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55 Will Roger Facts You Should Know About The Humorous Actor

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William Penn Adair Rogers was born in Oklahoma.

Rogers was born in 1879, and he died in 1935. At first, William Roger performed vaudeville acts.

He showcased his talents as a Broadway actor. His sense of humor made him popular among his peers. Will rogers began his wild west shows when he moved to South Africa. Rogers was one of the most famous actors of 20s and 30's America. He also wrote some books and gained fame as an author during his life. 'The Story of Will Rogers', released in 1950, was a biographical movie made about Will Rogers. He went to military school but ran away after two years. Many mistake him for being from Texas, but he was, in fact, from Oklahoma.

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Fun Facts About Will Roger

Will Roger was also called Sir William Jr.

Rogers was known as Oklahoma's favorite son. He traveled around the world three times. Rogers acted in 71 films in his life; 5o of them were silent movies, and 21 of them were talkies. Rogers was popular for his political wit. His Vaudeville act in the Ziegfeld Follies gained him the nation's interest. Clement Vann Rogers and Mary America Schrimsher Rogers were his parents. They were both mixed race and of Cherokee ancestry. His father was a leader in the Cherokee Nation. He was a Cherokee senator.

Will Rogers married Betty Blake. Rogers died in a plane crash in 1935, and the Will Rogers memorial center is situated in Oklahoma. His first film was 'Laughing Bill Hyde'.

In the year 1908, Will Rogers married Betty Blake, and they had four children. Betty Blake was also a beloved actress and worked in many films.

Facts About Will Roger's Acting Career

Will Rogers began acting in films in the year 1918.

Will Rogers's first foray into acting was through the Broadway show 'The Wall Street Girl'. Will Rogers was scouted when he was working on his Wild West shows in the United States and abroad. People loved his work, and that was when he got his first Broadway show in New York. After his success in the show, he was hired by director Flo Zeigfield to be cast in his next Broadway show, 'Midnight Frolic'. His first film was in 1918. It was called 'Laughing Bill Hyde'. Will Rogers had a natural flair for acting. He produced several comedies and acted in many films after. 'They Had to See Paris', was the first talking movie he appeared in, during the year 1929. 'A Connecticut Yankee' and 'State Fair' were some of his popular movies.

Facts About Will Roger's Radio Career

Will Rogers was a radio star.

Rogers worked for the gulf oil company and made radiobroadcasts for them. He worked for them from 1929-1935. 'Will Rogers and His Famous Alarm Clock' was the show that he got for himself in 1935. He was a very talkative person and expressed his political views in a humorous way. He lived in Oklahoma, then Argentina, then he traveled the world before finally settling down in New York for his acting and radio career. He became a famous radio personality and a public speaker due to his sense of humor. Rogers was a hit in show business.

Will Rogers excelled in various fields of work in his life.

Facts About Will Roger Before His Acting Career

Will Rogers lived on a ranch in Oklahoma.

Rogers was born into a wealthy Cherokee family. As a young man in his early life, he was great at horse riding and rope tricks. He had an interest in history in school. He saw Buffalo Bill's wildest show and was impressed by an American rope master. Will was sent to military school after failing school at the age of 14. He was thrown out of military school for not being punctual and always being a joker. He went to Texas in 1898 and worked on a ranch as a cowboy. He was a cowboy and was given the duty to look after the horse. He then went home to look after cattle and horses but left soon after. He went to Argentina to work as a cowboy, but wages there were low. Next, he made a trip to South Africa for a wild west show. There he gained popularity as a Cherokee kid in the wild west show. He traveled to Australia and New Zealand with the wild west show.

The Will Rogers memorial center is in Texas, and the Will Rogers memorial park is in California.

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