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Some popular Pikachu nicknames are shocker, PKThunder, Pikasso, Bolt, and Tesla.
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Pikachu itself is quite a pretty and cute name with its own set of specific meanings.

It is quite a great name to go with, and kids from all across the world might love it. It has some major significance in Japan.

Here's the list of some prime nicknames you can use for Pikachu. Let's get to know it!

Cool Pikachu Nicknames

Here is the list of some suitable nicknames for Pikachu.

AAA - can be used for online games by boys.

Achoo - it is quite a great name for both boys and girls and is short too.

Ares - refers to the Greek god of war. Gives off brave vibes.

Ash's Rivals - Ash itself is a fictional character in Pokemon. The name Ash's Rivals is indeed a cool one.

Blades - it gives off a courageous personality vibe.

Blitz - it is quite a feminine name which means that the person is a fast mover. 

Blitzmouse - is a cool nickname for Pikachu.

Bling - can refer to shiny or expensive things.

Bolt - itis a fun nickname for Pikachu.

Bolt - it refers to lightning and flash. It has the same meaning as the term Pikachu.

Brunza - a short and subtle name for boys.

Chaac - it is the Mayan god of rain. It is one of the coolest names 

Cheeks - it is a cute name inspired by the old Pokemon folklore.

Cheese - it is a cute nickname to go with. It gives off the personality of a sweet person.

Chu Chu - is very suitable for someone who is very chatty.

Chung - is a Chinese name meaning conscientiousness.

Critter - it means an animal. It is a short, quick, yet great name.

Detective - it is one of the fun nicknames for Pikachu.

Duracell - related to being durable. Gives a strong and brave personality.

Earthbound- is a suitable name for boys.

Electra - it is suitable for all Pikachu.

Flash - its meaning is bright light. It is one of the most common names.

Foudre - it means lightning in French. Gives off a great name.

Havoc - meaning Chaos. It is quite a great name for boys.

Ion - it is an atom that carries a positive or negative charge.

Ishkur - is a name inspired by old Pokemon folklore.

Jeff - is a good name for an Anime character.

Jiffy - is one of the best nicknames for Pikachu.

Jingy - a very funny name.

Joe - means 'God will give.' It can be used for boys of any age.

Creative Pikachu Nicknames

Here are nicknames as creative as Pikachu.

Joules - It is a unit of energy. It should be used on electric-type Pokemon.

Kaminari - Its meaning is thunder. Often Pikachu and thunder seem relatable.

Kilobyte - is a fun nickname for Pikachu.

Light Jr. - is a unique nickname for Pikachu.

Lightning - it is quite a great name and describes the epitome of a strong personality.

Megabyte - is a cool nickname for Pikachu.

Mortal Kombat - it is taken from the franchise 'Mortal Kombat' and describes a powerful personality.

Nero Bolt - is a cool name for a Pikachu.

Norse God - it is the combination of all the Norse gods available in Norse mythology.

Nuke - it can be used for both boys and girls who are fans of 'Mortal Kombat.'

Odin - meaning 'Lord of frenzy.' Derived from a Norse word.

Overdrive - is a nickname for a Pikachu with a high temper.

Peanut - it is simply the name of a nut and is quite a funny name to call someone.

Photon - meaning light. It is a name. for male and female.

Pikablu - the name of one of the Pokemon Gods.

Pikachew - another form of spelling Pikachu.

Pikachew - is a cool nickname for Pikachu.

Pika-CHOO - well, it is another set of fun names that can be used.

Pikamo - is a great name for both boys and girls.

Pikapi - It means ash. Suitable for kids who love Pokemon.

PikaPika - It means dot. Feminine name.

Pikiriki - a very cute nickname.

Cute Pikachu Nicknames

Here is the list of many cute nicknames for Pikachu.

Pikasso - The nickname Pikasso sounds just like the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. It is a clever name for a Pokemon.

Piki - it means chief and is a suitable name for boys and girls.

Pikie - it is a pretty name for a girl.

Pikk - it is a short and subtle name for both boys and girls.

Pixie - meaning fairy. Very suitable for girls.

PkThunder - it also gives off a great personality. Naming your friend PKthunder is an effective way to laud their strong personality.

Plasma - is a unique nickname for Pikachu.

Plasmouse - it is a great name for a unique personality.

Pouches - a cute name for Pikachu.

Power - is a simple yet great name to go with as it describes a great and witty personality.

Proton - the particles of an atom.

Puka - a fun nickname

Remy - it means remedy. Very apt for girls and boys.

Rex - it refers to a reigning king. Very suitable for boys.

Rika - it means 'beautiful village' and 'peaceful ruler.' It is a small name that describes a leading personality.

Ritchie's - It means an old or powerful leader. Gives off the energy of a cool personality.

Shockachu - is a cool nickname for Pikachu.

Shockachu - it is made from the combination of shocking and Pikachu.

Shocker -  it means the one that shocks easily. It is quite a great name but describes a person who often gets scared easily.

Shockstar - is one of the best nicknames for Pikachu.

Spark Plug - just like the device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to an engine.

Sparkler - It is a fun nickname for Pikachu.

Sparkles- It means 'to shine brightly.' It is one of those pretty names.

Sparkplug- is one of the best nicknames for Pikachu.

Sparky- it is quite a great name that is used for people as well as animals too. It is a short and sweet nickname.

Speedy Jim- it gives off a powerful and speedy vibe.

Static- it is quite a short yet great name to go with.

Static Shock - The name of a DC superhero with the power to cause an electrical surge is a good name for a Pikachu.

Super Smash Bros- It is one of the best nicknames to get as it is also the name of the popular game series. Super Smash Bros is undoubtedly a clever nickname that will surge in popularity.

Best Pikachu Nickname

Here is the list of the best Pikachu nicknames on the internet.

Shazam - is named after the DC superhero who can produce lightning from his fists.

Sparkling- similar to Sparky, this name is a shocker!

Storm - the name is after the Marvel superhero who can control the weather, including lightning.

Stormy - similar to storm, it is a nickname themed after nature.

Surge - meaning rise and fall.

Tazer - is a unique nickname for Pikachu.

Terry - is a catchy Anime nickname.

Tesla - It is the name of one of the famous companies, Tesla.

Thor - named after the Norse god of thunder.

Thunder - It means a loud noise in the sky. It gives a strong personality.

Thunderbolt - It describes its electric personality.

Tristan Croy - Gives off a leadership personality.

Trixy - Meaning traveler.

Volt- It is the SI unit for electric potential. A name inspired by the Norse god of thunder and lightning, Thor.

Voltaro - is a cool nickname for Pikachu.

Voltaren - is the name of an effective painkiller.

Warlord Tesla- Meaning Military Leader. Gives off a strong personality.

Wattson- It means Son Of Walter. It is also a pretty famous name with different significance in multiple areas.

Winona- roughly translates as Firstborn Daughter. Quite a great name for girls.

Wire Watts- It is somehow related to electricity. Wire Watts is a pretty great name to go with.

X-Ray - It is related to electricity and is apt for boys.

Yellow Devil - is a fun nickname for Pikachu.

Zap - means an electrical contact. It is a great name.

Zapatouille - is a unique and catchy Anime nickname.

Zapatoullie - this name rhymes like the movie 'Ratatouille.' It is a cool Pikachu nickname.

Zapchu - is one of the best nicknames for Pikachu.

Zapp - It gives off a lightning personality and can be used for anyone.

Zapt - is a fun way of saying Zap.

Zappy Boii - It is a great name. It is most suitable for boys.

Zappyboi - is a clever and funny Anime nickname.

Zeus - It is the Greek god o the sky and heavens. The name is quite short and has mythological significance as well.

Ziggy - It means victory. Even though the name is quite different from what it means. 

Zip - this is a nickname that relates to Ash's rivals.

Zip Bolt - is a dope nickname for a Pikachu.

Zippy Sparky - Zippy Sparky is a very catch nickname, just like Sparkling and Sparky.

Zippy Zappy Raijin -It has a similar meaning to thunder; Zippy Zappy Raijin describes a sharp personality.

Zoe - It means life, and it fits perfectly for both genders.

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