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69 Women Empowerment Facts: Girl Power And Gender Equality

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Women's empowerment is defined as fostering women's self-esteem, freedom to make their own decisions, and ability to affect societal change for themselves and others.

Women's empowerment and economic growth are linked to women's equality, a basic human right that's also necessary for a more peaceful and successful world. Therefore, women and girls must have equal rights and opportunities, as well as the ability to live free of gender inequality and prejudice.

Women's equality and independence are crucial to all areas of inclusive progress, beyond the Sustainable Development Agenda.

To achieve gender equality by 2030, immediate action is needed to address the various core causes of inequality that continue to limit women's rights in both the domestic and public realms. Discriminatory laws, for example, must be repealed and new legislation enacted to foster equality. Despite this, 49 countries do not have laws that protect women from domestic violence, and 39 do not allow daughters and sons to inherit equally.

Given that gender-based abuse is among the most common violations of human rights in the world today, eradicating it is a top goal. According to statistics from 87 countries, one in every five women and girls under the age of 50 has been subjected to physical assault by an intimate partner in the previous year. Annually, harmful behaviors such as child marriage rob 15 million girls under the age of 18 of their youth.

Throughout all of UN Women activities and programs, the organization strives to empower women and girls. Every corner of the globe can achieve progress toward sustainable growth by 2030 if efforts on women's rights are scaled up, keeping no one behind out of the world's population.

The Importance Of Woman Empowerment

Gender equality is a fundamental human right as well as a prerequisite for a prosperous and peaceful planet. Girls and women, however, continue to face tremendous obstacles all throughout the world. Women have historically been lacking in leadership and decision-making roles. They are paid unequally for equal labor, and they frequently encounter legal and other obstacles that limit their employment options.

In underdeveloped countries, women and girls are generally seen as less important than men. They are often compelled to do domestic tasks instead of attending school or are married off for a dowry before entering maturity. When women live in a safe, happy, and productive environment, they can achieve greatness. They may use their skills in the workplace while raising good and healthy children. They can also help society and humanity even more by assisting in the development of sustainable economies.

Some communities still oppress women due to their sexuality. They do not have the same legal rights as males. Women are still paid less and are supposed to cook, clean, and do other household chores. Women's traditions and family still hold them to a high standard. Women are unable to go out at night or with men. Some Cambodian women are influenced by their husbands or parents. They still don't let women study or work outside the home as they believe women are inferior to men and that some husbands are jealous.

Furthermore, some Cambodian women marry at a young age, and some are forced to marry by their parents. In today's society, women's empowerment is critical. It is critical for women's self-esteem as well as for societies. Empowerment encourages people to appreciate and support women, which helps to reduce domestic abuse.

Giving women the right to be independent is empowering women. In education, culture, business, and politics, women can participate equally. Because women have the right to pick their religion, language, career, and other preferences, they can contribute to civilization. Women have the same access to higher education as males. They can continue their education at a high level, complete their classes, develop a skill, and study whatever they desire. Women can also participate in politics because they have the freedom to vote and participate in various political activities.

Characteristics Of An Empowered Woman

Every need in the world would be satisfied if every woman lived her mission. A self-assured woman is an explorer. She takes action to uncover her life's purpose and commits to living in accordance with it. She understands that living her mission will give her life meaning and fulfillment while also benefiting those around her.

Did you know that women tend to have restricted access to financial assistance resulting in an impediment to women's economic empowerment?

Confidence is founded on the basis of self-awareness, and an empowered woman understands precisely who she is while handling senior management functions. She understands her skills, what she excels at, what she enjoys doing, her basic values and life convictions, and how to put all of this to good use in the world. She is genuine and knows how to present herself in the best light possible every day.

As she understands that her body is her vessel, an independent woman has a happy relationship with her body. She is proud of her physique, regardless of its shape. If she is fortunate enough to have good health, she is very appreciative. She respects her body because she wouldn't be able to do the things she enjoys if she didn't have it. She nourishes it with the most delectable, nutritious, and wholesome foods she can find, as well as some type of exercise so that her body can support her most valuable asset, her intellect.

Did you know that in most developing countries, women farmers work for longer hours in the fields?

When it comes to her sexuality, an empowered woman understands that her parents, husband, priest, imam, or friends have no right to tell her what she should or shouldn't like. Her educated decision and consenting preferences are reflected in the way, where, when, why, and with whom she chooses to have relationships with.

Taking action gives you confidence, and an empowered woman knows this firsthand. She is afraid, but she continues to take on challenging tasks. She submits applications for positions that appear to be just out of reach. She returns to college to get a degree in a specialized area. She requests a long-overdue raise or promotion and she's aware that she's gaining healthy self-assurance in the process. This self-assurance is powerful, and it will inspire future generations of women to take action, gain confidence, and make a difference in the world.

It is difficult for a woman to play by the rules and be strong in a society where patriarchal tyranny is the norm. In order to live with integrity, and empowerment, a woman must inevitably challenge the traditions that surround her, and as a result, women's economic empowerment will be regarded as troublesome. We are not suggesting that you should be disrespectful or violent in any way. However, in order to please others, you should, politely but firmly, refuse to behave in ways that grate against your own desires.

A strong woman has ambitions to which she is unwaveringly dedicated. She does not, however, put all of her eggs in one basket. In the vocabulary of the empowered woman, there is no such thing as a dead-end. She does not become trapped if things do not go as planned; instead, she remains open to new alternatives.

women and girls must have equal rights and opportunities

Famous Advocates Of Woman Empowerment

By merely stating some women empowerment quotes, no change is going to remove the gender gap between females and their male counterparts. To ensure a country's economic development, ensuring gender diversity is extremely important. In order to ensure women's economic empowerment as well as freedom from violence, some ladies need to take the initiative.

Here are some of the most important personalities who have worked towards empowering women and ensuring women's economic equality in different aspects:

Eleanor Roosevelt: Roosevelt became the first First Woman to take on tasks in the White House that went beyond hosting and entertaining. She was already active and involved in women's causes before becoming First Lady, working with the Women's Trade Union League and the International Congress of Working Women. Roosevelt authored 'My Day', a newspaper article about women's employment, equality, and rights from 1935 until 1962 before there was even a phrase for 'feminism'. Social topics were deemed 'controversial' at the time, particularly for a First Lady to speak about.

She became the first US representative to the United Nations after her term as First Lady, served as the first chair of the UN Commission on Human Rights, and chaired JFK's President's Commission on the Status of Women to promote equality and advise on women's concerns. She undertook several activities to empower women in different ways.

The Suffragettes: The Suffragettes, the first major rallying cry for feminism, campaigned vigorously for women's rights, particularly the right to vote. Their nonviolent and militant demonstrations and protests resulted in the nationwide right to vote for women in 1920.

Betty Friedan: 'The Feminine Mystique', written by the American writer and activist in 1963, is widely recognized for igniting the second wave of feminism in the 1960s and 1970s. Friedan dedicated her life to achieving women's equality, helping to found the National Women's Political Caucus and organizing the Women's Strike For Equality in 1970, which popularised the feminist movement across the United States.

Angela Davis: Davis was a key figure in the Civil Rights movement as a trailblazing voice for black women. Though some of her more extreme opinions and engagement in political protests have been labeled controversial, the political activist has tirelessly worked for the advancement of women's rights for over six decades.

Malala Yousafzai: Malala Yousafzai rose to prominence after publishing her memoir, 'I Am Malala', which chronicled her brave journey as a young Pakistani student battling for access to education. Malala has been traveling the world since then, campaigning for women's and children's educational rights through her nonprofit, The Malala Fund. She has been working to empower women in different ways across the world.

Angelina Jolie: Apart from her considerable work as a UN diplomat, actor, and philanthropist, Angelina Jolie transformed the outlook of breast cancer awareness in 2013 when she chose to publicize her double-mastectomy experience. Jolie wrote a personal article about how her health decision empowered her as a woman, and she encouraged other women to share their own breast cancer tales.

Emma Watson: The actress, who is one of the generation's youngest feminist voices, captivated the world with her poignant address in front of the United Nations, which launched a new effort for gender equality. Watson's efforts for the United Nations reminded us all that feminism is a fight for men as well as women. Since then, she's started the #HeForShe movement, started her own feminist reading club, and sparked a lot of debate about what it means to be a feminist today.

Understanding Woman Empowerment

Despite being an important part of society and accounting for half of the human population, women have long been subjected to discrimination and degradation in a variety of domains. 

Women's oppression has reached heinous proportions today. The increasing degradation of women through the ages in society has resulted in a number of pressing concerns, including sex ratio imbalance, harassment, gender inequity, female illiteracy, bonded labor, and slavery. Female equality is not only vital for women, but it is also significant for society.

It's possible that the fundamental question will be discussed here. Why is it important for women to be empowered? What would be the result of women's empowerment? The answer lies in the relationship between women's empowerment and growth. Women's empowerment is required if progress is to be achieved. In truth, women's empowerment is a means of achieving development as a goal. Survival is ensured by development. The belief that promoting gender equality can help to speed up development is generally held.

No civilization can flourish successfully unless opportunities and resources for women and men, girls and boys, are increased and transformed so that they have equal capacity to determine their own lives and contribute to their communities. Transforming possibilities for women will lead to their empowerment, allowing them to participate in decision-making, resource mobilization, and mainstream participation. As a result, the claim of women's empowerment is entwined with the claim of societal growth.

Did You Know...

Women work for almost two-thirds of the total working hours of the world. When women work for more hours than men, then female labor force participation also deserves equal respect.

In India, several dedicated ventures have been undertaken by the government for women's economic empowerment. Herein, out of the borrowers under the MUDRA scheme, 78% of the borrowers are women entrepreneurs.

Increasing female labor force participation is the key to faster economic growth in the world.

Women tend to work harder and longer than their male counterparts, be it women farmers or women entrepreneurs, they are giving tough competition to men.

Women entrepreneurs tend to be more sincere while handling senior management functions as compared to male entrepreneurs.

Women's economic success is directly related to the progress of the economy of a country!

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