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What Is Xmas? A Must Read Guide For You: Thank Us Later!

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Xmas (sometimes spelled X-mas) is a popular abbreviation for the word Christmas.

Xmas is celebrated by families by sending letters to each other wishing a merry Xmas. This festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ.

Because many Greek letters and words are rendered, it is sometimes difficult to pronounce, although Xmas and variations like Xtemass began as handwritten shorthand for the standard pronunciation. The letter 'X' is derived from the Greek letter 'Chi', which is the first letter of the Greek word 'Christós', which was translated into English as Christ.

The suffix -mas comes from the Old English word mass, which is borrowed from Latin. The term 'Xmas' is sometimes misunderstood as a secular attempt to erase the Christian tradition from Christmas by removing the 'Christ' from 'Christmas,' yet it has been in use since the 16th century.

Some modern style guides, such as those at the New York Times, The Times, The Guardian, and the BBC, discourage the use of 'Xmas.' In the 1948 Vogue's Book of Etiquette, Millicent Fenwick writes that 'Xmas' should never be used in greeting cards.

According to the Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage, informal spelling should be used in circumstances where concision is desired, such as headlines and greeting cards. While recognizing the old and respectful usage of 'Xmas' in the past, the Christian Writer's Manual of Style recommends that the spelling should never be used in professional writing.

The cities usage of baby Jesus and ancient Christian art is immense during the time. There are many definitions and ancient abbreviations for Christmas (the religious tradition) but, Christians utilized the letter X as a hidden symbol to indicate their membership in the church service to others in the early days of the Christian church.

Xmas and the word Christmas are essentially the same things if you know the Greek meaning of symbol X: Christ + mas that makes Christmas, according to the dictionary. However, the origins of the Greek word Xmas are more respectable and fascinating than you may think according to the dictionary.

To begin with, the abbreviation predates its use in flamboyant advertisements (by centuries). This abbreviation was initially used in the mid-fifteenth century and is even used in the modern world. The letter X stands for the Greek symbol (letter) chi, which is the first letter of the word Xmas (Christos).

Xmas day (sometimes spelled X-mas) is a popular shorthand for the English word Christmas. Although in the modern world, it is often abbreviated as Xmas. Variants like Xtemass began as handwritings of abbreviation for the traditional pronunciation of these holidays in this modern world.

These holidays are mentioned in New Testament (a holy testament) to celebrate the birth of the Christian savior Jesus Christ, meaning this holiday season is celebrated all around the world as the birth of the Christian God Jesus Christ.

After reading about this abbreviation for the word Christmas, also check Christmas symbols for kids and Christmas eve meaning.

Why Christmas Is Abbreviated to Xmas

On paper, Christmas is abbreviated as XMAS. However, some individuals object to the way the festival is spelled. They feel it devalues Christmas by focusing on the commercialization of the Christian celebration, and that it is a contemporary and disrespectful abbreviation. While some may still take offense, this is not the case.

And we can confirm that it has been used for nearly as long as Christianity itself. The roots may be traced back to the Greek alphabet and language. The Greek letter Chi, which is the initial letter of the Greek word for Christ, is the letter that looks like an X.

Most experts agree that the abbreviation for these words and other words related to them was first used in 1021. We can also confirm that the name 'Christmas' is already shorthand for 'Christ's mass,' the religious ritual commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. All of this isn't to say that people aren't entitled to be unhappy or offended when they see the shorter XMAS, but we can confirm that the abbreviation wasn't devised with the intention of being lazy or demeaning the holiday.

The word Christmas has been derived from the combination of words Christ and Mass.

Xmas Trees That Don't Drop Needles

Since earlier times, a range of evergreen tree types were used as Christmas trees by Christians across the world. By the advent of the 16th century, a fir tree was used as the Christmas tree in northern Germany on the occasion of Christmas day.

Christmas trees are available in a variety of options for people to choose from during the festival. As a matter of fact, more than 30 million Christmas trees are sold across the world. Therefore, the perfect Christmas tree that you may select from, depends entirely on your preferences. If you are interested in a Xmas tree that does not drop the needles, then opting for a Nordmann Fir Christmas tree can be a good choice. These trees are known to not shed their needles and are safe around naughty pets or kids as their rounded needles pose no threat.

If you are looking for another alternative then the Norway Spruce Christmas tree is also an option. This tree also does not drop too many needles and is safe to be placed inside a home. It is advisable to purchase this Christmas tree a couple of weeks before Christmas to minimize the chances of needles falling. Thus, it can be safe around pets and little children.

Other popular options are the Alberta White Spruce tree and the Serbian Spruce tree. Both of these three types have a smaller size and are not known for shedding their needles. But opt for them only if you are looking for smaller-sized Christmas trees.

Cool Xmas Facts

Christmas is a festival that is enjoyed by everyone around the world. Let's look at some more interesting Christmas facts.

The popular tune Jingle Bells started off as a Thanksgiving tune. The custom of hanging stockings stems from a story about a father who was unable to marry his daughters because he was poor. Upon hearing this, Saint Nicholas filled the stockings of the three girls with money. This made the girls eligible for marriage.

Christmas was not always celebrated on December 25. In earlier times, Christians used the letter X to denote their membership in the Church. Christians living in different countries celebrate different Christmas traditions. In Australia, Christmas is celebrated in summer!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for what is Xmas then why not take a look at when do you take down your Christmas tree or the origin of Christmas colors.

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