Who Is Autumn Peltier? Everything You Need To Know About Her

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Keep on reading to learn about one of the greatest activists and leaders of our generation: Autumn Peltier.

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People all over the world have heard about the water warrior from Canada named Autumn Peltier.

Autumn Peltier, from the Wiikwemkoong First Nation on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, is an Anishinaabe Indigenous clean water advocate and the Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation. Famously known as the water warrior, at just the age of 13, Autumn Peltier addressed world leaders at the UN general assembly about the need for water protection.

As a water activist from Canada, Autumn Peltier advocates for clean drinking water in First Nation communities and around the world. She believes in access to clean water for everyone around the world. Autumn has fought for water rights and traveled all over the world to educate people about the sacredness of water and the importance of clean water. Autumn Peltier also spoke at the United Nations World Water Day on March 22, 2018, and the United Nations invited her as a keynote speaker for World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden. She was also honored as a water protector by the Assembly of First Nations. For her exceptional conversationalist nature and advocacy towards water rights, Autumn Peltier was honored by the Ontario Lieutenant Governor with the Sovereign's Medal for Volunteers. For her awareness, she was also honored as an Ontario Junior Citizen. Autumn has never stopped believing in the need for access to clean water among indigenous communities and indigenous people all over the world. Clean drinking water is a fundamental right, and she has been fighting for it for a long time now. A famous thing she said is that 'we can't eat money or drink oil'. This quote still resonates with many people and is especially impressive as she was only 15 years old when she spoke it at the Global Landscapes Forum.

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Who is Autumn Peltier?

Autumn Peltier is an advocate for clean drinking water all over the world. She is raising awareness as her great aunt used to for water protection and conservation around the Great Lakes.

Water is important, and that is what Autumn Peltier lives by. She believes in a need for water protection all over the planet to protect the environment. Let's learn about the life of Autumn Peltier before all these.

Autumn Peltier lives near one of the biggest groups of freshwater lake bodies in the world, named Lake Huron. She lives in a part of the territory of a First Nations Reserve called Wikwemkoong on Manitoulin Island in northern Ontario. Now, Peltier lives in Ottawa, where she attended St Mother Teresa High School. As she grew up among First Nations communities in Lake Huron, she understood the need to protect water and the importance of doing so. She is an advocate for providing universal rights to clean and safe drinking water, raising awareness towards water rights, and making sure all communities in the world have access to clean and safe water. Even at the tender age of eight, Peltier attended many water ceremonies on First Nation reserves. During one such ceremony in Serpent River First Nation in Ontario, Canada, she noticed toxic waters in the area due to pipeline leaks and pollution. Right after that, something changed in Autumn, and she started taking part in more ceremonies across Ontario in Canada.

At just the age of 14, Autumn Peltier traveled the world, spoke to the United Nations, and took part in raising awareness about the importance of clean drinking water in the world. She has been nominated for various awards. However, she is not the only member of her family known for being a water warrior; her great aunt Josephine Mandamin was known all over the world for her work on water for the environment across the Great Lakes. Autumn was a water walker, and her walks inspired many to do the same to raise awareness of this issue.

What is Autumn Peltier fighting for?

Autumn is fighting for the environmental protection of drinking water for Indigenous people all over the world. Autumn Peltier has also taken a stand to speak out against contamination.

Autumn Peltier has spoken at both national and international events, including the Children's Climate Conference in Sweden, the United Nations in New York, and a First Nations assembly where she reminded the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, of his broken promises regarding the development of pipelines in Canada. Peltier spoke about this as the prime minister of Canada had earlier promised her that he would protect the water.

What is Autumn Peltier known for?

Known for her desire to spread awareness about clean drinking water for all human beings, Autumn Peltier has done extensive environmental advocacy work.

Autumn Peltier is known for advocating for clean drinking water in First Nations communities, and she also acts as the Chief Water Commissioner for the Anishinabek Nation. Awards and recognition have kept flowing for Autumn Peltier. At the age of just 13, in 2018, Peltier addressed world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly on the issues of contaminated water across Canada's Indigenous reserves. She was also nominated for the International Children's Peace Prize in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Autumn even walked a distance of 10563.31 m (17000 km) across the shoreline of all of the five Great Lakes. It inspired many other people to follow in her steps. She uses song and ceremony to connect with everyone and to pay respect to the water and Earth. With her position as a commissioner, she can share her traditional knowledge as well as awareness about clean water with the masses. She believes it is important to speak about water so that people can drink clean water for better health and sustainability. She even spoke before the UN General Assembly in 2018 for the launch of the International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development.

Autumn Peltier was even named a Science Defender by the Union of Concerned Scientists in 2009.

Autumn Peltier is a water warrior who has dedicated her life to clean water for everyone around the world

When did autumn Peltier start fighting for clean water?

Autumn Peltier started to raise her voice for clean water when she was just eight years old.

Following in the footsteps of her great aunt Josephine Mandamin, Autumn Peltier started her journey when she was eight. At the age of 17 (present date), she is already a warrior who everyone looks up to. She is brilliant, and she is compassionate for her people. That is what makes her such a great leader.

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