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31 Whitehaven Beach Facts: Uniqueness, History And Much More

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Whitehaven beach is known as one of the most photographed beaches for a reason and that is the sand of the Whitehaven beach.

The Whitehaven beach has 98.7% pure silica sand, which is also called quartz sand. This white silica sand is known to make Whitehaven beach the shiniest in the world. It is still a subject of interest and amusement to researchers as to how silica in this grand amount has reached Whitsunday island beaches.

These grains have been present at the Whitehaven beach for millions of years but it is however not known if they came to Whitsunday island through tides or through any other source. The Whitehaven beach is also the top eco-friendly beach- the credit for this should also be given to the native inhabitants of the island. The Whitehaven beach along with Airlie beach and hamilton island is one the most known tourist places in Australia.

Whitehaven Beach Facts

The Whitehaven beach lies on the Whitsunday island in Australia, the Whitsunday national park is one of the most adored tourist places to have a good time in Australia.

  • There are numeral ways through which one can get to the Whitehaven beach, one of the most preferred ways is by catching a ferry to Whitehaven beach from the Airlie beach.
  • Through a ferry, it takes approximately one hour to cover a path of 21 mi (34 km).
  • Very often tour guides are present to advise the way to get to the Whitehaven beach, other ways to get to the beach are sailing yacht, boat or the seaplanes.
  • It advised to not take electronic equipment on the beach, as the sand on this beach is very fine and it can get inside mobile phones.
  • The sand can easily damage electronic equipment if taken to the beach.
  • The sand of Whitehaven beach almost never retains heat.
  • As the sand is made of 98% silica, even on the hottest day one can walk on the sand barefoot.

Whitehaven Beach History

Here are some very famous facts about the Whitehaven beach.

  • Another special thing about Whitehaven beach is its rocks are not made out of silica.
  • This means the white sand is not from the island but from someplace else.
  • However, since the sand has a large quantity of silica inside it, it can only be assumed that the same got there around million years ago.
  • The silica might have deposited through the sea currents.
  • The Whitehaven beach is famous due to its very white sand, which is made out of silica.
  • This is also the reason why the sand of this beach is so white since 98% of its contents are silica.
  • Due to the excellent clarity of the water and the white sand, patterns of swirling sands appearing as though they are under turquoise waters is very common on this island.
  • The Whitehaven beach is also known to have the whitest sand in the world.
  • It is not known if the sand got at the shore of Australia through a tide or through any other way.
  • The Whitehaven beach is also very famous for the large marine animals which live on these islands.
  • It is also possible to discover giant clams on these islands.
Whitehaven Beach in Australia is the whitest beach on earth.

Facts For Tourists

Here are some interesting tourists facts to know before visiting Whitehaven beach.

  • The Whitehaven beach in Australia is one of the best beaches in the world.
  • They are home to a number of marine species and some of them are baby lemon sharks.
  • The Whitehaven beach is also a good place to observe harmless sharks such as the blacktip reef sharks.
  • Sharks can be found in shallow waters at this beach.
  • The Whitehaven beach is one of the best places to show off your swimming skills.
  • The sand of this place never retains heat, which furthermore makes it a good place to visit during the summers.
  • It is assumed that the Whitehaven beach is around 10,000 years old.
  • The famous white sand on this beach accumulated over a course of thousands of years through sea tides.

The Uniqueness Of Whitehaven Beach

The beach is very unique in its own sense, and is one of the whitest beaches in the world, due to the silica contents of the sand. However, there are also some strict regulations that tourists must follow to help authorities maintain the beach.

  • The entire beach is made of pure silica and has the most breathtaking views to offer the tourists.
  • The turquoise waters of Whitehaven beach are unforgettable.
  • The Whitehaven Beach is known as the most photographed beach of entire Australia.
  • Apart from that, the entire island is filled with national parks which provides an incredible experience to all the tourists.
  • There are also some strict regulations that tourists must follow to help authorities maintain the beach.
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