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William Lyon Mackenzie King Facts: Learn More About Him

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William Lyon Mackenzie King or W.L. Mackenzie King was the longest-serving Prime Minister of Canada.

He was in office from 1921-1926, 1926-1930, and 1935-1948. Sir John Alexander Macdonald was the first leader of Canada.

William Lyon Mackenzie King was born on December 17, 1874, in Berlin, Ontario in Canada. His parents were Isabel Grace Mackenzie and John King. John King was a lawyer and professor, and Mackenzie King had three siblings. William Lyon Mackenzie, the first mayor of Toronto and Upper Canada rebellion's leader, was his grandfather. Also, a member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom and a Presbyterian. He was inspired by his mother's ideals from a very early age. He lived in Kitchener. After his death, his house was opened for the public and converted into a tea room.

William Lyon Mackenzie King went to Berlin Central School and Berlin High School, and he completed his bachelor's and master's in Arts from the University of Toronto. He received a degree in LLB from Osgoode Hall Law School. He also got a Master's degree in political economy and a Ph.D. in Oriental Immigration to Canada's dissertation from the University of Harvard. He also studied at the Chicago University. He was a Liberal party leader and first became Prime Minister in 1912, where he continued on the post for 29 years.

King had various negotiations with the British government. During his last term in the government as the Prime Minister, World War II was going on. He stood against the Nazis and helped in reconstruction after the war. King was an uncharismatic and superstitious person who conducted various séances and even had a crystal ball. He looked for signs in everything. He retired from politics in 1949. On July 22, 1950, King passed away at the age of 75 in Chelsea, Canada, due to pneumonia. He is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery situated in Toronto, Ontario.

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Fun Facts About William Lyon Mackenzie King

William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada's most beloved and longest-serving Prime Minister in history. He served for 22 years. He was known for his excellent political skills and his reforms for Canadian unity.

He also helped the government in World War II. Later he conducted reconstruction of various fields like military and economy. Below are some fun facts about William Lyon Mackenzie King.

William Lyon Mackenzie King was popularly known as Weird Willie. This was major because of his belief in the supernatural.

Mackenzie King was considered the best Prime Minister of Canada of all time. Mackenzie King served Canada as its Prime Minister for 22 years. William Mackenzie King often participated in séances to talk to his family members. This made him feel secure and know that his family was looking after him.

King had a crystal ball through which he saw various famous people like Leonardo da Vinci and his dead dogs. He was highly inspired by his mother and believed in having a personal identity because of her. His mother was an ambitious person and believed in individuality. She, therefore, played an important role in his personality.

William Lyon Mackenzie King is the only Prime Minister of Canada who had a Ph.D. Mackenzie King looked for signs in everything, including his shaving cream. King was an avid writer who kept journals and diaries. They were released to the public after his death.

The Prairies highly inspired King. They helped him politically, and he saw them as moral, hardworking, and close to nature. He also called them 'God sent little angels.' William Lyon Mackenzie King never believed or supported socialism.

William Lyon Mackenzie King, in 1906, released a memoir for his friend and roommate, Henry Albert Harper, who died in a skating party while saving a woman. King's home, Kingsmere, was opened for the public after his death and made a tea house.

Historical Facts About William Lyon Mackenzie King

He led the whole Canadian government during World War II. To achieve political independence for Canada, he negotiated with the British Empire. He was in the opposition during the Great Depression. He had extraordinary skills in the industry of politics.

He did various reforms during his time as the Canadian Prime Minister. Some of the historical facts about William Lyon Mackenzie King are mentioned below.

Mackenzie King studied labor studies and was extraordinary in industrial work. Mackenzie King worked in the Department of Labour in the year 1900.

He worked in various fields like the immigration of Japanese and Industrial Disputes Act during this time.

The position of Deputy Minister was conferred upon him by  Prime Minister Laurier himself. Mackenzie King entered the world of politics in 1908. He joined the Liberal Party. In 1908, he was elected to the Canadian Parliament as a part of the Liberal Party.

Mackenzie King became the Minister of Labour. During this time, he led two reforms that helped the services of Parliament.

They were the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act and Combined Investigation Act. Mackenzie King was chosen as the leader of the Liberal Party after the death of Laurier in 1919.

Mackenzie King brought various reforms in Canada. He made Canada a modern and industrial nation. In 1912 after defeating Arthur Meighen, he became Prime Minister for the first time. On June 20, he got appointed to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom. In 1925, he advised Lord Byng to dissolve parliament, and he agreed.

William Lyon Mackenzie King is often referred to as an incredible Canadian by the people of Canada.

Facts About William Lyon Mackenzie King's Rule

William Lyon Mackenzie King was an incredible Canadian Prime Minister. He was an expert in industrial relations and worked for national unity.

His contribution to the development and growth of the country is highly valued. Below mentioned are some more interesting facts about  William Lyon Mackenzie King's rule.

William Lyon Mackenzie King is considered the best Canadian Prime Minister to date. William Mackenzie was close to President Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. William served as the Prime Minister of Canada for 22 years, which is the longest to date.

He remained Prime Minister for the terms 1921-1926, 1926-1930, and 1935-1948. In his first two terms, he did various reforms for the political independence of Canada. He also negotiated with Great Britain to bring these reforms. In 1926, he was fired from his post by Lord Byng, who was the governor-general at that time.

King was re-elected as the Prime Minister of Canada a few months later. During his last term as the Prime Minister, World War II was on peak. He initially presented positive views regarding Adolf Hitler and called him a man of peace. But later, he stood against the Nazis and opposed them.

He helped reconstruct the country's financial, military, and industrial aspects after World War. He worked for the social welfare and economic growth of Canada.

He lost the elections and was in opposition during the Great Depression. But even in opposition, he played an active political role and put forth his views in the most assertive manner possible.

Facts About William Lyon Mackenzie King's Significance

William Lyon Mackenzie King was considered the greatest Prime Minister of Canada because he worked for a united country. He became the Prime Minister as a Liberal candidate. He served as the Prime Minister of Canada for 22 years.

He led the government during World War. He did a lot for the country and brought political independence. Some of the facts about William Lyon Mackenzie King's significance are mentioned below.

He entered politics in the year 1908 and was appointed as Deputy Minister by Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier. After the death of Laurier in 1919, King became the leader of the Liberal Party. He held on to that position for 29 years.

King's two most significant reforms include the Industrial Disputes Investigation Act and Combines Investigation Act. He led these acts during his first two terms in government.

King did various negotiations with Great Britain during his term. He also helped Canada gain political independence under his rule. He built a strong opposition during the time of the Great Depression.

King is credited for the significant development in the military, economy, finance, and industry after World War II ended.

Mackenzie also opposed Nazis with the Britain government when World War II began. He helped the military, finance, and economy to rebuild after the war ended.

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