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Who Were Marco Polo's Kids? Know All About The Descendants!

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Between 1271 and 1295, Marco Polo traveled the silk road.

'The Travels of Marco Polo' is a book recording Marco Polo's adventures. It was the first look by Europeans into the world of Asia.

 Niccolò Polo and Maffeo, the father and uncle of Marco Polo, were merchants, and he learned the trade from them. They also traveled through Asia and met Kublai Khan of China. Marco Polo traveled with his father and his uncle on his first journey. He became the foreign emissary of China. He also helped in the diplomatic relationship between other south Asian countries such as India, Burma, Vietnam, and Indonesia. He had three children, died in Genoa in the year 1324, and was buried in San Lorenzo church.

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Marco Polo: Kids Names

Marco Polo had three daughters.

Three of the Marco Polo children were named Bella Polo, Fantina Polo, and Moreta Polo. Marco Polo's father and uncle set out to discover more about Asia in the year 1255. Kublai Khan was a king of the Mongol empire in China, and he was one of the grandsons of Genghis Khan. Marco Polo, his father, and his uncle reached China in the year 1266. Eventually, Polo conveyed a letter from Kublai Khan to the pope. It was written as a request to send educated people to China and teach them about western ways.

Marco Polo's mother died early, and not much is known about his life other than he was well educated in the appraisal, handling of ships, and foreign currencies. They again set out to travel to China when Marco Polo was 15 years old. After spending almost two decades in China, Kublai Khan was reluctant to send the Polos back to Europe. Still, he eventually let them go by giving Marco Polo the final task of escorting the Chinese emperor's daughter to Persia. Marco Polo returned to Venice after 14 years. When Polo came back to venous, people did not believe him that he traveled east Asia and thought that stories about China were fake.

What happened to Marco Polo's daughter?

Marco Polo's daughters died at a very young age.

The republic of Genoa captured Marco Polo after he came back to Venice and was held captive there. In the prison, he told his stories to Rustic Hell da Pisa. Marco Polo was released and went back to Venice in the year 1299. His father and brother bought a large palazzo which they named Corte del Milion. They bought it from the gemstones and profits they got from the east. When people didn't believe he went to the far east, Marco Polo and his family invited the villagers to a dinner. They wore the traditional Chinese peasant outfits and then revealed all the gemstones from their pocket.

Marco Polo: Children's Biography

Marco Polo is the first successful European traveler along with his father and uncle.

Marco Polo is also a children's game. In Saint John, there is also a ship named Marco Polo. One of Marco Polo's ancestors was of the name Emilion. So, Marco Polo was also nicknamed Marco il Milione. His book was also called II Milione. In the story, it was written how the Polo family accompanied a Chinese princess to marry a prince in Iran. Many people have a conflict of opinion whether Marco Polo visited China or heard and retold the stories from other travelers. There is no record of Marco Polo and his kin visiting China in the Chinese chronicles. The Chinese historians were very particular about documenting every little detail, and their names never came up. But, there is a record of Polo escorting the princess. Rustichello da Pisa published the version of the book written by Marco Polo. He was a famous romance book writer and cellmate of Marco Polo in prison in Genoa. Marco Polo told him stories about all his adventures in the far east.

Marco Polo's daughter was Bellela Polo.

Marco Polo: Children's Book

Marco Polo was from a noble family of merchants.

They went to China and had a jewel business in Venice. Polo married his wife Donata Badoer in the year 1300. He wrote a book 'Il Milione' between the years 1310 and 1320 after he was released from the captivity of Genoa. This book was written in old French. The title of the book is said to have come from the word million or the word Emilion, which was a nickname of Marco's family. The French title of the book was 'Le divestment du monde' which means 'the description of the world.' After that, the book has been translated into several European languages. 'The Travels of Marco Polo' is the English translation of the original book. Some of the stories and narrations have been lost in translation, as the original book was written in a very old language and before the invention of the printing press.

Marco Polo: Kids Education

Marco Polo's children married into noble families and received a good education.

Marco Polo died in the year 1324, and he was buried in Venice in the church of San Lorenzo. When he came back to Venice in 1299, his father bought a company with the money they earned through their expeditions. 'San Giovanni Grisostomo' was the name of the house they bought with the company's profits. The company was very prosperous, and Marco Polo continued to fund expeditions. But, he never went on an expedition again himself. Many people still disbelieved Marco when he was on his deathbed, and a priest begged him to confess that he had lied about his tales and adventures. Marco said with skepticism, "I have not told half of what I saw." There have been many European travelers before the Polos, such as the Radhanites and Giovanni da Pian del Carpine; none of their travels was documented.

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