buzzing bees to iconic cards in a deck, the term "queen" wears many crowns. Join this whirlwind tour and discover all the quirky and cool ways the queen noun reigns supreme.

  • Queen Elizabeth II, for most of her life, was the crowned Queen of England and 14 other Commonwealth states.
  • Queen is a British rock band whose blend of hard rock, punk rock, and camp theater propelled them to the top of the '70s charts.
  • The only bee in the hive that can reproduce is called the Queen bee.
  • A queen bee is also used to refer to the leader of a female group, like a girl clique. The phrase has been used in a variety of societal contexts.
  • Similar to bees and other insect colonies, the only fertile female ant in a colony of ants is known as the queen ant.
  • A queen mattress measured 60 in by 80 in (152.4 cm by 203.2 cm). It is currently the most common mattress type in the United States.
  • A mature female cat, particularly one kept for breeding, is also called a queen.
  • In chess, the most powerful piece of each color is the queen, and it can travel across any number of vacant squares across the board.
  • In a deck of cards, there is also a playing card bearing a picture of a queen on it.
  • A Queen Regnant is a female sovereign equivalent to a king in rank and title. She reigns over a kingdom in her own right, compared to a Queen Consort, who is the spouse of a current king, or a Dowager Queen, the widow of a king. A Queen Regent is the caretaker of a child royal and reigns temporarily on the child's behalf.
  • The Queen's Guard is the term given to brigades of infantry and horseback soldiers guarding the United Kingdom's formal royal residences.
  • In the American schooling system, a homecoming queen refers to a young lady selected by her peers to preside over activities related to the homecoming football game.
  • On television, there is also a reference to the movie 'Queen', which follows the story of a Punjabi girl who embarks on a solo honeymoon trip after her wedding is called off.
  • Cunard Line operates three ocean liners called Queens: the Flagship QM2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth.

What are other names for queens?

Think "queen" is the only title for the leading ladies in history? Think again! Beyond the tiara and throne, there's a realm of other majestic titles these powerhouse women have been crowned with. Buckle up for this enlightening session and uncover other diverse names that have graced these rulers.

  • A queen can also be called a monarch, a female sovereign, a female ruler, a queen consort, a queen dowager, or a queen mother.
  • A queen is frequently referred to as an empress, but these are two distinct royal positions. An empress is the monarch of an empire and ranks higher than a queen.
  • A queen dowager is also sometimes called an empress dowager when she is the widow of a king or an emperor. A queen mother is a queen dowager who also happens to be the mother of a reigning sovereign.
  • "Czarina" was used to refer to Russian empresses and the wives (or widows) of czars.
  • 'Maharani" is a term used to address the wife of a Maharaja, a Hindu monarch.
  • "Olori" is a term used to refer to the wife of a king in the Yoruba region of Nigeria. The word "Lolo" is used for queens in the eastern part of the same country.
  • Sultana is used to describe the wife of a king or ruler in a Muslim state.

What ranks above a queen?

So, you think "queen" is the pinnacle of royal ranks? Well, there's more to the regal ladder! While queens indeed shimmer in their majestic glory, there are some titles that sit a smidge higher on the noble totem pole. Curious to know who tops the chart? Unravel these royal ranks and find out who's got the ultimate royal bragging rights!

  • Empress is often regarded as the most significant ranking. Queen is a monarchical title that ranks lower than Empress, but higher than any other title.
  • An empress is a leader (or the ruler's wife or widow) of an empire. A queen rules over a kingdom. An empire is thought to be larger than a kingdom. As a result, an empress typically holds a higher status than a queen.
  • Typically, the king, a card bearing a picture of a king, is the most valuable face card in a pack of playing cards. The king instantaneously outranks the queen in the French version of a card deck.

Most Famous Queens In History

Across the pages of history, some queens have dazzled brighter than their tiaras! These iconic ladies didn't just wear their crowns; they defined them. Ready to meet the superstar queens who've left an indelible mark? Let's time-travel and unveil the fabulous tales of these legendary leading ladies.

  • Elizabeth I ruled as the Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 all the way up to her final bow in 1603. She holds the distinction of being the final torchbearer for the House of Tudor and is often hailed as one of the mightiest monarchs to grace the throne.
  • Queen Elizabeth II, throughout her reign, stood as a beacon for the UK and the Commonwealth amidst times of great societal shifts. Her unwavering dedication and heartfelt commitment to serving her people shine as defining traits of her legacy.
  • Starting June 20, 1837, and up until her last day in 1901, Queen Victoria wore the crown as the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. For a remarkable 63 years, she oversaw an expansive British Empire that spanned a whopping six continents.
  • Catherine II, famously dubbed Catherine the Great, was a trailblazing leader of the 18th century. Not only did she stretch Russia's frontiers during her time on the throne, but she also championed a nationwide education system and chalked up a slew of impressive feats.
  • Nefertiti, a standout queen from Ancient Egypt's 18th Dynasty, held the esteemed title of Great Royal Wife alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten. She played a pivotal role in shifting Egypt's religious landscape, transitioning it from a multi-god belief to a sole devotion to Aten, the sun god.
  • Makeda, the celebrated Queen of Sheba, is best known for her legendary tales with King Solomon of Jerusalem from the Bible. From their union, their son rose to prominence as the pioneering imperial leader of Ethiopia, kicking off the dynasty of Aksûmite kings.
  • Kandake, also known as Candace, wasn't just the Empress of Ethiopia; she was a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield! Historians paint a picture of her as a formidable war general, known for her sharp tactics and fearless leadership.
  • Empress Suiko, the pioneering Empress of Japan, wasn't just about wearing a crown. She made waves by setting Buddhism as Japan's go-to religion and brought in the Chinese calendar.
  • Hailing from the city-state Zazzau, now part of Nigeria's North-West, Amina Mohamud is remembered as a fierce Hausa warrior queen. Queen Moremi was another fearless Nigerian queen, and legend has it that she played a heroic role in saving the Yoruba tribe from dark times of oppression.

Queens are so much more than just regal figures with crowns. They bear the weight of nations, make history, and inspire many with their leadership, grace, and strength. On the flip side, the mantle of queenhood isn't always glitter and gold; challenges, responsibilities, and high expectations come with the territory. So, what's the royal takeaway? Embrace your inner queen and wear your crown with pride no matter what life situation you find yourself in. Take inspiration from these powerful women, lead with your heart, and remember: every day is an opportunity to reign supreme in your unique way.



























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